Sunday, 30 August 2015

Dairy : Last 2 Days of August

Soon it’ll be September~ Don’t know where all the time went.

xm have been having weekend lessons for 2months now. And in few more days time he’ll be starting proper school, which means school one weekdays and weekends.

Most of me am dreading for this day to come.but if not now when? and it’s something we have to go through at any point of time in our life~ so.. I just have to suck it up. LOL!

so this weekend is actually the official start of the many many weekends i’ve to spend alone. so me trying very hard to stay positive and not think of negativity~ here’s how i started saturday~

20150829 094239

Not a very clear photo though. Was intending to post it on insta. But after finish 2 of the pancakes I realise the photo is little blur. TOO LATE FOR A RETAKE!

So I woke up around 7am, since that’s the time i usually wakes up in the morning. and usually at this time I’ll be rushing for something. I’ll have something to do. Yesterday, it just felt very aimless. Feels like there’s a lot of time and I didn’t had to wake up so early.

Came down and decided to make a nicer breakfast for myself. So I looked through the cabinet and found some pancake mix and made the above.

IMG 5491

Soo all that you need is 1 cup of pancake flour and 3/4cups of water. mix it well and it’s ready to grill on the pan.

The tea i had was just Lipton Yellow Tea Bag with 2teaspoon of condensed milk, Easy Peasy.

After having one of the 3 Pancakes I was bloated! totally bloated. didn’t had lunch after that. Made good use of the time and decided to take some photos for reviews!

Feels like I took a lot. but came to think about it, there doesn’t seem to be much. HAHA Maybe I chilled too much

Set up my camera and we’re ready to roll

IMG 5494

Yea and my not so neat closet. HAHA

IMG 5496

Work station for the day. Seems neat but within secs the entire area is a mess!
Had a book there, to entertain myself when i wanna take a break, but didn’t ended up reading it, instead ended up watching YouTube videos. LOL!

Not too sure why recently there’s so many mosquito. Everyone in the family are all bitten by them, so at night we burnt the mosquito coil to get rid of the mosquito. But the scent is stinks a little when it’s been lingering for the entire day. So I had to light up the candle to cover it.

IMG 5543

This is the candle i’m using.
It’s Love & Sunshine from Bath and Body Works. Love how floral and citrusy it smells. Totally refreshes the entire room. After blowing out the candle, there’s this candle being blown out scent. LOL!

Later in the after when my parents are back, I decided to head down and join them in the living room.

IMG 5486

Chilling before we go on our routine walks. HAHAHHA

came back from our evening walk to mum’s cooked dinner

20150829 190903

Vegetarian Chicken Rice.

It’s comfort food for both xm and I, especially mum’s cooking. This is nice on it’s on, but it’s even better when you add the chilli sauce that my mum made. SUPER YUMMY! Had 2 plates of this that night! No wonder I can never slim down. LOL!

Went over to grandpa’s place to visit him, and that pretty much sums up my Saturday.

Today was an even more chilled day. Woke up had tea and watch YouTube Videos until lunch time. Had lunch and started taking more photos for a post, and yes back to watching YouTube video until last in the afternoon brought ozzy and domo walk their walks before I bathed them. And the day ended. LOL!

Why does my day sounds so sad today! LOL!
I use to love this kind of day! I’m still loving it, but it feels so aimless!

I guess i’m just not use to having no aim in a day. NOOOOO~~~~ need to learn how to relax!

Yea that sums up my weekends. HAHA

I’ll think of more things to do next week, if not i’ll get really bored in few weeks time!

Let me end with a photo of us.

20150822 130447

See you in the next post!
Thanks for reading!

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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Sample Size Saturday : Skin Food Grape Seed Oil Body Shower Gel

I was looking at my drawer and I realised I was gifted many samples to test out, and up till now all I did was to store them away. So, I’m gonna get to trying them out and sharing my experience with you! Hence the Birth of Sample Size Saturday. LOL!

PS. Usually if i’m not interested in the sample,which i’ve mindlessly stash them away in the drawer, I had never heard any reviews, rave or anything to even gain interest in them, so I thought this is gonna be a really interesting series of posts to share as I wouldn’t have a “check list” to take note of. instead all opinions is based on what i’ve tried out of the packet.

