Monday, 9 April 2018

Domo's Injury

Hi Everyone,
Till today I’m still not very comfortable talking about Domo’s experience in 2017. Never did I planned to talked about it at all. So I never made a point to take any photos to keep for memory sake. Usually photos I took of Domo in 2017 are happy photos something when I look back and I see Domo’s fighter spirit. I have some pictures with me today that I roughly looked through my phone. So let’s see them!(:

20170810 223505

This is Domo during the First few days out of the surgery. He’s so drugged out the first 5days of the surgery, but we were allowed to bring him home the day after the surgery because he’s doing better than expected as compared. But he was so drugged out for the next 5days due the the morphine that was given to him to help him cope with the pain better.

We were suppose to encourage him to walk around as much as he’s willing to so that the recovery can be better. For those who are curious, Domo did a FHO surgery. You can google on that to find out more. It hurts me so badly having to relive that moment again. So pain relieving medication is a must for the first 5-6days post op.

We got a crate for him when he injured himself because we were advised to keep him in an enclosed area, we didn’t wanna make him feel like he has no space to move around so we got the largest one we could find in the store. It was big enough for a dog bigger than domo, but it works for him too LOLL at least he can walk a few steps and move around the crate not feeling bored but at the same time stay safe in the doctor’s terms.

After the operation, we just need to make sure he doesn’t run, doesn’t jump, doesn’t get excited and move aggressively and also not fall and injured himself to delay the process of recovery. So when I’m at work, I kept him in the crate and come back every 3-4hrs to let him out to take a pee break and walk around to breathe some fresh air. When I’m back from work., Domo is out from the cage free to walk around under my tight watch. I didn’t wanna crate him when I go to sleep, so when domo is out from the crate,through his recovery, I put the harness on him together with the leash. so at any point in time he will be near me, safe and sound. Even when we’re fast asleep. I felt that was way better than keeping him in the crate all the time. at least he has more space to move around and walk around. even when he sleeps, it doesn’t have to be like he’s kept somewhere to sleep even though people tell me dogs like being closed in a crate(whatttt???? LOL)

20170822 001253

That’s him first 5days post ops. you can see his shaved limps. That’s the area where he had the surgery done. he wanted to be with us, so a lot of time when he’s not wanting to move around, we’ll just carry him like this and he’ll fall asleep for a long time. & as you can see, my sister fell asleep as well LOLL
20170817 173323

As time passes, his recovery got a lot better! he’s doing so well, but he has stomach issue due to the amount of pain killers he was put through. His stomach couldn’t take it. During those period I’ll sleep with him on the floor like the picture above, so when his stomach starts getting gassy(which is common for them with stomach issue) i can give him a rub/massage to make him feel better and hopefully let the gas out. Sometimes he’ll wakeup in the middle of the night gagging because it’s making him feel uncomfortable. So I find it better to sleep on the floor with him, so he can walk around in the middle of the night if he’s uncomfortable and be safe and I can know immediately that he’s up.
We had to go back 2weeks after the surgery for the review to determine if domo is well enough to start hydrotherapy.
The vet we went to recommended us to bring domo for hydrotherapy cos he’s easier on the limps but still helps with building muscle and help the limps cope better while exercising. I’m not sure if it’s compulsory to do hydrotherapy after this surgery, but we were swimming domo before we even had the surgery done(basically trying every means we can to avoid the surgery but unfortunately..) so we just needed the green light to be back doing hydrotherapy.

And here’s domo during one of his hydrotherapy sessions.
IMG 20171104 193558 260

IMG 20171104 193600 642

IMG 20171104 193603 594

IMG 20171104 193605 808

Domo’s doing his best at the therapy session every week and is always so tired after it, which really helped a lot with his recovery. I really have to thank the therapist Doris and Anna for helping me with domo every week, and also sharing with me all the knowledge they know to help with domo’s case. Not only for domo, but ozzy as well. Although ozzy is not their concern, but because i had to bring ozzy along while domo was getting his therapy they mingled with him too! and they then told me that ozzy should start doing some swimming which will be good for him in the future as they notice that ozzy is getting alittle old and there’s very early signs of arthritis, signs that are very vague that because they had a lot of knowledge working with very senior dogs they noticed it in ozzy. So they said that getting him to swim once a week will also help ozzy cope better as he age and the limps will be able to be more agile and deteriorate slower. So we went to the public pool at the pet farm either before or after domo’s therapy since ozzy don’t need to be on therapy urgently yet.

