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Monday, 9 November 2015

Everyday Simple Makeup Routine For Work

Every morning I wake up feeling so lazy to run through my makeup area to find which kind of makeup to put on and a lot of times because of that I decided to give up trying to put on makeup to work. So I actually stop wearing make up because of the laziness I experience every morning, I think I actually went without makeup for a good 3months! People usually feel more confident with their skin at this point. I just felt normal, I guess it’s probably because I never really felt inferior about my skin prior to not wearing makeup. But at the same time, I didn’t feel an extra boost of confidence because I always felt not putting on alittle makeup actually makes me look more tired and listless. which I can’t deny it’s true given my horrid sleeping habits. HAHAHA

Recently hacks videos are super popular on YouTube and I came across a Morning Hack Video. Can’t remember who actually made that video but they actually mention something that i knew but always left out and not do at all.
Which is to keep the makeup I wanna use in the morning in a bag to save time.

And so i tried it on night, and save to say.. I’ve been more hardworking on putting makeup than before. LOL!

So here’s a peek on what I wear everyday, and also my super fast 5min super rush makeup routine!
IMG 5728

I keep all the makeup in this bag, got it free from DMK, and I use this because it’s small and compact. I can just throw it into my bag if i’m in a rush. It barely weights much to feel something extra is in my bag. And most importantly! it’s too small to even over pack!!

IMG 5729

It needs some rearranging for it to totally fit in the pouch. but this will work. LOL!
IMG 5731

These are pretty much my staples for everyday. I usually switch up the lip stain pretty often. Usually i’ll go for a more pinky nude shade. But just that day I was feeling something more red. which explains that. LOL!.

Seems like a lot of product. But on days where I only have less than 5mins to put on makeup, I’ll skip some of them. e.g. eyeliner and all

Actually I don’t really remember what I used that day. It was take like a week or 2 ago. So~~ yea. LOL!
IMG 5727

Before any makeup, just after my skincare routine.
I was and still am experiencing those comedone outbreak around my face.not sure if you can see it clearly. I was at Sephora finding for something that’ll make the bumps on my face go away, the lady there actually told me for my case I’ll have to seek professional help and go for facial. I don’t feel that it was a serious problem, so.. I’m now trying to use scrubs and exfoliant with mask to try and lessen the problem.
IMG 5735

Ahhh~~ I thought I skipped eyeliner. But I remembered I went for a really thin eyeliner look to like I had fuller yea. I’m not really good at lower liner, so usually when i’m in a hurry I’ll just skip it.

And also!! recently I’ve learn the technique of filling in brows. so i’m been doing it really often! and YES!!! i’m getting the hang of it!
Really in love with filling in my brows! makes my brows look so full!! I LOVE!!!!

Yea this is usually how i look. Eyeshadow and all are just too time consuming. LOL! so I’ll skip them. I’ll usually only put eyeshadow if I have at least 30mins to prep. LOL.

Yea that’s pretty much what i usually wear everyday. just a different lip and maybe with/without eyeliner and mascara. LOL.

My aim for this bag is just to make myself look less tired and more even skin tone. So eyeliner and mascara don’t really matter to me. LOL although it will not make me look as awake as I wanted. But it makes a little difference with the BB cushion, so I’m satisfied.HAHAHAH

Alright, I guess I’ll stop here for now! I’ll speak to you in the next post!

Thanks for reading!
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Monday, 12 October 2015

5 Products To Save Your Morning!#morninghacks

I wanted to do a video on this post. but then I just couldn’t find the inspiration to do so.
I mean. what i’m thinking don’t come out as what I said. and it sounded really weird. so i thought, since I can just type it down, why not post it as a post instead.

So, being a 8-5pm office worker, I’m always trying to get maximum time of rest and the shortest way to get ready in the morning yet look good.

So here are 5 things that I made the start of my day so much faster and easier, thus more time to sleep! I mean. who can get ready within 30mins including bathing and still look all prep up!

So let’s get started!