So let’s get started~

IMG 5497

IMG 5499

IMG 5500

I saw the full size item in their store recently and I thought it looks really cute for something you use in a shower, but it didn’t really catch my eyes to wanna try them.

Picture from Skinfood

This is the description on the website. I never seen it on the packaging so i thought I might as well just include this it.

This refreshing body shower gel containing grape seed oil rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids, provides deep cleansing down to pores, while making skin resilient, smooth, and moist.

So this is what came out of the sample pack
IMG 5544

IMG 5546

Not sure if you spot them, the darker beads you see one the right are the jojoba beads(?) It’s like beads you can find in a scrub? there’s very few of them, and it’s really big considering it’s for scrub.

There’s also shimmers in the shower gel, if you spot white spots in the photo above, that’s the shimmers that they have in it.

The consistency of the product is really very thick, which is feel this amount will be enough for the entire body, and too much just on the hands and arms. The entire sachet is more than enough for one use. If you use it sparingly, maybe you can use it for the 2nd or 3rd use? I’ve gotta say, it’s a pretty generous sample pack.

IMG 5548

Maybe because it’s a gel? and the consistency of it is really thick, it doesn’t foam up as well as I expected. It actually lathers up to a thick white cream. Your body sure have to be well soaked for this product to work.
I noticed on areas where there isn’t much water, the product tends to cling at that area. But we all know that’s how all shower foams are.

Since they said it’s a shower gel and not a foam, I guess I shouldn’t have expected bubbles and foam to be formed on my body. HAHAHA

I was expecting a grape scent I guess? but this smells nothing like grapes. It smells hmmm. mostly like soap and something sweet. Something between flowers and fruits. But nothing near grapes.

I wouldn’t say it’s a bad scent, in fact I quite enjoy the scent it gives out. This is not too overpowering like some other shower foam I’ve use. Yet the scent subtly lingers on for hours. I’ve showered at 12noon earlier and it’s almost 5pm now. Did some work and sweat out little, and the scent is still lingering around.

The scrub that was observed earlier, it didn’t go away or melt into the skin. it’s like.. It’s just there the entire time until I rinse my body. Because it’s so few of them in the product, it doesn’t really do much in the scrubbing department. So I’m actually not too sure what are those bits there for.

After rinsing my body, I felt there was layer of something. It’s not a bad feeling, but you know it’s there. I’m guessing it’s the grape seed oil? but it’s oily at all. It doesn’t make you feel that your body is not clean. it’s just feels like there is a layer of something, which can possibly pass of as “Maybe this is the moisturiser to help moisture my skin better” feeling.

My skin instantly felt smoother and softer. My heels are not dry and scratchy. Usually when i run my heels on the blanket, the dry area actually catches some loose silk on the blanket and you can totally feel it. But just now, I unknowingly run heels down the blanket, I felt unusual. MY HEELS GLIDED OFF THE BLANKET! after using this only for once, it actually makes my heels feel more moisturised! Now, 5hrs after using this, the heels are getting back to picking up little of the feeling again, but it’s just a little. Not like now it usually is. So I guess if i added lotion after showering with this products, the effect will be better. but for now, I’m satisfied.

I feel my limps are more moisturised as compared to when i shower and not add any lotion after.
My skin doesn’t flake into powdery/chalky feeling when i rub them. It actually feels quite clean~
Although it doesn’t lather up like how I wanted it, but i guess it does a good job at keeping them clean!

I didn’t like the idea that the layer of something something left behind was felt under my arm. As you all know, I struggled with BO when I was young and occasionally now. having to feel something that is not deodorant under my arms makes me really insecure. But since i’m at home all day, i’ve decided to skip deodorant and see if this will produce BO. After 5hrs, I noticed abit of it, but I had to rub my hands real rough to get it. So I it’s ok for now. But I’m not too sure I’ll go out without a deodorant when i’m using this. I’ll probably apply just in case. Since it didn’t prevented it totally.

Yea this is pretty much what I’ve experienced so far.

Will I purchase the full size?

