Tuesday, 4 September 2012

What's In My Travel Makeup Bag!

As you all know, I went for a short getaway, If you haven't read, click here and here . It was a 3 days 2 nights trip, so I had to make sure not to over pack my makeup!~

I always tend to over pack for trips because there's always too many 'what ifs' in my mind while packing. So sometimes I tend to pack my bags again before the trip to make sure not to over pack! HEHHEH~

This time round, without any doubt, I repacked my bags, as well as my makeup bag, to make sure I don't bring too much.

Since I don't carry a makeup bag with me on a regular day, I thought this might be a good idea to show you what I'll bring along when I'm away from home!(:

Depending on where I'm going, I'll use different size bags, to contain my makeup, and depending on how long I'll be away and what I'm doing.

This is the pouch that I brought along for this trip.
It is not a Agnes B bag, it is actually from one of the ELLE Magazine issue that I got.

Since it was a short trip, I brought my smallest makeup pouch so as to limit myself.

And yes, I filled it up to the brim..
I don't know why there's this sudden guilt in me now!LOL!~

Let move on to what I have in it!(:

First, for the brushes,

I brought only 2 brushes, from the Real Techniques line that I just bought,
Click here for the post

I wanted to bring more along but there wasn't much space left, So I only brought what I really needed.

And they are the Blush Brush (pink) and the Deluxe Crease Brush (purple)

Next moving on to face product,

Initially there was more, but I thought I wouldn't use so many of them at all, so I packed what I'll use on daily basis.

First is the Lioele Water Drop BB Cream that I love..
Click here to read post.
I was thinking of bringing a liquid foundation and this BB cream along, but it was unnecessary since we were just on a relaxing vacation, don't have to meet anyone or go for a function.
So instead of bringing a foundation, I decided to go with a BB cream!(:

All of you would know that I like using my ELF setting powder to set my makeup, the down side of it is that it is too bulky.
So for this trip, I decided to bring my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural since it is more compact

And I'm in Medium

Instead of bringing along so many different kind of blush, I thought that an everyday blush should be enough.
So I brought along my MAC blush

In Peachtwist

Moving on to eye products, this was one of which I find easier to pack since we were just there to relax, don't have to be very fanciful and colourful. But then again, to contradict myself, there are much more products than the others.

8 in total.

I brought along 2 neutral eye shadow, from Etude House, in case we want to go somewhere and needed to look more dressed up.
Neutrals never go wrong!~

These eye shadows appeared in my hauls, here and here.
click on the link above to check out the swatches.

I usually use 2 mascara for my top and bottom lashes, but I thought this would do the job on the top and bottom.
And it is the Maybelline Falsies mascara.

I couldn't decide which eyeliner I want to bring along, black or brown, so I brought both since they were quite small and compact.

But I ended up only using the brown on.-.-

Click here for the Dolly Wink eyeliner post & swatch
And here for the Etude House eyeliner post & swatch

I had to bring this eye primer along if I were to bring eye shadow. So it explains why it is in my makeup pouch too.
And this is the Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion

Mac Bow Set.
It's in transparent just to keep my brows in place.

And last but not least an Eye Lash Curler.

That's all the makeup I brought along with me for my trip?

What will you bring along for your trip? or have in your makeup bag?
Leave a comment below and share them with me!(:


To end this post,

Domo says BYE~~

PS. He's gone for grooming today): so he'll be back not looking like a bear anymore!):

xx, meiyi

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