PS. it was too much for me to handle so I stopped writing over the weekend to calm my mind down. Hence this post didn’t go up on Saturday, now i’m ready to continue this.

Domo was doing very well with his limps and by November 2017 he was fully recovered and didn’t need to go back for any more review be it his stomach or his legs. Early this year we noticed that he was having some aggression towards other dogs which he never had in the past, we felt maybe it’s cos whenever he’s at the pool he’s always so tired and weak, and when the other dogs came to him, he didn’t really have the strength/energy to “protect” himself, not that he needed also la. LOLL So decided to stop his sessions at the therapy centre and try swimming him ourselves, since he has already totally recovered, so he can be around dogs and not be aggressive. The first few moments are pretty intense because domo triggers oozy’s aggression as well. but the owners there were very nice and friendly, half of which we already know since ozzy is swimming there, so they we re quite helpful and supportive to help us with mingling ozzy and domo with their dogs. most of them didn’t mind ozzy and domo attacking their dogs and even made sure that theirs don’t reciprocate when i’m teaching mine to not be aggressive, and today ozzy and domo is good with most of the dogs they meet.
IMG 20180107 WA0006

IMG 20180107 WA0004

IMG 20180107 WA0005

IMG 20180107 WA0007

IMG 20180107 WA0008

I’m really glad we had a happy closure to 2017, and things are still looking positive in 2018! keeping my fingers cross that they both stay at healthy as they can be!

Throughout 2017 there’s 2 main group of people I’ll need to thank.
First of all, Dr Tsai & team from The Animal Doctors. I don’t know if our first visit we were put to her because they knew our condition, or we were just lucky. Throughout Domo’s treatment Dr Tsai handled everything personally, i even remembered one day she was already off from work, but because we came in due to domo’s stomach issue, she still came out personally to attend to him. Even for his surgery, she stayed till 1am in the morning to ensure domo was well before heading knocking off. Not forgetting the great team they have there. Domo’s not the easiest dog to work with, I have been taking care of him since young I know how much of a handful he can be when he’s not cooperative. More often than not he’s not willing to cooperate with the nurses there, making their job even harder since they had to ensure his safety. They were always patient with him and showing him so much love everywhere he’s there. We went in unannounced one day, and one of the nurses came out casually saw domo and asked what happen to domo. They actually remembered him! There was another who called domo Champion. I don’t know if he was fighting them so much that’s their nickname for him, or because he’s a fighter recovering and getting better. I’m also not the most patient and nicest client to work with. I’m always getting paranoid and scared over the lamest thing always give them calls to check and make sure. Thinking back, if i were them, i’ll probably not wanna entertain myself. LOLL but they’re always patiently answering everything i ask the best they can. So i really appreciate their service and help throughout the year.
If you’re looking for a vet to bring your animals for check up! please give them a go, they may not be the most established vet around, but they really put their heart and soul to help the pets. Ozzy and Domo have been seeing them since young. LOL
Here’s their link

The 2nd group of people I really really need to thank are Anna, Doris and Ranju from Hydro Paw Plus. Anna was actually the one that comforted me and tell me that everything will be fine after the surgery. We didn’t had a choice but to choose the surgery, at that moment we really didn’t know anyone that could give us a good piece of advice. So i called Anna and asked for hers. She’s been working with rehabilitating dogs after many different kinds for limp injury. From fitness swims to total paralysed. One of her more common patients are FHO surgery patients whom she work with very often also. So she really helped me a lot by reassuring me that domo is gonna be fine, and how to take care of domo after the surgery before going to her(mainly that 2weeks). What Anna shared with me was very detailed post care, so detailed even what kind of mats i can get and where i can get the cheapest to help domo walk around better and more comfortable. Honestly if Anna didn’t helped me so much at the start, I wouldn’t know if i’ll be able to take care of domo so well. Also Doris for always showing domo so much love during our sessions there. domo is such a handful and never worked with her. But Doris really made domo improve so much and recover so much faster. I mean come on, it’s domo. He gave people at the vet such a hard time, he wouldn’t have gave Doris an easy time, especially with me around, it’s only gonna get worse. But Doris really did well with him with LOTS of patience man. Me as his owner, i don’t even know if i can be half as patient as she was LOLLL. Lastly, Ranju. Oh my Ranju, how i’ve taken her for granted for what she did for domo in the first session. Range’s skills of cleaning domo up before returning to us really puts my heart and mind at ease. Top notch skills she has there. She remembers every dog’s temperament! no joke. she remembers domo hated the blower’s sound, she knows domo will jump off anything. So she take extra precaution when cleaning domo up. I noticed for other dogs she does the same also, if this dog has a skin condition or some sort, she’ll remember this dog has a special shampoo that they will have to use. or this dog has to be carried a certain way when cleaning. Every time i see her she’s always soaked even though she has an apron to keep her from getting soaked. but because she uses the method the pet is most comfortable she made herself soaked when she didn’t have to. A+ for the effort everyone at hydropaw plus puts in man!
If you’re looking for Hydro therapy for your dogs you can visit them here!