IMG 5621

ok. actually the first product is actually a cheating product. I don’t use it in the day, i use it at night, before i go to bed.
IMG 5622

So I believe all of you know how much I rely on this product to not have rashes or breakout.
Also another factor is that this is ULTRA hydrating. LOL! but indeed this product is very very hydrating. because i’m sleeping in an zircon room now. very often than not. If i don’t hydrate my skin well enough at night, I will have a very tight feeling the next morning and my face feels powdery. You know those dry powdery feeling you get when your face is just too dry. yea, that feeling. And then in the morning I have to apply more moisturiser and apply powder foundation on my face to make sure the moisturiser won’t feel sticky on my skin throughout the day.

So this Cetaphil cream actually helps me with my skincare routine the next day!

So with the help of Cetaphil cream, My skincare routine in the morning is being simplified to only 1 product! Which leads to product no.2!
IMG 5624

Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion

I believe I actually made a post on this product on this blog since I’ve been using this product for a good 5years.

I remember using this product way back when I’m still struggling with my acne problems. so it’s been a good 5years now. the only difference made was I moved on to the whitening version which is above from the normal hydrating version. Not that the original one isn’t good. It’s just that I always love using products that says it’s brightening or whitening.
This is not only a toner, it’s at the same time a light moisturiser, more than enough to leave my skin smooth and moist for the day ahead!

The 3rd product, is something everyone need!!! it doesn’t have to be this product, anything does fine! but this product speeds up the process of looking more awake!
IMG 5628

& it’s the Laneige BB cushion!
the one I have is in Shade No.21 Natural Beige
IMG 5630

this product is SPF50+ PA+++. Where can you get a makeup with such high SPF??? well i know I’ve never seen anything like this so far.
So far for makeup, or should i say foundation, the largest SPF I’ve seen so far is SPF30. Also, because my skincare routine, I use a lot of whitening products, so I have to use SPF to protect it even more. I heard. Not too sure if it’s true, when you use whitening products and don’t protect your skin with sunscreen, your skin is more prone to freckles and age marks. So to prevent that, I made sure to apply them. Be it sunscreen or This BB  Cushion or any thing that has SPF. And also I feel i’m already so tanned I don’t wanna be any more tanned. HAHAHAHA

Next product, which is like my secret to look more awake, healthier and radiant is this.
IMG 5625

Revlon Colour Burst Balm Stain. 

Specifically in shade..
IMG 5626

Honey Douce.

It’s a good thing I don’t have to say it out since i don’t know pronounce it. HAHAHA

I LOVE the entire line of the colour burst balms, be it the metallic ones, the matte ones or the original ones. But this have been my fave for the past 2(?) years!! I’ve been using this everyday just as something to brighten up face. this is a pinky nude which is so subtle it actually looks like it’s my lips colour. I can use this with a full face of makeup or without. When I have no makeup on at all and I feel like my face is looking very dead, I’ll just put this on and it instantly makes my skin looks a lot a lot more awake! like I’ve been really really healthy and look radiant!
heeheee. I’ve introduced this to both my sisters as we all have very very dull looking skintone on our lips, not too sure my older sister likes it, but i’m pretty sure my younger sister LOVES it as much as I do!

The very last product! which helps me with controlling the frizzy hair of mine! keep it somewhat manageable throughout the day is..
IMG 5627

The Argan Oil. I believe i’ve talked about this product individually on a post as well, since i’ve been using this product for as long as I can remember. for what I can remember, I’ve finished 3bottles. I have a new bottle of argan oil that is given to me free. So I’ll be using that when i finish this!.
Thanks to this Argan Oil, I can leave the house without drying the hair and yet have manageable hair to work with throughout the day. My hair doesn’t feel like it’s flying all over the place. But it’s partly because i have really manageable hair to work with from the start.
The other thing is when I’m in a rush and have to dry my hair real quick, I’ll just blast the hair dryer on the highest speed with the highest heat. And we all know what happens when we do that. The hair gets damaged. And when I had curls. I had to do it everyday. And applying this twice actually kept my hair in a really really good condition. Even when I visited the hair salon 6mths after the perm, the hair stylist actually said that my hair was kept in a really good condition despite all the chemical i’ve used on my hair in the past.

I totally had to give this oil a credits, because all I did was to apply this oil before and after drying my hair, and it keeps my hair flyaway free and soft and smooth the entire day! Finger and toes thumbs up for this product!!

