Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Chipmunk Gamer?

I’m feeling productive today! actually i’m guessing is the entire week. I’ve gotten quite a bit of things done! I got really motivated and decided. YES i shall up my SD card for my camera. HAHAHA ok i know i know that’s a little lame. HAHAHAHAHA

I was looking at the reflection in the mirror and i thought.. wow!! i look like a gamer!! AHAHHA female gamer!!

Photo on 29 4 15 at 11 03 pm

Right with mic and all ok! a proper headset! HAHAHAHAHA
Actually i got it for $9.90. I was using the exact same one previously, which belongs to my younger sister… She was complaining so much recently cos her ear piece is falling apart and we had to fight over her headset. HAHAHA So i decided to get one myself. HAHAHA her’s still feels better than mine. AHHAHHA

For those who are wondering, I don’t know who will la, my face is not shiny, and no i don’t have lip gloss on. LOL!
I’m all done with my skincare routine and i’m all ready to go to bed. muahahahhaha. I feel like an old lady. I get so tired so early. and by 10pm i’ll feel like sleeping.  so at 11.15pm now. i’m all ready to go to bed.
My face is soo glossy cos of the sleeping mask and moisturiser.
and for my lips. it’s cos of the lip butter.
despite looking tired, my skin looks quite alright leh~ not showing off or what la. it’s just it’s been a while since i felt my skin looks “awake” . For the past few months, i kept feeling that my face is sooooooo dull. which makes me feel not motivated to do anything to my face. but tonight seems a little different. not too sure is it cos of the things i ate. hmmm.. who knows. LOL!

me being me, i got abit …. HAHAHHHAHA
4 up on 29 4 15 at 11 05 pm  5  compiled4 up on 29 4 15 at 11 05 pm  compiled

EHHHH!! i feel i have a little chipmunk face leh. .. #perksofhavinghigercheekbones. HAHAHAHHAHA

Speaking of which, i thought of something. Few months back, a little girl i knew came and tell me i looked ugly, and i looked even uglier with makeup on. People around me were so worried i was affected by it and told the little girl how can she say this to other people and so on. I can’t really remember what they said. But i wasn’t affected by it. I don’t know why. I thought i would get really affected and offended. But turns out.. no leh. I can still tell her. i am not hurt by what she said, but she shouldn’t say this to other people. She say this to me, i didn’t mind, but not everyone will react like that. Some people will take it too hard and who knows what will happen after that.. Yea after that she decided to ignore me. i thought i was a little too harsh to her. but turns out.. it seems ok leh. she came over and talked to me and even said bye. So i guess i wasn’t too harsh to her as i thought. HAHAHA
Negative comments always affect me, but i not too sure why this time i didn’t. I’m feeling really happy about it actually. I’m feeling is cos my temper is getting better. but ohh well.. it’s too soon to say~~
ok la. i’m getting out of topics to talk about. LOL!
one more last picture to sign off. HAHAHAH
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Thanks for reading!!!!
Good night Everyone!!!

xx, meiyi!

Monday, 6 April 2015

Midnight Random Rambling

Hi Everyone,

It’s currently 12.58am. I’ve no idea why i’m still awake. somehow even after a really really tiring week I don’t seem tired. LOL! For all i know, I’ll be late for work tomorrow. AHAHAH!
It was good friday the past week, so we decided to have a nice rare meal together as a family. Everyone seem really busy with their life, work studies and other commitments, we didn’t sit down and have a meal together for quite a while. Ohhh.. and yea we went for the lunch. i was happily having my salad.. and when i’m down with my last few veg. i saw a dead housefly in my salad. LOL! Honestly, I didn’t had much thought when i saw it. My mind just went blank. LOL! The waitress, who so happened to be there when we discovered that housefly, got a bit flustered. Poor thing! I must have looked like a very demanding customer. LOL! she quickly picked up my bowl and went into the kitchen. LOL! i couldn’t hear what she was saying. but i heard changing salad or something. Whatever it is, I didn’t find a reason to be angry about or demanding about, because.. hmmm.. not like they purposely added it into my food and i guess because it’s not that big , like a cockroach or what, so i wasn’t really bothered by it. While serving the rest of the courses, she came back and told me she’ll change my salad for me. But i thought at that moment, hmm i don’t really care for that replacement. I didn’t want that replacement also, we can just move on with the rest of the food. But my dad really seem to enjoy their bread sticks. So i asked for some breadsticks instead. YAYY win win win LOL! everyone is happy. LOL!
Yeah then we went separate way. LOL!
went over to xm’s place and watched some movie. outdated movies. HAHAHHA 2 movies cannot be considered as movie marathon right? HAHAHAHHA! Everyone keeps saying “Conjuring” is a very very scary movie that’s why i’ve been putting it off for such a long time. LOL! and yea i watch it the other day.. errrr.. ok leh! why does everyone keep saying it’s very scary! it’s not at all. hmmm.. or did i just got a courage boost? HAHAHAHAHAHA

yea. the rest of the week it’s really a little boring. but yea. I’m finally back into the study room to do some work today. Was suppose to be going out, but i just decided to stay home and get some work done. Didn’t felt like going anywhere far. So got some snacks and bubble tea and here i am at the same position from 6pm till now. LOL!
Photo on 6 4 15 at 12 49 am

Have I posted my area in the study? LOL?! Hi Background! It’s been awhile!!!~~~~
and oHH!! wet towel…. you’re coming off when i’ve uploaded this post

This was the background that accompanied me most of my schooling life. HHAHAHA
I haven’t been in this room since i graduated from school. I do most of the work i needed to either in the kitchen or on my bed. Didn’t really saw the need of purposely coming down and sitting down here to do some work. OHHHH!!! I think this is why i’m still awake at this time!! because when i’m studying, sleeping so early just didn’t seem right HAHAHAHHA no wonder!!!!

Now as I am about to end this post, I’m starting to wonder what should i title it. hmmmm LOL!!!!
Let me go think about it. HAHAHAHA till then good night! talk to you again!

Thanks for reading!

xx, meiyi
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