Alright I’m glad I took that break and manage to end this post on a happy note. I’m really glad I was able to meet these people and the people after that during domo’s recovery every single person we met makes our heart feels so warm, even till yesterday while at the pool, people there were so sweet with them(: <3
Alright i’ll end here. It’s getting too lengthy. LOLL before i end off, let me show you my exhausted face with domo every weekend LOLL I need to claim some credit for doing something LOLLL!!!! maybe i didn’t really do that much la. i just wanna claim LOLL
IMG 20180303 WA0004

OHHHH last one!! domo met his parents after 7years! family shot before i end~
IMG 20171231 WA0003

Domo, Daddy & Mummy LOLLLL

ok i’m really ending! i’ll see you in the next post!!
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Friday, 6 April 2018

Review : The Face Shop YEHWADAM Revitalizing Moisturizing Fluid

Hi Everyone!

As mentioned in the previous post, I’ve tried a lot of moisturisers in the past year, some were recommended and well raved online, others were recommended to me by the shop assistant.
I was walking around the face shop one day looking for their mango seed line because it used to be really popular Korea i think in around 2015 or so. There wasn’t much options for mango seed line at the face shop that I went. A really nice sales assistant came by and asked if i needed help, so I told her i’m looking for a light weight moisturiser that can moisturise my skin but doesn’t feel heavy at the same time. The lady recommended me a product that she used personally and felt that it’s very good.
So today let’s review on it!
IMG 7101

IMG 7102

I tried doing bit more research after I got it, but I can’t find any review on this product. Found 1 review on the same line but it’s for their cream. So… I wasn’t really sure what to expect.
Here’s the description they have on their website
An all-in-one fluid gel-type lotion infused with fresh recharge of moisture replenishes and soothes dehydrated skin
Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing line is a traditional herbal moisturizing line that restores dehydrated skin with continuous long-lasting fresh moisture with its fresh flower water formula

 Formulated with ‘Fresh Flower Water’ which is a secret formula that consists of 5 types of traditional herb flowers with moisturizing properties that re-energize and cool skin with fresh surge of moisture

 Also contains traditional herbs from the Revitalizing line including Korean Ginseng, Safflower, and Goji Berry to awaken skin’s innate natural glow, leaving skin revitalized and re-energized
  • All-in-one fluid lotion: toner + lotion all-in-one product that is simple to use yet effective in delivering fresh continuous moisture
  • Simple 2 STEP Skincare: enables simple skincare step by using the fluid + cream from the Yehwadam Revitalizing Moisturizing line
  • Fresh surge of moisture + Relaxing soothing effect: not only replenishes dehydrated skin with fresh moisture but also soothes skin, leaving skin feeling well-rested

Main Ingredients 
  • Fresh Flower Water: 5 traditional herbs with moisturizing properties (Peony, Lotus, Safflower, Chrysanthemum, and Honeysuckle)
  • Gyuwhabang Complex: 3 traditional herbs with skin revitalizing properties (Korean Ginseng, Safflower, and Goji Berry)

•Fresh moisturizing lightweight texture: skin feels comfortable and fresh without leaving a heavy greasy residue

IMG 7103

The product comes in a pump which I really like products like this. means i don’t have to stick my hand into it LOL
IMG 7104

This is 1pump of product. As you can see. it comes out as a gel, but as soon as it touches your skin, it melts into a liquid form. so you really have to work quick with this product.
PS. usually i’ll do 3pumps.
IMG 7106

This is how watery it is. basically if you’re looking for a moisturiser that will make your skin glow after applying. This is not the one for you. LOLL

