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Domo's Injury

Hi Everyone,
Till today I’m still not very comfortable talking about Domo’s experience in 2017. Never did I planned to talked about it at all. So I never made a point to take any photos to keep for memory sake. Usually photos I took of Domo in 2017 are happy photos something when I look back and I see Domo’s fighter spirit. I have some pictures with me today that I roughly looked through my phone. So let’s see them!(:

20170810 223505

This is Domo during the First few days out of the surgery. He’s so drugged out the first 5days of the surgery, but we were allowed to bring him home the day after the surgery because he’s doing better than expected as compared. But he was so drugged out for the next 5days due the the morphine that was given to him to help him cope with the pain better.

We were suppose to encourage him to walk around as much as he’s willing to so that the recovery can be better. For those who are curious, Domo did a FHO surgery. You can google on that to find out more. It hurts me so badly having to relive that moment again. So pain relieving medication is a must for the first 5-6days post op.

We got a crate for him when he injured himself because we were advised to keep him in an enclosed area, we didn’t wanna make him feel like he has no space to move around so we got the largest one we could find in the store. It was big enough for a dog bigger than domo, but it works for him too LOLL at least he can walk a few steps and move around the crate not feeling bored but at the same time stay safe in the doctor’s terms.

After the operation, we just need to make sure he doesn’t run, doesn’t jump, doesn’t get excited and move aggressively and also not fall and injured himself to delay the process of recovery. So when I’m at work, I kept him in the crate and come back every 3-4hrs to let him out to take a pee break and walk around to breathe some fresh air. When I’m back from work., Domo is out from the cage free to walk around under my tight watch. I didn’t wanna crate him when I go to sleep, so when domo is out from the crate,through his recovery, I put the harness on him together with the leash. so at any point in time he will be near me, safe and sound. Even when we’re fast asleep. I felt that was way better than keeping him in the crate all the time. at least he has more space to move around and walk around. even when he sleeps, it doesn’t have to be like he’s kept somewhere to sleep even though people tell me dogs like being closed in a crate(whatttt???? LOL)

20170822 001253

That’s him first 5days post ops. you can see his shaved limps. That’s the area where he had the surgery done. he wanted to be with us, so a lot of time when he’s not wanting to move around, we’ll just carry him like this and he’ll fall asleep for a long time. & as you can see, my sister fell asleep as well LOLL
20170817 173323

As time passes, his recovery got a lot better! he’s doing so well, but he has stomach issue due to the amount of pain killers he was put through. His stomach couldn’t take it. During those period I’ll sleep with him on the floor like the picture above, so when his stomach starts getting gassy(which is common for them with stomach issue) i can give him a rub/massage to make him feel better and hopefully let the gas out. Sometimes he’ll wakeup in the middle of the night gagging because it’s making him feel uncomfortable. So I find it better to sleep on the floor with him, so he can walk around in the middle of the night if he’s uncomfortable and be safe and I can know immediately that he’s up.
We had to go back 2weeks after the surgery for the review to determine if domo is well enough to start hydrotherapy.
The vet we went to recommended us to bring domo for hydrotherapy cos he’s easier on the limps but still helps with building muscle and help the limps cope better while exercising. I’m not sure if it’s compulsory to do hydrotherapy after this surgery, but we were swimming domo before we even had the surgery done(basically trying every means we can to avoid the surgery but unfortunately..) so we just needed the green light to be back doing hydrotherapy.

And here’s domo during one of his hydrotherapy sessions.
IMG 20171104 193558 260

IMG 20171104 193600 642

IMG 20171104 193603 594

IMG 20171104 193605 808

Domo’s doing his best at the therapy session every week and is always so tired after it, which really helped a lot with his recovery. I really have to thank the therapist Doris and Anna for helping me with domo every week, and also sharing with me all the knowledge they know to help with domo’s case. Not only for domo, but ozzy as well. Although ozzy is not their concern, but because i had to bring ozzy along while domo was getting his therapy they mingled with him too! and they then told me that ozzy should start doing some swimming which will be good for him in the future as they notice that ozzy is getting alittle old and there’s very early signs of arthritis, signs that are very vague that because they had a lot of knowledge working with very senior dogs they noticed it in ozzy. So they said that getting him to swim once a week will also help ozzy cope better as he age and the limps will be able to be more agile and deteriorate slower. So we went to the public pool at the pet farm either before or after domo’s therapy since ozzy don’t need to be on therapy urgently yet.

PS. it was too much for me to handle so I stopped writing over the weekend to calm my mind down. Hence this post didn’t go up on Saturday, now i’m ready to continue this.