Yea with that it sums up my 5 products that I saved me from being late for work everyday!

If you’re struggling with being early, or even on time for work, yet you feel you need more time for sleeping! try this out! within 1hr I assure you, you’re be out of house with a full tummy!! That’s of cos you don’t take like 45mins to bathe in the morning. LOL!!!

Thanks for reading and i’ll speak to you again in the next post!
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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Diary : New Camera, Wanton Mee, Ice Cream

I decided to take a short break, a self proclaimed one, which is conveniently blame xm for since he took my laptop to do his assignment HAHAHA. But it’s really just due to my laziness and lack of motivation to do anything.

if you noticed, I’ve been a little more active on instagram recently. That’s cause I got myself a new camera! woohooo! I finally gave in the temptation and got a new camera!It’s the canon G7x!

I don’t need a new camera, i’m just really drawn into the really small and compact size as compared to my g12. and also it has wifi in it.

I’m not forsaking my g12, still will be using it to take photos. I really feel, nothing is as good as that in terms of my noonish photo taking skills. But for on the go photos, it’ll be from this new camera which is easier to take around.
IMG 5627

See how awkward my hands are. LOL! because the g12 is so big, i have to hold it with both hands. and i’m still trying to get use to holding such a small camera. LOL!

Other than my hands, I really love the photo,don’t know why, but i really love it. we’re waiting for our friend to arrive, and there is the not so cooperative xm. LOL!
IMG 5631

not too sure why i’ll have this photo. But since it’s nice let’s just leave it here.
IMG 5634

IMG 5636

We ordered wanton noodles to share before our prata arrive. Surprisingly this is really good.
My friend was playing with the camera and took this above. I thought it looks quite nice leh~ I guess you just have to have the gift in you. HAHAHAHA nothing to do with the camera you’re using. LOL!

then i realise i didn’t take a photo just in case i wanna share it with you al. so i rearrange it he best i can. LOL!
IMG 5638

My best attempt. HAHAHAHAHAH all the other ingredients are like at the bottom of the bowl. LOL!

we had prata, which i totally forgot to take a photo until i started eating.

so after lunch we had a little time to spare and i didn’t wanna go home before heading to the mooncake festival celebration since it’s around the same area where I was, so xm decided to keep me accompany and lazy us went for ice cream at swensens. LOL!
IMG 5642

All my fave!!~~~ 2sticky chewy choc 1 thin mint, 1 lime shebert and frosted choice malt! OMG!! so good! i’ll craving for this topless 5 when i saw the photo this morning!!!

OMG~~~ bring me back!

It’s Tuesday today and I forgot to finish my post last night. I am still craving for the same topless 5. Need to resist!!!!

Haze is coming back again. Seems like it wouldn’t be gone till the next few months!! Please take care of yourselves! drink more water and stay indoors!!!

PS. I’m not too convinced that the N95 mask works though. So I’m keeping myself and the pups indoors as much as possible. which also means pups don’t get to go on their walks this few weeks): Need to start researching on some enriching activities to keep them occupied and healthy during this period of time! please let me know if you have any activities for them!

alright I guess i’ll stop here for now!
Thanks for reading!

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Review : L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfection 3in1 purifying Micellar Solution

PS. I totally understand why would people say they’re motivated to blog. be prepared! I was feeling super motivated when I shoot for this post. LOL!

Me being me always looking for good shortcuts to better skin. HAAHA
You know how the Bioderma was a hype few years ago? Many other companies came out with something similar, some were a hits, others were pretty much misses. I tried the bioderma and totally loved it, but the price really puts me off. and it’s not like I can use it for a really long time ): So i’ve always been on a hunt to try something similar. And here’s the closest I’ve found so far!

IMG 5550

IMG 5552

IMG 5553

they mentioned you can use this to soothe and tone your skin, I just use it to cleanse my skin when i’m too lazy to wash my face, or in the morning when my face is not that gross and I can get away with not washing it OR! when my skin is feeling little dry in the morning and washing it will make it feel even tighter.

IMG 5559

This is what I meant by feeling motivated to blog. LOL! since when do you ever see me in a review post for no reason. HAHAHA totally enjoying it! maybe i’ll do it more often in future HAHAHA!

