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5 Products To Save Your Morning!#morninghacks

I wanted to do a video on this post. but then I just couldn’t find the inspiration to do so.
I mean. what i’m thinking don’t come out as what I said. and it sounded really weird. so i thought, since I can just type it down, why not post it as a post instead.

So, being a 8-5pm office worker, I’m always trying to get maximum time of rest and the shortest way to get ready in the morning yet look good.

So here are 5 things that I made the start of my day so much faster and easier, thus more time to sleep! I mean. who can get ready within 30mins including bathing and still look all prep up!

So let’s get started!

IMG 5621

ok. actually the first product is actually a cheating product. I don’t use it in the day, i use it at night, before i go to bed.
IMG 5622

So I believe all of you know how much I rely on this product to not have rashes or breakout.
Also another factor is that this is ULTRA hydrating. LOL! but indeed this product is very very hydrating. because i’m sleeping in an zircon room now. very often than not. If i don’t hydrate my skin well enough at night, I will have a very tight feeling the next morning and my face feels powdery. You know those dry powdery feeling you get when your face is just too dry. yea, that feeling. And then in the morning I have to apply more moisturiser and apply powder foundation on my face to make sure the moisturiser won’t feel sticky on my skin throughout the day.

So this Cetaphil cream actually helps me with my skincare routine the next day!

So with the help of Cetaphil cream, My skincare routine in the morning is being simplified to only 1 product! Which leads to product no.2!
IMG 5624

Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion

I believe I actually made a post on this product on this blog since I’ve been using this product for a good 5years.

I remember using this product way back when I’m still struggling with my acne problems. so it’s been a good 5years now. the only difference made was I moved on to the whitening version which is above from the normal hydrating version. Not that the original one isn’t good. It’s just that I always love using products that says it’s brightening or whitening.
This is not only a toner, it’s at the same time a light moisturiser, more than enough to leave my skin smooth and moist for the day ahead!

The 3rd product, is something everyone need!!! it doesn’t have to be this product, anything does fine! but this product speeds up the process of looking more awake!
IMG 5628

& it’s the Laneige BB cushion!
the one I have is in Shade No.21 Natural Beige
IMG 5630

this product is SPF50+ PA+++. Where can you get a makeup with such high SPF??? well i know I’ve never seen anything like this so far.
So far for makeup, or should i say foundation, the largest SPF I’ve seen so far is SPF30. Also, because my skincare routine, I use a lot of whitening products, so I have to use SPF to protect it even more. I heard. Not too sure if it’s true, when you use whitening products and don’t protect your skin with sunscreen, your skin is more prone to freckles and age marks. So to prevent that, I made sure to apply them. Be it sunscreen or This BB  Cushion or any thing that has SPF. And also I feel i’m already so tanned I don’t wanna be any more tanned. HAHAHAHA

Next product, which is like my secret to look more awake, healthier and radiant is this.
IMG 5625

Revlon Colour Burst Balm Stain. 

Specifically in shade..
IMG 5626

Honey Douce.

It’s a good thing I don’t have to say it out since i don’t know pronounce it. HAHAHA

I LOVE the entire line of the colour burst balms, be it the metallic ones, the matte ones or the original ones. But this have been my fave for the past 2(?) years!! I’ve been using this everyday just as something to brighten up face. this is a pinky nude which is so subtle it actually looks like it’s my lips colour. I can use this with a full face of makeup or without. When I have no makeup on at all and I feel like my face is looking very dead, I’ll just put this on and it instantly makes my skin looks a lot a lot more awake! like I’ve been really really healthy and look radiant!
heeheee. I’ve introduced this to both my sisters as we all have very very dull looking skintone on our lips, not too sure my older sister likes it, but i’m pretty sure my younger sister LOVES it as much as I do!

The very last product! which helps me with controlling the frizzy hair of mine! keep it somewhat manageable throughout the day is..
IMG 5627

The Argan Oil. I believe i’ve talked about this product individually on a post as well, since i’ve been using this product for as long as I can remember. for what I can remember, I’ve finished 3bottles. I have a new bottle of argan oil that is given to me free. So I’ll be using that when i finish this!.
Thanks to this Argan Oil, I can leave the house without drying the hair and yet have manageable hair to work with throughout the day. My hair doesn’t feel like it’s flying all over the place. But it’s partly because i have really manageable hair to work with from the start.
The other thing is when I’m in a rush and have to dry my hair real quick, I’ll just blast the hair dryer on the highest speed with the highest heat. And we all know what happens when we do that. The hair gets damaged. And when I had curls. I had to do it everyday. And applying this twice actually kept my hair in a really really good condition. Even when I visited the hair salon 6mths after the perm, the hair stylist actually said that my hair was kept in a really good condition despite all the chemical i’ve used on my hair in the past.

I totally had to give this oil a credits, because all I did was to apply this oil before and after drying my hair, and it keeps my hair flyaway free and soft and smooth the entire day! Finger and toes thumbs up for this product!!

Yea with that it sums up my 5 products that I saved me from being late for work everyday!

If you’re struggling with being early, or even on time for work, yet you feel you need more time for sleeping! try this out! within 1hr I assure you, you’re be out of house with a full tummy!! That’s of cos you don’t take like 45mins to bathe in the morning. LOL!!!

Thanks for reading and i’ll speak to you again in the next post!
Sign off

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  1. I currently live in Japan and I see the Hada Labo brand a lot ! I'm pretty glad to see this because i have terrible acne problems during the summer, so when it comes back to that humid weather i'll definitely keep this in mind, thank you !


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