Thursday, 3 September 2015

Diary : Dinner at O'bean Organic Soya Store

We manage to meet quite early yesterday and headed down O’bean for dinner!
If we were to meet little later, we would have gave this place a miss. If you’re thinking of heading down to have dinner, try and reach there before 7.15pm. If not you have to queue to get a seat. Queueing & I are not friends. LOL! So I’ll give it a miss if we’re too late.

Manage to get a seat and place is filling around 6.45pm. The food took quite awhile to come, but i guess it’s because we ordered fried stuff.
IMG 5590

I had Almond Soya Bean drink. I don’t think many people will like this drink. Especially those who don’t like almond flavouring.
I’m not a fan of almond flavouring, but I don’t like soya bean drinks even more. And in that store most of the drinks are soya bean and those that are not, don’t interest me too. LOL!
After trying a bunch of their soya bean, I realise I prefer the almond one. I guess because the almond flavouring covered the soya bean taste. LOL!
IMG 5586

While waiting for our food to arrive, someone decided to look at Facebook, soccer and play games instead of talking to me. LOL! not that I mind~ who am I kidding! YES I MIND! PUT THAT PHONE AWAY! TURN IT OFF!!!!
ok, I’m joking~ LOL! I’ll play with my phone too. HAHAHHAHA
If you notice we have the same phone case. And it’s not those that are matching couple type, We both are really not the best people at taking good care of our phones, we drop it all the time. So we really need to get a really good phone case that doesn’t have any plastic yet is shock proof. So not the most fancy case, but it does the job HAHHA
IMG 5591

On the left is century egg fried eggs. It’s just fried eggs with century egg bits and coriander in it, and topped off with seasoned seaweed, sesame seeds and coriander.
PS. coriander is cilantro if you didn’t know.

On the right is ……. black pepper mixed grill?It’s just all the soya patty products fried, with sunny side up, fries and some coselaw

Ok I have a confession, I got this just for the fries and the hotdog. LOL! I didn’t really care for the rest of the things in it. LOL! But it’s ok, we’re sharing HAHAHHAHHAHAHA
IMG 5592

Someone is really hungry!

Yea and we devour the food. HAHA
It looks like theres a lot. But pictures are deceiving. LOL! I wasn’t really hungry, so we didn’t get 2 mains. Usually we will be able to finish this amount with one more main. LOL!Which explains the waistline. LOL!

yea pretty much what we did. Then walked to chinatown which was near by and then I headed home while xm headed to work.
Cony cryingdevastated

Alright enough of nonsense. I feel so bad for making you guys read through this post. But there’s pictures!! LOL!

I’ll see you in the next post!
Sign off

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