PS.It’s morning face if anyone is wondering. Thus no makeup at all. LOL!
PPS. Red Headphone is on because I was watching or maybe more of listening to Youtube Videos while doing this. LOL!

IMG 5561

So like the instructions mentioned, just pour it on a cotton pad.
It’s really like water. The nozzle is bigger than the one from bioderma, so it’s really gonna gush out from the nozzle a lot faster than the bioderma! SO! don’t try and shake the bottle to get the product out. just gently tilt it will do.

IMG 5563

yes that was necessary. HAHAHAH
I usually just use 2 cotton pads instead of 1. Just cos it works faster and get a better clean while using this.
Well… at least I feel it’s cleaner, and not half of my face is cleaner than another. LOL!

IMG 5566

Just going in circular motion all over the face.

IMG 5573

Can you see the dirt on the cotton pad?
Doesn’t seem like a lot. It’s actually the dirt accumulated while sleeping. since I washed my skin before heading to bed.

I’ve never tried/bother to use this to remove makeup. Because I don’t believe this type of product can remove my makeup and cleanse the skin at the same time. So I just didn’t bother trying.

Since they mentioned it on the back of the product. I had to try it with some of my go to makeup products.

IMG 5578

So what’s on my hands is the dollywink liquid eyeliner; maybelline age rewind concealer; MAC Eyeliner Pencil in Brunette; Maybelline Rocket Waterproof mascara.

IMG 5579

I didn’t bother to get a new cotton pad. I just added little more product on the used cotton pad and wipe it once.

IMG 5580

Just one slow swipe. I did it slowly because I believe you need the solution to soak into the makeup to loosen(?) them. And I would say it really did a good job with just 1 wipe.

IMG 5581

What the cotton pad got with just 1 wipe. WOW! Totally sold. it really does works with removing makeup. But I’m still feeling it won’t be clean enough without washing my face. Just my pet peeve.~

IMG 5582

A few more wipes and everything is gone!
When i was trying it out. I didn’t added any force on purpose to rub it off or anything. Actually I was trying to find fault with it. But it really works great even while using the least amount of strength!

 Alright, to summarise things up~

1) Not Drying
2) Able to cleanse face without leaving residue
3) Able to remove waterproof makeup
4) Scentless

1) A Challenge trying to control the product use to the size of nozzle

Will I recommend this?
YES I will! for the price, totally sold.

Can’t remember how much it’s selling for but I’m thinking it’s below SGD$15?

Thanks for reading!
I shall see you in the next post!

Sign off

Monday, 7 September 2015

Diary : Friday Night Pampering, Impulse purchase?

I wanted to blog on friday, but i fell asleep!

I’m realising everyone I see is loving the cushion puff from the cushion foundation. is it me using it wrongly or i’m just weird. hmmmm.
never mind about that. Let me try it again, maybe i’ll love it too.

I was looking at my photos recently and i realise, I’m not that hardworking with my skin, because i work so near from home, I don’t even bother to put on makeup unless I really needed to, even for skincare I’ve been really slacking on it recently. on friday, my skin felt really like rubbish, so I decided to give it a little care.
IMG 5594

This brings back old memories, especially the sheet mask. I’ve been using this mask for years. till today it remains  as one of the few masks I reach. I particularly love the honey and green tea version of the mask.

Just using a bunch of stuff that I really enjoy to deep cleanse and restore all that lost moisture back into the skin!

#attempt to me more hardworking again.

I’m trying to get back into the swing of wearing makeup everyday, so I’ll look more presentable!
I don’t wanna find much excuses~ but I really don’t see the need in dressing up recently, may be due to the industry i’m working in, the people i meet, and my skin is pretty in an alright condition. No breakout, no trouble.

Just didn’t like how lazy I am now, so trying to get back into the swing of things.

So just now over lunch, I did a small splurge.
IMG 5611

Wooohooo! new lip stains to try out!
Got them in all the shades they have. the sales person gave me a weird look. But it’s on 30% off! why not!
it’s on average less than $10 for one know. And I really wanna try out new stuff. I know I know. I have more than enough lip products to last me for my entire life. LOL!