Just went to google the price of this.. WOW!
It’s SGD$14.00 for a bottle of 260ml.!For the amount product you get in the full size, it’s more expensive that what you can get from the drugstore. But I guess I’ll get the full size for days I wanna pamper myself, yet don’t have the time to? they have another 2 more body product in that line which i’ve never tried. And i realise my sister has the emulsion of that line, maybe i’ll try it one day and share my thoughts on them. But for now I will not purchase this item as something I’ll use daily, due the price.
If your budget avail, and you’re totally into luxurious body products, it’s worth getting to try out. But for me, $14.00 for 260ml, is a little too luxurious for my bank account to handle if I fall in love with it! So I guess for now I won’t get it. I’ll wait till the day where I feel my body needs pampering due to the crazy schedule I have to face everyday. But until then. I’ll resist the urge to get it. HAHA

Alright, that's the end & I’ll see you in the next post!
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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Review : Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion

It’s that time of the month

no.. not THAT time of the month. LOL! it’s the time of the month where my legs itch like crazy.

IMG 5468

Can you see those rashes?
This was taken 2days ago. I was trying my best to resist the temptation to scratch. This is just day1. resisting temptation isn’t really my forte. and by last night. i’ve successfully scratched my skin to the extend I feel pain while bathing.

IMG 5477

Can you see redness going on on the cuffs.
I just had a bath and it’s hurting. It’s not to the extend it’s bleeding yet.But aint nobody waiting for it to move on to that stage!

This is what i use when I need to stop the itching
IMG 5463

IMG 5465

IMG 5466

I realise there isn’t a need/point for me to summarise what it says on the products since there’s pictures.

I’m not too sure why all i find over the internet is the tube version and I have this. But i got mine from Guardian and Watsons. So it can’t be imitation.PS. I have it in the tube version too.

Not too sure if i mentioned it before, but my skin breaks out into rashes like crazy when i’m in a colder country. like when it’s 20degree celsius or lower.
I haven’t been to the doctor or anything to find out why. because i didn’t felt that it was a serious problem. So i just lived with it. The rashes/breakout will disappear within a week after I return home anyway.

When this product got released, they were sending out samples of this and their cleanser. Knowing that Cetaphil is very suitable for people with sensitive/problematic skin, I decided to give it a go, take the risk, and only bring this along with me on the trip which was just a week later.

Maybe because I didn’t apply enough, I still had breakout/rashes. But it was better. So I was thinking, this may really help me with future trip! So i went to get the full size tube(PS The sample is only enough to use a week if you use it very sparingly, so if it’s like how i’m normally using it, 4times and you’re out of it).

And the brought then full size tube along on my next trip and apply it like how i usually apply moisturiser.
I’ve got to say. it’s not the nicest feeling to have such thick moisturizer on. But the cold weather made it felt better. The only annoying thing is my face felt unbearably sticky. So i had to powder my face quite bit or changed my entire makeup to suit oily skin.

BUT!!! it works!!! from then on, every time i go on trips, I’ll make sure to use this and the rashes and breakouts are kept well under control.

After I started working, I get rashes on my legs and They’re always mega itchy a week after i epilate my legs. I don’t know why. Maybe because i’m always in cold environments?Since it never occurs when i epilate my legs while schooling.

Yea then one day I remember this product works for my face, and since it’s also body moisturiser, I just spammed it on my legs where it itches. and sure enough IT WORKS!

IMG 5479

Who knows I’m capable at taking a handselfie too HAHAHAH!

IMG 5480

I just focused on the area that is itchy and spread to the rest of my legs if there’s excess.
then follow up with my daily moisturiser on the areas that don’t itch.
IMG 5481

This is how it looks like before i apply my daily moisturiser.

I don’t apply this on my legs everyday, since it isn’t really necessary. I only apply this to stop the itch.
But i use this on my face everyday. Just to prevent it from breaking out due to the weather & the room while sleeping.

One thing for sure. I will not apply this in the day in Singapore. the face is gonna feel soo stuffy, oily and sticky for the entire day. & who likes this feeling? no one. Well at least not me~

In terms of hydrating, it really works. I have relatively dry cheeks. Sleeping in the air-conditioned room makes things worse. If my moisturiser isn’t hydrating enough, even if i have a sleeping mask on, my face will feel tight and dry in the morning. You know how some people tell you they’ll just skip moisturiser since sleeping mask works well enough. Well if i’m only applying sleeping mask without moisturiser, it doesn’t work as well. sigh.. the struggles real.