Although the lady said its a really good moisturiser, it isn’t enough to keep my skin moisturised for even 3hrs. I’m thinking.. it’s either the lady’s skin is very oily and don’t need much moisture or i’m doing something wrong. LOL

ok, it sounds right now that I really hate this product for wasting my money on it. But in actual fact, i do quite enjoy using this product. My skin is SO dry that if i don’t apply anything on it, it’ll feel like those egg white mask feeling. so tight that it’ll tear if i laugh too hard. Even with such dry skin, I’m still hesitant on applying moisturiser because of the stuffy feeling. So this product is actually my stepping stone to getting use to applying something on my skin, or at least not leave the house without anything on.

At the beginning i apply it just as its own and leave the house. I noticed even with 3pumps, super watery but it absorbs very fast! like mentioned above although it doesn’t keep my skin moisturised throughout the day, but at least it gives it little moisture better than none.

This product is VERY light weight, once absorbed you can’t feel anything on your skin, it’s really absorbed! so throughout the day i don’t get heavy and stick skin. After awhile and getting use to applying at least something on my skin, i tried to apply abit more on my skin.
This is not a moisturiser! this is more of an essence! it’s to enhance and help the moisturiser than you use absorb better! no wonder it’s no enough on it’s own! I guess that lady that recommended me has really oily skin to tell me that it’s good on it’s own. I tried it with other moisturising creams, and i notice that my face don’t get as sticky and stuffy as if i were just to use the moisturising cream alone. because i get to use lesser product, and this helps to absorb the products better into my skin and still not lose so much moisture throughout the day!

I love this product! not for the main purpose of buying it, but how it enhances my routine and makes the products that i applied after this better for my skin. Sometimes you know.. you apply something on your face, and it seems like it’s just staying on your face, and not being absorbed? yea, this product acts like a thing to help such the other goodness i applied on after into the skin and not just sitting there.

Just this product alone, like other product if you use it alone. It makes your skin alittle smoother, not significant, just a little. it’s not amazing using on its own. So if you’re looking for a 1stop skin care product, this is definitely not it, and you’ll probably find yourself wasting your money getting it.
If you’re looking for a cheaper essence, this is almost $50sgd if I remembered correctly. Seems like it’s on the steeper side. But we all know how expensive essence can get. That’s why people usually just skip it. LOLLL
So if you’re looking for an essence to enhance your routine, I’ll totally recommend this! that’s why until today, I’m still using it. LOLLL

1. Super light weight, non sticky
2. Light floral fragrance
3. Easy application
4. Very sanitised packaging
5. Great enhancer

1. Doesn’t really moisturize skin on it’s own

Yep! that’s all I have to say about this product! If you’ve tried the regular line, not this moisturising line, which is super popular as well, Let me know what are your thoughts on it. Will you recommend it? Which is worth trying? Leave them down in the comments section so I can head down to the shop to get them to try out!

Alright! till the next post! BYE!
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Thursday, 5 April 2018

Review : Skinnymint Teatox WORTH IT?

Hi Everyone!

Ever since i’ve started being in a relationship, which i’m now happily engaged, it’s been a constant weight gain. The scales have only increase and never decreasing. I guess that’s part of being in a relationship and you forget about restrictions LOLLL. So every now and then I’ll try and maintain my weight.
Recently I’ve been about toning and doing cardio, because I’ve came to terms that there’s no point I get a nice but unhealthy body. So i’m not too much about losing weight, more of staying active and eating healthy.

I was pushing myself last night to see how many squats I can do, not many tbh LOLL, and I suddenly thought of the ways I use to try and slim down in the past, and I thought of this and I have to share! So instead of a beauty review today. I’d like to share my thoughts and experience on the Skinnymint Teatox!


Picture source from skinny mint website.

I had many recommendations from friends. Some who are really active and doing sports, and some not so. The review from them is great! and they’ll continue the program.
After hearing such good reviews of course I have to get it too! So i went ahead got 1 one of this 28day Ultimate Teatox set. I have to say.. The delivery for this company is superb. Although it’s an online shop, it comes to your door step like it’s your neighbour. Really fast as compared to many other online stores.