Shall give them a try and let you know what I think about them!

yea that’s how my time went by till now. LOL!

so I shall end it here! see you in the next post!
Sign off

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Diary : Dinner at O'bean Organic Soya Store

We manage to meet quite early yesterday and headed down O’bean for dinner!
If we were to meet little later, we would have gave this place a miss. If you’re thinking of heading down to have dinner, try and reach there before 7.15pm. If not you have to queue to get a seat. Queueing & I are not friends. LOL! So I’ll give it a miss if we’re too late.

Manage to get a seat and place is filling around 6.45pm. The food took quite awhile to come, but i guess it’s because we ordered fried stuff.
IMG 5590

I had Almond Soya Bean drink. I don’t think many people will like this drink. Especially those who don’t like almond flavouring.
I’m not a fan of almond flavouring, but I don’t like soya bean drinks even more. And in that store most of the drinks are soya bean and those that are not, don’t interest me too. LOL!
After trying a bunch of their soya bean, I realise I prefer the almond one. I guess because the almond flavouring covered the soya bean taste. LOL!
IMG 5586

While waiting for our food to arrive, someone decided to look at Facebook, soccer and play games instead of talking to me. LOL! not that I mind~ who am I kidding! YES I MIND! PUT THAT PHONE AWAY! TURN IT OFF!!!!
ok, I’m joking~ LOL! I’ll play with my phone too. HAHAHHAHA
If you notice we have the same phone case. And it’s not those that are matching couple type, We both are really not the best people at taking good care of our phones, we drop it all the time. So we really need to get a really good phone case that doesn’t have any plastic yet is shock proof. So not the most fancy case, but it does the job HAHHA
IMG 5591

On the left is century egg fried eggs. It’s just fried eggs with century egg bits and coriander in it, and topped off with seasoned seaweed, sesame seeds and coriander.
PS. coriander is cilantro if you didn’t know.

On the right is ……. black pepper mixed grill?It’s just all the soya patty products fried, with sunny side up, fries and some coselaw

Ok I have a confession, I got this just for the fries and the hotdog. LOL! I didn’t really care for the rest of the things in it. LOL! But it’s ok, we’re sharing HAHAHHAHHAHAHA
IMG 5592

Someone is really hungry!

Yea and we devour the food. HAHA
It looks like theres a lot. But pictures are deceiving. LOL! I wasn’t really hungry, so we didn’t get 2 mains. Usually we will be able to finish this amount with one more main. LOL!Which explains the waistline. LOL!

yea pretty much what we did. Then walked to chinatown which was near by and then I headed home while xm headed to work.
Cony cryingdevastated

Alright enough of nonsense. I feel so bad for making you guys read through this post. But there’s pictures!! LOL!

I’ll see you in the next post!
Sign off

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Review : Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation

Just had a quick dinner with xm. Now here I am waiting for him to knock of from work in another 1hr time. Good thing I brought along my laptop so I can do something while waiting.
Here’s my view for the next 1hr.
IMG 5584

A cup of chai tea latte, my macbook and my phone. forgot to bring along my headphone. So no music for me. but it’s alright. I have an hr to kill. won’t be too bad!

So i wanted to talk about a foundation I’ve been using for a good a year now.
This was something I never thought I would ever purchase. but being at the airport when everything was tax free made got it and hence fell in love with it’s finish.
IMG 5502

And it’s none other than the Chanel Vitalumiere Auqa foundation.

IMG 5505

I believe by now many of you have heard of this foundation and how highly raved it was and still is in the beauty world on the internet.

I chance upon this foundation while watching fleur's, from fleurdeforce, video. Wanted to try this for the longest time. But was really pulling it back due to the price of the foundation. It’s I think $70+ just for a bottle of foundation. Now that i’ve tried many many foundations, I find the price alright now, but back then… When i was soo in loved with my mac studio fluid foundation., everything just seem too  expensive to purchased. so I waited.

Till one day i walked into the duty free store at the airport and got it!. I think if i didn’t remember wrongly, it’s around $50+

IMG 5510

It comes in a squeeze bottle. Then it wasn’t a common thing for a foundation to be in a bottle like this. but now it’s the norm. Many makeup brands are coming out with such convenient packaging.

