Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Ehhhh What??? Cold storage again??

Hi Everyone!!~~~ (if there’s even anyone left here… )

It’s beeen a really really long while!!!~

Seems like time really passed very fast this year! It’s like what??~~~ the end of march in a few days time! And probably the only post I have was in January!

To be honest.. I don’t really know where have time when… It just seems like my everyday revolves around working and resting at home.. and then back to work again…
I’m getting the hang of things now and not getting as tired… Yes… I’m always feeling very tired after work. No longer a night owl anymore. I’ll be out by what 11.30ish? So I’m back now! it’s time i get my lazy butt off resting and slacking and start writing again! I’ve been wanting to write all along… But you know… our trusty friend, procrastination, have been visiting pretty often recently. LOL!! it’s time to send him home!

Since I’m gone for quite some time, Let’s do a little update then..
As you all know may or may not have already knew, I snip off my hair and Yes. recently i dye it even darker..
Isit like a trend now to have darker hair or is it just me?.
It’s only been like half a year since I had crazy orange-ish hair that I was dying to get it even lighter.

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