Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Diary : New Camera, Wanton Mee, Ice Cream

I decided to take a short break, a self proclaimed one, which is conveniently blame xm for since he took my laptop to do his assignment HAHAHA. But it’s really just due to my laziness and lack of motivation to do anything.

if you noticed, I’ve been a little more active on instagram recently. That’s cause I got myself a new camera! woohooo! I finally gave in the temptation and got a new camera!It’s the canon G7x!

I don’t need a new camera, i’m just really drawn into the really small and compact size as compared to my g12. and also it has wifi in it.

I’m not forsaking my g12, still will be using it to take photos. I really feel, nothing is as good as that in terms of my noonish photo taking skills. But for on the go photos, it’ll be from this new camera which is easier to take around.
IMG 5627

See how awkward my hands are. LOL! because the g12 is so big, i have to hold it with both hands. and i’m still trying to get use to holding such a small camera. LOL!

Other than my hands, I really love the photo,don’t know why, but i really love it. we’re waiting for our friend to arrive, and there is the not so cooperative xm. LOL!
IMG 5631

not too sure why i’ll have this photo. But since it’s nice let’s just leave it here.
IMG 5634

IMG 5636

We ordered wanton noodles to share before our prata arrive. Surprisingly this is really good.
My friend was playing with the camera and took this above. I thought it looks quite nice leh~ I guess you just have to have the gift in you. HAHAHAHA nothing to do with the camera you’re using. LOL!

then i realise i didn’t take a photo just in case i wanna share it with you al. so i rearrange it he best i can. LOL!
IMG 5638

My best attempt. HAHAHAHAHAH all the other ingredients are like at the bottom of the bowl. LOL!

we had prata, which i totally forgot to take a photo until i started eating.

so after lunch we had a little time to spare and i didn’t wanna go home before heading to the mooncake festival celebration since it’s around the same area where I was, so xm decided to keep me accompany and lazy us went for ice cream at swensens. LOL!
IMG 5642

All my fave!!~~~ 2sticky chewy choc 1 thin mint, 1 lime shebert and frosted choice malt! OMG!! so good! i’ll craving for this topless 5 when i saw the photo this morning!!!

OMG~~~ bring me back!

It’s Tuesday today and I forgot to finish my post last night. I am still craving for the same topless 5. Need to resist!!!!

Haze is coming back again. Seems like it wouldn’t be gone till the next few months!! Please take care of yourselves! drink more water and stay indoors!!!

PS. I’m not too convinced that the N95 mask works though. So I’m keeping myself and the pups indoors as much as possible. which also means pups don’t get to go on their walks this few weeks): Need to start researching on some enriching activities to keep them occupied and healthy during this period of time! please let me know if you have any activities for them!

alright I guess i’ll stop here for now!
Thanks for reading!

Sign off

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