Still totally in love with this packaging.
Simple, sturdy, compact. What more can i ask. Furthermore!!! it’s plastic!
I can drop it how many times I want and it will not break!

I got mine in shade B20 Beige. and we all know. B20 are for people with very fair skin. Tanned skin people around nc30 will never be able to pull off with makeup for people with nc20 and fairer. Didn’t know why but I still went ahead and got it!

But after using it, I realise, the difference isn’t obvious. So I just stuck on with it. In fact. I really like it on my skin. it doesn’t look like it doesn’t match my skintone!

IMG 5518

You just squeeze it out of the tube.
PS. that black thing I’m holding is my remote LOL! I don’t know how bloggers manage to take this shot themselves. Not sure if they did it themselves or someone took it for them. But me not being tech savvy, this is my way of selfie. HAHAHA

IMG 5519

So this little amount is enough for half a face! Can you believe it?!!!

IMG 5522

This looks like it’s too fair for my skin, in fact it is. But after blending it, it totally blends into the skin.
I applied only on half my face to show you how well it blends despite the shade difference.

IMG 5523

Can you tell that I have foundation on the right side? No right??!!
and the coverage is good! look at the left, the darkness and dullness on the skin is being well blended. And my squinting looks the same, just now awaken.

Well.. maybe it’s not too noticeable

IMG 5526

And I moved on to apply on the entire face.
For this foundation, I found my favourite way to apply it is like this. Then using my hands blend them out.
I don’t usually enjoy using my hands to apply foundation. I have a friend that totally loves it. But not me. I find it really hard to blend my with fingers when it comes to full coverage foundation.

But for this, I just love using my hands. The warmth of my fingers actually melts the foundation even more and makes it look like my skin on my face! makes me look like I have flawless skin! totally in love with it.

IMG 5535

I have this dark spot on my forehead. and some darkness between my cheekbones and undereyes. And see! I look like I have nothing on!

Looks like my skin. just in a better condition.

This foundation is also very light weight, sometimes when I have this foundation on without eyeliner or mascara, I will actually forget I have makeup on and forgot to remove it and head to bed.
PS. Sometimes I just got too lazy to even wash my face.

IMG 5536

Unless you really come up close, and saw my very fine hair on my face caught the foundation, it’s almost unnoticeable that I have foundation on.
Like really up close like the above photo

IMG 5537

Even looking at my cheeks, it doesn’t look cakey. If you don’t focus on my mole, you won’t even notice I have a layer of foundation on my skin. And this side. I actually have 2 layers of foundation on, because it’s the side that I did the half face, then the full face.

I really have nothing much to complain about this foundation other than the price if I really had to find a flaw on it.

I was looking at the colour selection to see which exactly is the right shade for me. Turns out it is B40? but B20 works really well. I’m just wondering if B40 give off the same glowy effect it has now with B20 or not. maybe after this bottle I’ll try it with B30. But!!!! there sure is a large range of shades for selection!

Currently I don’t have dry patches for this foundation to cling on.
But from what I remember. I don’t think this foundation clings much on dry patches. in fact. this makes my skin not feel so dry after using it everyday.

I don’t have oily skin, so I don’t know if this works on oily skin or not. But from the review I saw online. this foundation is like perfect for all skin type! how can this be?? if this foundation doesn’t work for you, let me know!! I’ll love to know more about it. because so far all I saw about this foundation are just rave. Even from my own experience, it’s also a fantastic one.

Alright let’s summarise things up

1) Lightweight
2) Will not make face greasy
3) Looks like your skin, doesn’t cake
4) nice scent(musky)
5) Doesn’t cling on dry patches of the skin
6) Blends very easily

1) The Price

Will I recommend this?
YES!!! TOTALLY!! If you wanna try a good foundation. Totally give this a go! It’s worth every cent you pay for it and you will not regret it!
I’ve been trying to find a cheaper dupe for this, but everything doesn’t seem to work as well!
If you have any recommendation let me know in the comments below! i’d love to try it out!!

I won’t even try and tell the you exact price. But it’s about SGD$70-80. Sold in Chanel Makeup counters.

Alright! I’m done with the post! just nice! in another few more mins time xm will be coming down and we’ll be heading home!

I’ll see you in the next post!!
Thanks for reading!
Sign off
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