Tuesday, 3 April 2018


Hi Everyone, 

The last time i actually sat down a did reviews regularly was 3years ago! I didn’t even noticed it! time has really flew passed! after all these drama, I’ve managed to get on my feet and stay somewhat positive. LOLL I realise drama and negativity don’t really go away, they linger at the darkest corner of your life ready to pop out and give you a jump scare! you just need to be brave and pluck up the courage to move on and not get affected by it too much.


So now that i’m not that down anymore, i thought its a good time to start blogging again! trying out makeup, skincare products have always been my passion. And accordingly to xm, I’m so passionate about it, I become very good at it and makeup/skincare and i makes it whole. People come and ask me from time to time which i felt is worth buying and trying even though i’ve stopped blogging for such a long time. 


I wanted to kick start blogging with a review, but i sat here for 30mins not knowing how i should start blogging. So i thought i shall do a casual “intro” post so i don’t have to do any explaining or… i don’t know.. to why i’ve been gone since dec 2017 again LOL I know i don’t have to give any explanation, but i just felt oblige to, like there’s someone waiting for me to comeback, which probably there isn’t right LOLLL. If there so happen to be one.. HELLOOOO!!!!!


Alright, I’ll stop here! See you in the next post very soon!( ps. i’m gonna start writing it once i get my lunch settled!) Meanwhile! head over to my instagram! i’m trying to be active on it. LOLLL


Sign offA

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