Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Food Diary : A Vegetarian World Part 1

Hi Everyone!

I was just clearing out the photos on my phone and there was.. so many photos of food. and some i really enjoyed!
I couldn’t let it just stay as it is in the phone and not share here~
DISCLAIMER: there may or may not be a overload of food images. Viewer’s discretion is advised.
Ohhh! I’ve never mentioned here or anywhere. All the food I’ll be sharing are all vegetarian since I’m one.
Ehhhh… what else should i add?? hmmmm.. OHHHH!!! vegetarian not vegan arh~~~

Ok! now that’s we’ve cleared everything. let’s begin!!~~

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Diary: A Day(Night) With Me~

Hi everyone!
 i had those ohh let’s take random photos again! LOL!

I had this free nights and decided yeap! let’s take some photos! LOL!! and I randomly snapped snapped snapped! got in sequence one hor!!!

IMG 4177

Friday, 17 October 2014

Review : Freeman Facial Polishing Mask

Hi Everyone!~
I was at the guardian near my place one very very random day a few months ago and i chance upon this freeman mask I’ve never seen anywhere. No online review or anything. The thing that draw me into it was… charcoal and black sugar, both known to be good for your skin. When I saw it, I’m like… YES! MUST BUY! SO CHEAP! LOL!
Yea. after using it for months and it’s almost down to the last 2 uses, I’m here to share my thoughts about it~


Charcoal & Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Vietnam 2013 : DAY 1!

Hi Everyone~~~

I’ve been telling all my friends how much i liked Vietnam when i went there last year & I realised i never posted anything about it~

I was just looking back at the photos and i realise why i didn’t. HAHAHAHAHA ALL SOOOO BORRING ONE~~~ I think I just don’t really have the talent to take nice photos. HAHAHAAHAH!

Nonetheless. I chose some to share. AHAHHAHA!


Nice HAir leh! LOL! especially for someone who took a 3hr flight early early in the moooorrrning. LOL~

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Review : Natural World Moroccan Argan Oil

Hi Everyone,

You know how the entire youtube blogging/youtube world are raving about moroccan oil & Argan oil for your hair? And recently. anything with Argan oil in the skincare is good and highly raved.

We all know there was a hype on the Moroccan oil hair oil about 2-3years back?? and it’s still many people’s fave. Yeap.. the cold hard truth about it. It’s almost impossible to get them in our local stores.

So one fine day, about a year ago, while i was restocking on my hair products i chanced upon this~

IMG 4137

Natural World’s Moroccan Argan Oil.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Review : The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

Hi Everyone!

All of us deal with pimple and acne at any point in our lives. It’s just how severe the condition is that differs. Usually when i have breakouts, I’ll have clay mask and what not on my skin. But ever since my schedule became more busy, I didn’t have that much time to mask my face that often. And I chanced upon my trusty old friend...
IMG 4025

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Random Rambles : Where have i been, what i'm up to...

Hi Everyone,


It’s been a long 4 months now. A really long time since i i totally understand why bloggers are either full time blogging and you tubing if not the blog will not be updated regularly.  I do have to admit mine is not even being updated at all LOL! oppss...


I’m not gonna find any excuses to my absence. we all know.. it all boils down to my laziness. LOL! not forgetting my fave friend, procrastination. LOL!


Moving on from that, recently i’m watching even more weirder shows out of my contacts. LOL! As much as i love watching beauty videos on youtube i always tend to stray to the other side of it. We all know previously I’ve been watching “ My Strange Addiction” ~~ Yea i watched almost all the episodes I can find online and now I’ve upgraded to even more shows like “ Secret Eaters”, “SuperSize VS Super Skinny”, “Taboo”, etc etc… 


Yea~~~ You’ll probably hear it playing it when you’re with me on my laptop. LOL~ they’re just zoo interesting~~~~~!!!~~~ Or am I just weird to watch this kind of shows on the internet?? LOL! I’ve been reading comments, there was one that mentioned.. I’m on the weird side of youtube again.. But i don’t find it anywhere near weird at all~~ LOL!


alright.. as usually this post aint going anywhere again…. LOL!!always getting weird as its coming to an end. LOL!! alright till next post! see you soon!!




Wednesday, 30 April 2014

#throwback Graduation

Hi Everyone!!~

We have to admit.. the title is a little too cheesy for me since i really never ever use hashtags ever… LOL!!!

Soooo.. just like the title, throwback, cos it’s almost a month ago’s thing… well.. if it’s like that.. every post for the next few months even for reviews it has to be throwback.. LOL!! alright.. it doesn’t make sense now.. LOL!


For those who didn’t know, i did my last exams in June 2013 and started working then. It’s a SIM-UOL thing.. LOL! we graduate long after the exams.. lagging abit long arh.. LOL!

We all know.. i’m not the best at taking photo.. LOL! shook here are some that can make it up. since i don’t really wanna post photos of my friends.
20140403 142624

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Ehhhh What??? Cold storage again??

Hi Everyone!!~~~ (if there’s even anyone left here… )

It’s beeen a really really long while!!!~

Seems like time really passed very fast this year! It’s like what??~~~ the end of march in a few days time! And probably the only post I have was in January!

To be honest.. I don’t really know where have time when… It just seems like my everyday revolves around working and resting at home.. and then back to work again…
I’m getting the hang of things now and not getting as tired… Yes… I’m always feeling very tired after work. No longer a night owl anymore. I’ll be out by what 11.30ish? So I’m back now! it’s time i get my lazy butt off resting and slacking and start writing again! I’ve been wanting to write all along… But you know… our trusty friend, procrastination, have been visiting pretty often recently. LOL!! it’s time to send him home!

Since I’m gone for quite some time, Let’s do a little update then..
As you all know may or may not have already knew, I snip off my hair and Yes. recently i dye it even darker..
Isit like a trend now to have darker hair or is it just me?.
It’s only been like half a year since I had crazy orange-ish hair that I was dying to get it even lighter.

Thursday, 23 January 2014


Hey Everyone!!

It's been more than a year I've started this blog... And many many abandon months has been contributed to this website too... LOL! OPPPSS.,...

I'm gonna start revamping this site.. a little in a while...

Stay tune!!~~~

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