Friday, 21 September 2012

Acne Clear Pimple Treatment Cream

If you noticed, I didn't post any post yesterday, partially because I was very tired from school. I have no idea why too...Maybe I haven't been for lesson for quite a while~

But no worries, I'm posting 2 today!~And I'm all ready to move my fingers now!~

Some time ago, I was watching Tried and Tested on Clicknetwork on the episode on 5 things I can't leave without~ Which I did one too!~ Click HERE to read it!~

If you haven't watched it, here's the video..

In this video she recommended this Acne Clear cream that will help with healing pimples/acne quickly.
After seeing that, I told my sister to get one to try so I can leech on her and try it too.

PS. In the end, instead of my sister using it, I'm the one that's using it so often~~ HAHAHA
I'll reveal the reason in a moment~~

Acne Clear Pimple Treatment Cream

This product states to Kill Acne Bacteria, Unblocks Oily pores, Dries up Pimples...

It said to be effective in clearing pimples, acne, blackheads too.

I've heard a lot of review online saying that it works like Oxy cream, which I've never used before.
To be honest with you, other than this and the Clean & Clear Active clear speed clearing gel,

I've never used any kind of pimple cream.

I'll touch on that another day..

Getting back to this,

It comes in a aluminium squeeze tube and as you can see, the cream is a skin colour cream. which some people said that it can pull off as a concealer.

It is a beige cream and the texture of it is a little weird. It is not totally creamy, you can feel that within this cream, there is this small little bits of something.
Almost not noticeable, you'll only be able to notice it when you deliberately pay close attention while applying.

It will not blend into your skin, if it does, I think you're not applying enough and will not see any effect.

What I did:

After my daily skincare routine, I'll apply it on the spots where I have break out and it on for the entire night.

I read some people saying that they will wear it out since it can be pull off as a concealer. I personally don't think I'll do so.
As you can see, there's such a great difference in the colour.
It might suit some people, but it definitely didn't suit my skintone.

My Thoughts,
From my experience,

I've been using this for about 2 months now.
I don't usually have breakouts, so when I do, I pay very close attention to them. Because they are just so prominent to me.

I thought that, which my sister thinks the same, this product does nothing to the acne.
The only thing that I notice is it dries the spot where there is a breakout.
It doesn't heal it or do anything more. Just dry the skin. And the pimple will still be there.
I'm not expecting a miracle product or anything, neither am I expecting the pimple to disappear within a day.
I know this can never happened. But after applying it for 1 week, the pimple is still there... with dried skin on it..

Which I feel a little puzzled about.
Usually my acne, no matter of what size, it'll take no more than a week to heal without doing anything.

As for the clearing of blackhead and clogged pores, I really didn't noticed anything at all.
I don't really have obvious clogged pores, so I can't really notice it.
Where as for blackheads, it is still there. I didn't notice it clearing up or anything.

After using this product for a while now.. I've no idea what this product does to my face.
And as you can tell, from the photos above, I did use quite a bit of it, considering the fact that I don't often experience breakouts.

But on the plus side, at least this product did not worsen the condition of my face. Although you will experience some dry spots, it's not anything serious.
If I were to describe, it would more or less be scabbing without the dark patches.
When the dried skin comes off, you skin is still in the same condition.

I've seen online reviews that it works for many. So I guess I belong to the minority which it doesn't work on.
Many have been calling this their holy grail product which I believe does help many people out there.

I guess I'm not the lucky one!~
I'll just have to stick to self healing. HEHHEH!~

Would I recommend? I wouldn't give a definite answer. Because I don't know how it will work on different people. So I guess you just have to buy it and try it yourself.

This retails for SGD$5 at our local Guardian and Watsons(I'm guessing) stores!~

What are your thoughts on this Acne Clear Pimple Treatment Cream??
Does it work for you?
Leave me a comment in the comment section below!~~

xx, meiyi


  1. hahaha thanks for such a wonderful and insightful post :) Got this product from the poly clinic a few weeks a go because of my acne. Sadly it doesn't work for me either. I can hardly see any results and even if there are any results the changes are so small you can barely see the difference. In frustration I looked online to see reviews of this product and realized that many reviews show that this product isn't very effective. What a relief. Thanks so much for this post :)

    1. Thanks for reading & commenting too(:

      Hope your acne problem is getting better now!(:

      Please check back in a few days!(: I'll be posting on how I reduce acne and blemishes!(:

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