Monday, 24 September 2012

Etude House Haul#?

It seems like I haven't been blogging for a few days!~
But the last time I blogged was yesterday!~ This is so weird~

After doing what I do best, PROCRASTINATING!~ I'm here with another post.

I did some packing in my room, revised a little and tried to film a video! It is pretty successful, to think that I would end up failing again~ But I felt like something is wrong, can't put my fingers on it, so I shall try again~

And I thought I should reward myself by getting some lip tint that I really wanted to try from Etude House when I went for late lunch just now~

PS. I know I haven't mentioned, I don't know if you've noticed, the quality of the photos became better because I invested on a better camera. And for those who don't know, I'm still schooling, so other than my monthly allowance I get from my parents, I don't have any other income. So I have been restricting myself from buying too much makeup!

So after probably not buying any makeup for almost a month, I gave myself a $30 budget to get some lip tints.

But guess what-.-   I ended up buying somethings else rather than lip tint! -.-

And YAY! I went to newly declared favorite store, ETUDE HOUSE~

Here's what I got.
I don't really understand why I receive such huge bag for buying so little stuff.
I'm guessing they're probably running low/out of smaller bags.

Now you know why I have to resist myself from buying makeup?
I'm going in for lip tints, and I ended up buying all these and no lip tint at all~


I did have the intention to try out cleansers from Etude House, but I wasn't really planning to get it until I finished my old tube of Laneige Cleanser.
I was recommended this by the sales lady at the store, so I got it~

It is Happy Essential Foam - Hyaluronic Acid

They have 5 different types of cleanser under this series. everyone with different purpose.

I think there is skin refining, brightening, hydrating, and another 2 which I can't remember what is it.

I wanted something hydrating to cleanse in the morning because I find my skin always feeling a little dry after cleansing in the morning.

Since they had this hydrating cleanser, I thought it might be a good idea to try it out.
And I was told that it can be used on people who has sensitive skin, so... let's try and see how it works!(:

Hai..I totally blame the lighting of all these photos. totally can't see anything!~

Let me summarize when they've written.

It consist 40% moisturizer, gently removes impurities with rich lather. There is Hyaluronic Acid which promotes hydration.
Your skin will feel happy again(?) , feel clean, smooth and soft.

I got this at SGD$7.90.
I thought it was cheap for a cleanser because it is quite a big bottle as compared to some other cleansers of the same price.

The rest are some nail colours,
They were on offer, buy one get one free.

This is a Light Pastel Pink colour,
I believe that's the name of the colour in korean too.
But for those who are wondering, it is PK011

This is a shimmery a little translucent red.
Reminds me of strawberry jam~
This is Strawberry Shirob(?)
I tried to translate this from Korean
So it may be wrong~HAHAHA!
But for those who are wondering, it is RD106

I thought this 2 looks really pretty and feminine so got it!~And it is only...

SGD$2!~~ Not for 1 but 2!!
So it is like SGD$1 for 1!

But there weren't much variety to choose from too, mainly pink and nudes

I didn't notice this was blurry until I uploaded onto my laptop.-.-
This is a chunky glitter polish.
The whole bottle is just filled with big round chunks of glitters.

I thought this will be a good idea to layer it above some other colours I have..

And I have no idea what this is. There isn't a code and the name is too long for me to understand~HEHHEH!~

Next is this glittery bronze colour.
I don't have anything like this in my nail polish collection. So I thought it would be nice to have one.(:
This is Sparkling 02 red

And I got these for SGD$5.90 for 2!(:

The last 2 item were samples given by the sales lady.
I'm liking the new change at Etude House now~
They're giving out samples!~

This is the sample kit version of their new line,
Skin Mal-gem
And the meaning of "Mal-gem" is clean, clarity and pure.
In this kit there is a toner and a moisturizer.

The sales lady introduced me to this line of products after picking up the cleanser, but I was a little skeptical about purchasing this, so she gave me this little sample to try it out~

And a Pomegranate Mask~
Alright~ I'm a little cheapskate~ But do you know for this kind of sheet mask in Singapore would cost me SGD$2-5 depending on where you get them?

So I am very happy she gave me this to try out too~

According to the description on the back of the mask,
This mask is to nourish your face for a healthy complexion~

That's it for today~
Hope you enjoy looking at my purchases!~

Until next post,


xx, meiyi

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