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TAG : My Makeup Story!

I think about a year back when this tag was going around YouTube, I told myself. I want to do this tag! But at that time I didn't have a blog or do videos, so I told myself. I must do this tag when I start blogging or making videos.

But when I started blogging regularly, for 2 months now, I totally forgot about this tag. If it isn't because I didn't want to do a review today, I think I probably will not be reminded of this tag until...who knows when!~

Through this 2 months of me blogging, it's more of me trying out products and sharing my thoughts on them. As much as I want to share a little more about myself, I don't really know how I should do it, or should I say, where to start.( I thought this tag is a great idea!)

I know this tag is long over and seems like maybe no one is doing it anymore. But since I really wanted to do this!~
Just let me do it!(: (for that small little 'desire' I had back then)


1) How old were you when you started wearing makeup?

At 17, I started wearing mascara. I always thought that girls with neat and nicely curled eyelashes look beautiful!~
To be honest, I didn't know anything about makeup then. All I knew was, blush makes you face red and mascara makes your eyelashes curl but I didn't know where to get them or what kind of mascara there is around.
I had a group of friends that started wearing makeup after our O levels and they are actually the ones that got me into wearing mascara because they were talking about where they get their makeup and all (which made me finally know where to get them).
I finally got my first mascara, or should I say my first makeup product, from Watsons.

Maybelline Unstoppable Mascara

I was pretty contented with it and wore it for the entire year. I still wasn't into makeup then...So I didn't really tried anything else.

About maybe a year later, when I was 18 or 19, I started watching YouTube videos and started wearing more and more makeup.

2) How did you get into makeup?

Let's start from when I was 18/19.
I'm not someone who is very technically inclined. I can live without internet or any sort of electronic gadgets
I knew that there was this thing called YouTube and it is a site for people to watch videos. That's all.

Then one day my friend told me that YouTube is the best place to find anything.
You can watch videos on how to do a certain thing to the latest news around. I thought he was just kidding.
Until one day, I wanted to repurchase my mascara but I couldn't find any of it anywhere. I saw many different kind of mascara around but I didn't know which to get. So I thought, let's try YouTube-ing it. Then I found people talking about makeup. Reviews, Makeup looks, Tutorials, Everyday Routine, Hair Care Routine...

I got really curious and continued watching and watching them. Not long later, I became a little obsessed over makeup and started wearing them. Not everyday but on occasions that allows me to dress a little nicer. Because back then, given the course that I was studying, I feel kind of weird wearing a full face of makeup and I'm actually scared that my classmates would start making fun of me.

3) What are some of your favourite brands?

I have been loving quite a lot of brands, not too sure if I cant list them all out, but I'll say those that comes to my mind without thinking too hard. It would be really boring just to type them out. I shall use their logos instead!~

And recently,

4) What does makeup mean to you?

It used to be Confidence. There was this point in my life where I felt really inferior of myself, partially because of the really bad acne problem I have been facing, due to not taking good care of my skin.

But after watching a video from Bubz from Bubzbeauty, I slowly change my thoughts on that.

I can't remember which video was it.
I believe it was about thinking positive.

I told myself maybe I should stop wearing makeup for a period of time and see how it goes.
It was really tough initially, to think that, at that time, I couldn't really make much eye contact with people I know, let alone strangers. I kept thinking people would notice the acne on my face and how badly it looks. But to be honest, no one really cared.

Slowly, as times passed, I found it so much easier to go out without makeup and still feel confident about it!~

Now I would say, Makeup to me is a LUXURY. It is not a necessity but an enjoyment of comfort and pleasure.

5) If you could only wear 4 products on your face what would they be?

This is pretty simple.

1. BB cream (with SPF) - To protect my face from the sun and still have some coverage
2. Mascara - To achieve beautiful lashes and open up my eyes
3. Lip Tint - For a natural healthy appearance
4. Blush - To brighten up my complexion, mainly to add some rosy-ness to my cheeks.

6) What is your favourite thing about makeup?

I love how makeup can transform a person.

For example.
From Natural makeup look -> Smokey eyes -> Elegant evening look -> Halloween looks.
To defining a person's features and enhancing them.
there's so many more!~

I just love how makeup can do so much on a person's bare face.
Feel's a little like after painting a beautiful picture on a plain canvas.

7) What do you think about drugstore VS high end makeup?

I feel that they both works equally great.
It is actually quite subjective to me.
For some products, I prefer drugstores so much more whereas for some, I feel that high end products works better.

I think, I can say, if I found something, at the drugstore, I love as much as the high end product I'm using currently, and it works 99% the same, I would go for the drugstore product instead.

8) What is one tip of advice you can give to a beginner?

As much as I want to mention on the techniques on putting on makeup so badly, I feel that what is more important is to take good care of your skin.
Always remove your makeup thoroughly with a makeup remover.
Don't be lazy on the skin care routine.
Yes,Makeup can cover up dark circles and some unwanted marks on you face. But makeup can do so much more than that if you take good/proper care of your skin.

9) What is one makeup trend that you can never understood?

Weird looking eyebrows.
Not people with no eyebrows but deliberately drawing it so thin till it looks like a pencil/pen line.
And also about the part that they deliberately shave their entire bow to draw it way higher where it seems a little off.

It might be only me. Don't be offended, it's just my personal opinion.

10) What do you think about the beauty community on YouTube?

Thanks to the beauty community on YouTube, I've gained almost all the knowledge I know about makeup and skincare.
Although these knowledge can be found in books, but for people who needs visual demonstration, like me, to know what exactly is going on, this serves a great platform for it!

I really want to join in this great community, but I have to build up more confidence~

That's pretty much it for this tag~
If you have done this, be it on your blog or a video, leave your link in the comments section below! I'll love to read/watch them!~

PS. I thought this would be an easy tag to do, but I guess this is by far, the longest time I've take to write a blog post!~ (3hrs!)

I hope it's not too wordy( which is probably is) for you!(:

Until next post!~ 

xx, meiyi

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