Sunday, 2 September 2012


If you follow me on twitter, you would have knew that I went for a cruise trip. Now that I'm back, I thought of sharing some photos with you!(:

In the morning before I left, I instagram this photo, feeling very excited!HEHHEH!

And this. This flip flops did me well during this whole trip. It is so comfortable it actually has replaced my all time love, havianas.

I've received an email from one of you asking me about this flip flop.
I got this flip flop from Takashimaya, the sports section, for SGD$32.90. and it is by IPANEMA.

So if you're wondering too, now you know!(:

We, my friend and I, had to check in before boarding, and this was the view while we were walking towards the boarding area. Got me all excited since it was my first time on board!~

And this is the cruise we were on for the entire time!~

Had a weird feeling while walking this walkway to the boarding gate, not too sure why too.

And this is how the vessel looks like near by!~ At this point I'm already feeling like a tourist, being amazed at every single thing I see around me.

Can you see that escalating tube there? That's where we entered.

They had boats attached like this on the cruise, I'm guessing it's for emergency purpose. But it was always to transport us to the beach since the vessel can't dock at the shore.

Now for some indoors,

This is their lobby! pretty impressive right?!! who would ever think that this is on a cruise?!!
It felt like a hotel lobby instead!

They had shops for us to shop around, we did walk around, but there was really nothing much to see/ buy.

We sat along the seats on the hallway while the staff brief us about the things on board.

And yes, I got a little distracted and started snapping random shots and camwhored! -.-

After that, we went to our cabins, that's what they call it there.

This is how the room looks like from the door

The room was smaller than what I expected but it was alright. As for the bed, although it looks really small, it's still quite comfy!~

View from the walk way in.


Toilet area

And the sink.

Yes the entire toilet is really small, but there is really nothing much to complain about, what we need on board we have it. Everything was well prepared in this small room!(: which makes me really happy and thankful! Especially with such friendly staffs around!~ made my experience much better

Then off to do some exploring on the top deck of the cruise,

The top deck is beautiful! Be it in the day or at night!~ make you feel very relaxed!~~

Then we got a little hungry and went for dinner~

we manage to get the seats beside the glass panel for the "seaview"

I had this touched moment when I turn out to look.
Maybe I'm looking at my own country with a tourist view.HEHHEH! *what nonsense it that~*

Off to explore a little more,

They have this on every single level so you'll know where you are and will not go missing

They even had this schedule for us in our room to check out what is the activity for the day!

Then we went to the back of the cruise to see what's going on there

This is a water play area for children, I'm not too sure, I've seen adults playing in it too~ Maybe it's for everyone of all ages!~

The vessel moved off and this is all that I can take~

Being such in a tourist mode, I took this shot, but out of all I took, this was the best. And it's awful! so we decided to take one more in the day the next day~

we went for some shows they've prepared for us and turned in after that~

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