So from the picture above. there’s 2packets of tea. 1 for the morning and 1 for the night.
"The Morning Boost is a uniquely formulated herbal supplement designed to boost energy levels throughout the day and to start your day right"
"The Night Cleanse is a uniquely formulated herbal blend that is designed to naturally cleanse the body*. It is caffeine free, so it is perfect to take in the evening.

Take one Night Cleanse once every alternate night. It contains a natural, gentle herb that has a mild cleansing/laxative effect, so start with a shorter infusion time and work out what's best for your body. It is recommended to consume this product a maximum of 14 times in a month and to take a break between taking the Night Cleanse."

This is the information I got from the website. You can go to the website to find out more about it, if you’re interested.

I brought the day pack to work and drank it diligently throughout the day. Which actually at this moment as i’m typing.. I don’t know if i was suppose to do so, but i did that anyway.
As for the night pack, I left it at home and drank it right before bedtime, since you’re not suppose to consume anything after drinking the tea.

The Taste.

The day tea is good. Fruity light and refreshing
The night tea was little funky, I didn’t really liked it to be honest. I always had to gulp it down as fast as I can if not I wouldn’t have finished it.

Does it work?

The day tea is just suppose to give you a boost of energy and a pick me up throughout the day. Honestly I didn’t felt any difference. I didn’t mind drinking it since it was a nice flavoured tea, but throughout the entire month I didn’t felt like I was more awake or had more energy in me. It was just any other tea I drink. LOL

For the night cleanse. Although it’s awful to drink, but it does something. It cleanse out EVERYTHING  the next morning. It doesn’t only flush out the toxin in your body. It flushes out everything you ate prior to drinking the tea.
In short…. diarrhoea
I did a timer to calculate when it’ll take effect. it varies. but most of the time. 2-3hrs after you wakeup, and it’ll last for about 1.5hrs till you’re fully cleansed.
Actually the night tea works the same as laxatives. The tea has Liquorice Root which is a natural laxative, and there’s a lot of it in it, which makes the tea not so pleasure to me.

So actually in short. This tea is laxative.

I would think that most of their customers are ladies, and ladies have that time of the month. I’m not a person who get affected by cramps or period cramps. I don’t know if it’s cause i don’t have that much pain during my period, or I’m just really good at tolerating pain.
There was once i drank the night tea right before the 1st day of my period. And the next morning, the pain was so unbearable my face turned white, I started having cold shivers and sweat. It was the worst pain I ever felt. it wasn’t even a cramp. It’s just straight up pain. I was in such a bad state that my mother almost brought me to the A&E that morning, but I told her i’ll be fine sleeping it off. The entire pain took yes, about 1.5hrs before it went away. During that 1.5hrs I had to crawl to the toilet before i was so scared I’ll soil my pants. I took a hot bag and lay it on my stomach to make it feel better, but honestly it did nothing. that’s how i knew it wasn’t cramps.
PS. the pain was so bad that I didn’t have strength to push the poop out even though i knew it’ll make me feel better, but it was SO PAINFUL I couldn’t even use my core muscles. it was the worst experienced I’ve experienced with this teatox and I never touched it again.

So would I recommend it? obviously my answer is no. If i had to go through such a pain just to get a slimmer body, then I might as well exercise. muscle aches are not even 1/4 of the pain I experienced that morning.
Also. at the end of the month, I weighted myself. I didn’t even lost must weight. Probably about 1-2kg, which is quite insignificant since I can just gain it back over breakfast/lunch.

So instead of spending the money on this teatox, I’ll recommend to exercise and eat healthy. Healthy meaning less oil less salt less sugar, I think you can achieve losing 1-2kg if not even more within that same month.

Alright, I’m done with this chapter of my life. ready to close and move on! I’ll catch you in the next post!
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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Review : IOPE Super Vital Cream Bio Excellent

Hi Everyone!

Since the start of blogging you probably may have read countless time of me ranting how dry my skin is. Time passed and today, nothing much has changed. still as dry as the sahara desert LOLLL I’ve been in search of good moisturiser to combat the dryness in my skin yet at the same time not make me feel like i’m drowning in moisturiser stickiness.
I’ve tried a lot in the past 2years, and in the next few days, i’ll share some of the moisturisers I’ve tested!
Today’s moisturiser is flown from Korea. I don’t know where you can get it in Singapore or online. I haven’t really went to hunt where we can get it online. This is actually my sister’s product. She went to Korea in 2016 if i didn’t remember wrongly, and the store assistant in Aritaum introduced her to this moisturiser saying it’s their best seller. How best i don’t know. And it’s the IOPE SUPER VITAL CREAM BIO EXCELLENT!
IMG 7094

It’s so atas it comes in Gold and with a spatula! According to my elder sister it’s getting more and more common nowadays if you’re using higher end beauty products. LOL PS. I just went to check the price. it’s almost 100k won.