Domo was doing very well with his limps and by November 2017 he was fully recovered and didn’t need to go back for any more review be it his stomach or his legs. Early this year we noticed that he was having some aggression towards other dogs which he never had in the past, we felt maybe it’s cos whenever he’s at the pool he’s always so tired and weak, and when the other dogs came to him, he didn’t really have the strength/energy to “protect” himself, not that he needed also la. LOLL So decided to stop his sessions at the therapy centre and try swimming him ourselves, since he has already totally recovered, so he can be around dogs and not be aggressive. The first few moments are pretty intense because domo triggers oozy’s aggression as well. but the owners there were very nice and friendly, half of which we already know since ozzy is swimming there, so they we re quite helpful and supportive to help us with mingling ozzy and domo with their dogs. most of them didn’t mind ozzy and domo attacking their dogs and even made sure that theirs don’t reciprocate when i’m teaching mine to not be aggressive, and today ozzy and domo is good with most of the dogs they meet.
IMG 20180107 WA0006

IMG 20180107 WA0004

IMG 20180107 WA0005

IMG 20180107 WA0007

IMG 20180107 WA0008

I’m really glad we had a happy closure to 2017, and things are still looking positive in 2018! keeping my fingers cross that they both stay at healthy as they can be!

Throughout 2017 there’s 2 main group of people I’ll need to thank.
First of all, Dr Tsai & team from The Animal Doctors. I don’t know if our first visit we were put to her because they knew our condition, or we were just lucky. Throughout Domo’s treatment Dr Tsai handled everything personally, i even remembered one day she was already off from work, but because we came in due to domo’s stomach issue, she still came out personally to attend to him. Even for his surgery, she stayed till 1am in the morning to ensure domo was well before heading knocking off. Not forgetting the great team they have there. Domo’s not the easiest dog to work with, I have been taking care of him since young I know how much of a handful he can be when he’s not cooperative. More often than not he’s not willing to cooperate with the nurses there, making their job even harder since they had to ensure his safety. They were always patient with him and showing him so much love everywhere he’s there. We went in unannounced one day, and one of the nurses came out casually saw domo and asked what happen to domo. They actually remembered him! There was another who called domo Champion. I don’t know if he was fighting them so much that’s their nickname for him, or because he’s a fighter recovering and getting better. I’m also not the most patient and nicest client to work with. I’m always getting paranoid and scared over the lamest thing always give them calls to check and make sure. Thinking back, if i were them, i’ll probably not wanna entertain myself. LOLL but they’re always patiently answering everything i ask the best they can. So i really appreciate their service and help throughout the year.
If you’re looking for a vet to bring your animals for check up! please give them a go, they may not be the most established vet around, but they really put their heart and soul to help the pets. Ozzy and Domo have been seeing them since young. LOL
Here’s their link

The 2nd group of people I really really need to thank are Anna, Doris and Ranju from Hydro Paw Plus. Anna was actually the one that comforted me and tell me that everything will be fine after the surgery. We didn’t had a choice but to choose the surgery, at that moment we really didn’t know anyone that could give us a good piece of advice. So i called Anna and asked for hers. She’s been working with rehabilitating dogs after many different kinds for limp injury. From fitness swims to total paralysed. One of her more common patients are FHO surgery patients whom she work with very often also. So she really helped me a lot by reassuring me that domo is gonna be fine, and how to take care of domo after the surgery before going to her(mainly that 2weeks). What Anna shared with me was very detailed post care, so detailed even what kind of mats i can get and where i can get the cheapest to help domo walk around better and more comfortable. Honestly if Anna didn’t helped me so much at the start, I wouldn’t know if i’ll be able to take care of domo so well. Also Doris for always showing domo so much love during our sessions there. domo is such a handful and never worked with her. But Doris really made domo improve so much and recover so much faster. I mean come on, it’s domo. He gave people at the vet such a hard time, he wouldn’t have gave Doris an easy time, especially with me around, it’s only gonna get worse. But Doris really did well with him with LOTS of patience man. Me as his owner, i don’t even know if i can be half as patient as she was LOLLL. Lastly, Ranju. Oh my Ranju, how i’ve taken her for granted for what she did for domo in the first session. Range’s skills of cleaning domo up before returning to us really puts my heart and mind at ease. Top notch skills she has there. She remembers every dog’s temperament! no joke. she remembers domo hated the blower’s sound, she knows domo will jump off anything. So she take extra precaution when cleaning domo up. I noticed for other dogs she does the same also, if this dog has a skin condition or some sort, she’ll remember this dog has a special shampoo that they will have to use. or this dog has to be carried a certain way when cleaning. Every time i see her she’s always soaked even though she has an apron to keep her from getting soaked. but because she uses the method the pet is most comfortable she made herself soaked when she didn’t have to. A+ for the effort everyone at hydropaw plus puts in man!
If you’re looking for Hydro therapy for your dogs you can visit them here!

Alright I’m glad I took that break and manage to end this post on a happy note. I’m really glad I was able to meet these people and the people after that during domo’s recovery every single person we met makes our heart feels so warm, even till yesterday while at the pool, people there were so sweet with them(: <3
Alright i’ll end here. It’s getting too lengthy. LOLL before i end off, let me show you my exhausted face with domo every weekend LOLL I need to claim some credit for doing something LOLLL!!!! maybe i didn’t really do that much la. i just wanna claim LOLL
IMG 20180303 WA0004

OHHHH last one!! domo met his parents after 7years! family shot before i end~
IMG 20171231 WA0003

Domo, Daddy & Mummy LOLLLL

ok i’m really ending! i’ll see you in the next post!!
Sign offA

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