Monday, 10 September 2012

My Thoughts on Seanik Solid Shampoo from Lush

On one of my earlier post, I did a mini haul from Lush and I featured some Lush products.

I have tried all of them for quite some time and I'm back here to share my thoughts on one of the products,

The Seanik Solid Shampoo!~

It looks so nice and new when I just got it.
The details are beautiful~ after using it for all while, everything seems to blur out!~):


This shampoo totally live up to it's hype on the internet!~

My Thoughts,
From my experience

I was told by the sales lady at Lush to use this product 1-2 times a week, and yes I did that.

After using this for 2 weeks with my sister (who has very oily scalp), I felt that it was stripping the moisture on my hair too much. So I thought it is probably because I use it too often!~

So I change it to once every 1-2weeks.

What I like about this product, it help to thoroughly remove all hair products that is accumulating on your hair and the natural oil, that is produced from your scalp, that other shampoos did not manage to get rid of.
I realise no matter how often you wash your hair but there seem to be a layer of oil on your hair making it seem like you didn't wash it, this shampoo actually helps to remove it too!~
I wasn't expecting this shampoo to foam up as well as how my other shampoo does, but I'm totally wrong!
This shampoo latters as well, if not better, than the shampoos that I use.
I also like the scent of the shampoo. It gives off a refreshing scent.

What I don't like about this product, I was hoping that this product won't soften/melt that easily so I can store it in the shower.
This product, just like any other lush soaps, should be stored in a dry area. It will melt and soften if you don't do so.
It's not something that is affecting me, it's just probably my LAZY instinct to bring it in and out of the bathroom.

To store my shampoo,

I store it in the same container with my porridge soap because it fits nicely.
Since I'll cut my my porridge soap, the container is way too huge for the soap itself.
Plus the shampoo fits in the container together with the soap perfectly.
As you can see, the 2 products are not tightly packed together.

I was told to store it in any container, a transparent lunch box container works fine too.
But I notice that the base of the shampoo will not dry and it will soften too. Which makes it really disgusting to look at.

So with 'ventilation' at the bottom of this soap dish, the shampoo and soap can be dry at all time!(:

As mentioned before, I was told to use it 1-2times a week, but I find that although it leaves my hair clean and soft, it actually makes it feel really dry. Which I don't really like. So I'll use it once every 1-2week for thorough cleansing.

For people looking for a shampoo that deep cleanse your hair, this shampoo is more than suitable.

I've asked my sister uses this shampoo with me so I can share about how this shampoo works on people with oily scalp.
And it works well too!~
I noticed that her hair does not become greasy within the day(which often happens) and her hair doesn't look as weigh-down as before!(:

On the hold, This shampoo is suitable with people of all hair type, be it dry scalp or oily scalp. Just adjust how often you use it!(:

Eg. for oily scalp, 1-2times a week, and dry scalp, once every 1-2week!(:

PS. you don't want to over use this shampoo. It might dry your scalp and produce dandruff.
I notice it when I used it too often initially.

After having such great experience with this solid shampoo, I want to try other solid shampoos too!

Anyone have any recommendations??!!(:

Leave a comment below!!~(:

OH, and PS.

allow some fan girl moment here please!~

OMG~ *jumps around in joy!*

xx, meiyi

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