This is an anti aging cream, which is a lot thicker and richer than normal moisturiser. And yes. it’s CREAM not GEL CREAM.
My sister was telling me that she only used a pea size amount of this on her face every night because it’s so thick and a little goes a long way for her(PS she has oily surface, but dry skin) and she wouldn’t apply it in the day because it’s too thick and humid for Singapore’s weather. And mentioned that it’ll be something that I’ll appreciate for my Sahara Desert Skin. LOLL
That’s how i got to try this product.
The first time I applied it on. I’m not gonna lie. I left my pores getting drown by the cream(even though I didn’t apply much, just a pea size) it feels so suffocating, warm and sticky. As the day passed, I couldn’t take it and went to wash my face.

so the 2nd time round. I tried again with half the amount i used. it’s GOOD! I noticed throughout the day my skin remains radiant and there’s hardly any visible fine lines at the end of the day. It is a lot more light weight than when I first used it. However, that initial stuffy feeling is still there for the first probably 10mins. Once the product is more or less absorbed(don’t over apply) it’s feels quite comfortable on the skin.
IMG 7096

IMG 7097

Yup this is the amount you apply on your whole face. Don’t apply more than this. You’ve been warned! LOLL
IMG 7098

Little does really goes a long way.
IMG 7099

I gave up trying to pat the product in. so the remaining which didn’t get absorbed i applied it on my other hand LOL.

Can you see the lower part of my hand glowing? That’s how your face will look like for the entire day!
Bonus point! it makes your skin feel like baby’s skin! SOOOO soft!!!

There is a little floral scent to it. Which I didn’t mind, So you might wanna check out in stores to see if it’s acceptable for you.

1. A little last a long way
2. Achieves Anti Aging Claims
3. Leaves Skin feeling soft and elastic (like baby’s skin)
4. Nice Floral Scent

1. Not cheap
2. Not readily available in Singapore
3. need to be careful with the amount you apply

I’ll definitely recommend this product. Especially as a night cream. Just apply and go to bed don’t think about it. LOLLL sometimes when i’m in a hurry, I will apply little too much. Sometimes it bothers me, sometimes it doesn’t. So if you’re always in the hurry in the morning, I’ll recommend you apply this at night, then get another moisturiser which is light weight and not as thick to apply in the day.(:

If you’re tried this product, let me know your thoughts on it! will you recommend this too? what other favourites you have! recommend them to me!! (:

Till next post! BYE!!!!
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Tuesday, 3 April 2018


Hi Everyone, 

The last time i actually sat down a did reviews regularly was 3years ago! I didn’t even noticed it! time has really flew passed! after all these drama, I’ve managed to get on my feet and stay somewhat positive. LOLL I realise drama and negativity don’t really go away, they linger at the darkest corner of your life ready to pop out and give you a jump scare! you just need to be brave and pluck up the courage to move on and not get affected by it too much.


So now that i’m not that down anymore, i thought its a good time to start blogging again! trying out makeup, skincare products have always been my passion. And accordingly to xm, I’m so passionate about it, I become very good at it and makeup/skincare and i makes it whole. People come and ask me from time to time which i felt is worth buying and trying even though i’ve stopped blogging for such a long time. 


I wanted to kick start blogging with a review, but i sat here for 30mins not knowing how i should start blogging. So i thought i shall do a casual “intro” post so i don’t have to do any explaining or… i don’t know.. to why i’ve been gone since dec 2017 again LOL I know i don’t have to give any explanation, but i just felt oblige to, like there’s someone waiting for me to comeback, which probably there isn’t right LOLLL. If there so happen to be one.. HELLOOOO!!!!!


Alright, I’ll stop here! See you in the next post very soon!( ps. i’m gonna start writing it once i get my lunch settled!) Meanwhile! head over to my instagram! i’m trying to be active on it. LOLLL


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Sunday, 3 December 2017


Hi Everyone, (if anyone is even reading LOL)

it’s been a while!

It’s been almost 1.5 years since i posted on this blog.

