Monday, 9 November 2015

Everyday Simple Makeup Routine For Work

Every morning I wake up feeling so lazy to run through my makeup area to find which kind of makeup to put on and a lot of times because of that I decided to give up trying to put on makeup to work. So I actually stop wearing make up because of the laziness I experience every morning, I think I actually went without makeup for a good 3months! People usually feel more confident with their skin at this point. I just felt normal, I guess it’s probably because I never really felt inferior about my skin prior to not wearing makeup. But at the same time, I didn’t feel an extra boost of confidence because I always felt not putting on alittle makeup actually makes me look more tired and listless. which I can’t deny it’s true given my horrid sleeping habits. HAHAHA

Recently hacks videos are super popular on YouTube and I came across a Morning Hack Video. Can’t remember who actually made that video but they actually mention something that i knew but always left out and not do at all.
Which is to keep the makeup I wanna use in the morning in a bag to save time.

And so i tried it on night, and save to say.. I’ve been more hardworking on putting makeup than before. LOL!

So here’s a peek on what I wear everyday, and also my super fast 5min super rush makeup routine!
IMG 5728

I keep all the makeup in this bag, got it free from DMK, and I use this because it’s small and compact. I can just throw it into my bag if i’m in a rush. It barely weights much to feel something extra is in my bag. And most importantly! it’s too small to even over pack!!

IMG 5729

It needs some rearranging for it to totally fit in the pouch. but this will work. LOL!
IMG 5731

These are pretty much my staples for everyday. I usually switch up the lip stain pretty often. Usually i’ll go for a more pinky nude shade. But just that day I was feeling something more red. which explains that. LOL!.

Seems like a lot of product. But on days where I only have less than 5mins to put on makeup, I’ll skip some of them. e.g. eyeliner and all

Actually I don’t really remember what I used that day. It was take like a week or 2 ago. So~~ yea. LOL!
IMG 5727

Before any makeup, just after my skincare routine.
I was and still am experiencing those comedone outbreak around my face.not sure if you can see it clearly. I was at Sephora finding for something that’ll make the bumps on my face go away, the lady there actually told me for my case I’ll have to seek professional help and go for facial. I don’t feel that it was a serious problem, so.. I’m now trying to use scrubs and exfoliant with mask to try and lessen the problem.
IMG 5735

Ahhh~~ I thought I skipped eyeliner. But I remembered I went for a really thin eyeliner look to like I had fuller yea. I’m not really good at lower liner, so usually when i’m in a hurry I’ll just skip it.

And also!! recently I’ve learn the technique of filling in brows. so i’m been doing it really often! and YES!!! i’m getting the hang of it!
Really in love with filling in my brows! makes my brows look so full!! I LOVE!!!!

Yea this is usually how i look. Eyeshadow and all are just too time consuming. LOL! so I’ll skip them. I’ll usually only put eyeshadow if I have at least 30mins to prep. LOL.

Yea that’s pretty much what i usually wear everyday. just a different lip and maybe with/without eyeliner and mascara. LOL.

My aim for this bag is just to make myself look less tired and more even skin tone. So eyeliner and mascara don’t really matter to me. LOL although it will not make me look as awake as I wanted. But it makes a little difference with the BB cushion, so I’m satisfied.HAHAHAH

Alright, I guess I’ll stop here for now! I’ll speak to you in the next post!

Thanks for reading!
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