Many things have happened.. Mainly the pups(more like old man) business. Domo injured himself somewhere in April this year, and everything just went downhill for both of them. From just an injured limp(which we thought an easy procedure without surgery can be done) to a major surgery that require him at least 6months to heal, and in the midst of healing, his stomach had some issue due to the amount of medication he had to take for his injured limp and then the surgery, and lastly both of them had to undergo scaling just over the past month for periodontal disease prevention.

But on the good note. At least they’re now good and running around without feeling pain/discomfort/suffering.

2017 has be hell of a negative emotional ride. Training my mental health constantly every single day. When i thought things were getting better, something negative decides hit me again. TBH, i’m never a fighter, well i never consider and felt like one before. So I’ve no idea now i managed to overcome all these in 2017, not just the dogs but other personal, and work stuff as well. But there’s one thing that i learnt from it all, when things around you take a down turn, don’t overwhelm yourself with the negativity that surrounds you. take it easy, clear your mind and take it one thing at a time, day by day. All these negativity is temporary, and won’t last forever. If you have a solution to change things around, then do it! If it’s something that’s not within your control, just do your best everyday and it’ll slowly get better. I don’t even know if this is the right way to handle these, but at least it kinda help me go through the tough period.


I haven’t been posting much in 2016 as well, that’s because I was going through a quarter life crisis. I’m seeing people around me finding what they want in life and excelling(and not as well) in the field. Yet i’m still stuck no where. Feels like i’m in the middle of the sea holding on to a log trying to find a ship to board and safe myself. I have a full time job, but i don’t know it it’s what i want to do for the rest of my life, or do i want a career change, or…. To put it short, it’s just I don’t know what i want in life. I don’t know if what I’m doing is right for me, am i happy doing it or not. Don’t get me wrong, I love blogging, I love sharing with you my thoughts on stuff i’ve been trying out, I even made a YouTube Channel and videos. It’s something i’m genuinely interested about. It’s really just a hobby. But living in Singapore hobby/interest as your career isn’t an easy path. I have friends that wants to do what they love for their living, but very often the job that brings them joy can’t fill their rice bowl, and they have to find another alternative to fill their rice bowl, juggling many roles/job and a time, exhausting them mentally and physically. I don’t know if they’re happy doing it, but i am really envious of them having the courage to pursue their dreams no matter how hard life is choosing this path. Well for me, I have many interest, so i kinda don’t know what i wanna do in life. I love my dogs, which is the main reason why i love animals so much. I want to do something related in the animal welfare/well being field. Yet at the same time I’m interested in makeup fashion etc. And also part of me really like doing business. So it made me really struggle bit when i fell into this crisis, because i feel i don’t know what i want in life. But after much thought and calming down, I realise that it’s just I can’t find a middle ground where i can accommodate and do everything that I like together. Actually till today I still haven’t found a middle ground to it. HAHAHHAHAHA

I’ve been going through this “crisis” that most of the time i’m just unhappy and not in the mood of doing anything else out of the routine so i i don’t have to feel so vexed. I stopped blogging. i don’t want blogging to feel like a chore and an unhappy place as well. I’ve always tried my best to keep unhappy and depressing things out of the blog when i post, mainly because i just don’t like looking at sad stuff when i look back. I wanna see and remember the good ones, and at that point, i kinda couldn’t bring myself to post.


This entire 2017 thought me a lot. And the main take away is to take things one at a time, day by day. So i’ve decided that I’m gonna revive this blog. Post anything and everything like how i use to, maybe not everyday, but as often as i can, though i’d really like to go back to posting everyday, but no stress. Don’t want to make it seem like i’m making blogging a chore. If i can I’ll post more, but if not i’ll post when i can.

If you have any request, be it the dogs, makeup, skincare or anything.. really… Just let me know and I’ll write a post and let you know my views on it. Don’t ask me life advices HAHAH, because I’m not even sure if i can give a legit/ good help to you HAHAHAH I will also do up a post on what exactly happen to Domo when i’m ready to talk about it. Mainly because when i was going through the entire drama with Domo, most of the time I felt that I’m alone, and no one to turn to or anyone or anyone who can relate to what i’m going through and the decisions I have to make. There are so many unanswered worries prior to post recovery that I was unsure about and also mainly Domo’s well being and life after recovery. I know there’s bound to be someone out there, maybe even as i’m typing this post, feeling so helpless, uncertain and despair over the exact same method as what i’ve been though. So I’ll gather up and sort out all my emotions, and when i’m ready to talk about it, I’ll share into details what happened to Domo, what we did, and how we helped him recover from it. BTW he’s doing well, we’re done going back to the vet for good until the next annual vaccination. if you’re wondering what he’s doing now, it’s 7am and he’s sleeping on the bed beside me as I’m typing and tell you about him LOL totally oblivious about us talking about him HAHAHA! As for Ozzy, he’s also sleeping very comfortably with his 4 little legs up in the air like nothing’s gonna wake him up. oh.. Ozzy, he’s been a great emotional support for Domo and I this year. LOL So considerate and giving towards the both of us. I don’t even know if he knows it. LOL


Alright this post is getting little lengthy, and I want to go back and sleep in for another 2hrs before we start out day.  So i’ll see you in my next post!

Sign offA

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Review : Garnier Fructis Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a long while! it really has!
I’ll update about my life again in another post (maybe since there’s really nothing interesting), as for today, as you can see from the title above, I’m gonna do a review on one of my new purchases.

IMG 6637

Garnier Fructis Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner

Someone asked on Garner Singapore’s FB page regarding this range and they mentioned that they don’t carry it. So I’m guessing you can’t get this product in Guardian/Watsons or any major super and hyper markets.
I got mine at Venus, kinda like a beauty wholesale.

I’ve been using this product for almost 2months now, and so far I’m loving it. I’ve been washing my hair every other day before using this range. Ever since I’ve started using this, I’ve been washing my hair everyday. This product is to deep condition and give really smooth and sleek shiny hair, and it also contains organ oil. From my experience, if I skipped one day of not washing my hair, my scalp will feel really itchy/dirty and really uncomfortable. I usually won’t even wanna touch it if i didn’t get it clean.

But that’s probably the only con I have for this range.

Let’s start off with the shampoo.

IMG 6640

I don’t know if you can see from the photo. The shampoo comes in a transparent thick liquid. Kind of made me think of the kids glue we use when in Primary School.
Comparing this with many other shampoos I’ve used, I find this shampoo pretty runny to work with. When I just started using, lots of product flow out from the bottle since I didn’t know how to control it and my entire head becomes extremely foaming and soapy. But after working with it for a period of time, I kinda manage to estimate how much I really needed!

If you have shoulder length hair and really like the shiny, smooth sleek feeling. I think just by using this shampoo will do the trick. Just with the shampoo alone, I notice my hair feeling softer and smoother after wash.

Because my hair length is around my chest area, I follow up with the conditioner after rinsing the shampoo out.
IMG 6641

The conditioner is a lot thicker and much harder to pump out of the tube. It’s like a hair mask texture. To me, it doesn’t feel light weight like how other conditioners feel. This conditioner actually feels more like a hybrid between hair mask and conditioner. It is easy to work into the hair, and I usually just leave in on and wash my face, brush my teeth and wash the rest of my body before rinsing it.

The pairing of both this products together revived my almost dead looking hair.
Recently I’ve decided that I don’t really want permed hair anymore. I want to start taking better care of my hair and made sure that the glow comes back.
My hair feels kinda dead before using this range. There’s always tangles in the hair and it just didn’t feel good. but after using this product, the problem is pretty much gone! Remember how i used argan oil after showering to tame those tangles in my hair. Now I don’t really need it. Adding argan oil on my hair when I step out of the shower makes my hair looks even shiner and healthier. I don’t have any problems with tangled hair anymore. I’m thinking it has to be the ingredients used in it
IMG 6639

There already is Argan Oil in both the Shampoo and Conditioner!

I’ll definitely recommend this! Especially for those who have frizzy hair! well.. I don’t really have crazy frizzy hair. But I have tons of baby hair sticking through. It helped with the taming of it. But now my hair seems bit lack of volume. It’s a give and take I guess??

I don’t recommend this to people who has only skin/scalp. I think this product may really clog your pores and create some breakout! not sure about it, but I’m guessing it will!
If you need recommendations on hair care routine for oily scalp or deep cleansing routine check out my video below! (yes i’m trying to make videos now)

For all of you who are wondering, this range retails for $6.50-$6.90 each at Venus Beauty.

Happy showering!
IMG 6642

And I’ll see you in the next post!

Sign offA
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