So the only way (for now) is to use all very moisturising/hydrating skincare at night and top everything off with this lotion then sleeping mask. And when i wake up the next day, there is no tightness around my cheeks. This also leaves my face feeling soft, smooth and bouncy.
If you know a better way let me know!!! I’ll be more than willing to try it out!

Alright let’s summarise things up!
1) Good for relieving itch and rashes
2) Keeps skin hydrated all day long
3) Good for sensitive skin
4) Scent Free

1) Thick and Heavy consistency

Will I recommend this?
This really depends what your priorities are.
If it’s just to moisturise your skin, I feel other moisturising creams works the same, or even better at least they can eliminate the stick and stuffy feeling.
If you have problematic skin condition similar to mine. Then this is totally worth the investment! I went to my friend’s house in the past. wondering why their family spend so much money on the entire line of cetaphil. Thought it was a gimmick or something. But it proved me wrong when i had to use it. it really is worth every single bit when you have to deal with such problems.

This retails at SGD$49.90 for the big bottle & SGD$25.50 for the tube at any Watsons and Guardian Outlets.

Thanks for reading!
We shall talk in the next post!
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Monday, 24 August 2015

Diary : Day Out at Pulau Ubin

So… on Saturday we had a free day! and after saying nonstop how much I wanna go to Pulau Ubin, we finally made it possible! woohooo!!

IMG 5404

On the boat to ubin~ For all of you who don’t know. I have motion sickness and it makes traveling really difficult for me. yea. but the very nice xm took this!

IMG 5405

If i’m not wrong the shore is changi beach.
we just left changi jetty so there’s no way it’s anywhere near ecp or pasir ris. HAHA

IMG 5406

The very sick me trying hard to not throw up and smile at the same time. LOL!
This Sour Power is really a life saver when I have to take transports that makes me sick. HAHAHA
or maybe it’s just an excuse for me to eat it. HAHA

IMG 5408

And we’re here! wooohoo!! great place to get away from our city life.
sorry for his smile. HAHAHA but this is the nicest i found.

I randomly said “ we can stay here when we grow old” then xm replied “ yea right~ you won’t want it"
WHAT??!!! but then again. yea i won’t be able to stay in a kampong. just for this day trip. I brought 3L of drinking water, sunblock to apply, wet wipes, tissue, sanitiser, cap, sunglasses, mosquito patch and what not. How can a person like me be able to live there. Who am i trying to kid. LOL!

IMG 5413

we were on the split street and have no idea how to head to chek jawa. while xm i looking for directions, it’s time for me and a selfie.

I was looking at my own selfies. and 2 tourist came over and said “ we should have done the same! take a photo of the map.” LOL! as much as i wanted to keep quiet and pretended that i took the map. Me being me had to let them know i didn’t take a photo of the map on the signboard. LOL! Now i’m wondering what they thought it was. HAHA

IMG 5416

There sure is lots of split roads! one of the many that we met that day!
Split roads are just like the choices we have to make in life~. Wah feeling so inspired. LOL!

IMG 5417

See split road again. LOL!

IMG 5462

And we’re there! CHEK JAWA!!

we went to the viewing jetty first. because there was a visitor center and we wanted to see what’s interesting.

and we came across this house. it’s like a.. hmmmm.. like museum. but not too sure what isit

IMG 5422

Someone decided to do some posing.LOL!

IMG 5455

Mid way up the  observatory tower. i knew i will forget to take the view up there cos i’ll be too tired. so here’s one before I totally forgot about it. HAHAHAHA

And my camera stayed in my bag the rest of the day. HAHAHAHAHAH

This trip was a great and enjoyable one. although we came back smelly and all. But its worth it!
It’s gonna be while till we return again. gonna miss this place quite abit. but life it’s gonna be busy now! so!!! till next time! SEE YOU UBIN!

IMG 20150823 174134 336

Thanks for reading!
Till next time!
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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Dairy : Doggies go ECP | Dinner Selfies | Family Photoshoot.

Some time back, when we had our super long weekends, we brought the dogs to our gathering at east coast park.
Ever since the tick infestation earlier in March, Ozzy and Domo rarely leaves the house. Not even for walks.Even though we had more than enough space for them to run around at home, we felt that it wasn’t enough. Now that we’ve done with that, and we know what to do with it if it comes again, we thought we shall bring them on a half day adventure at ECP!~ (which they have never been to)

20150807 092946

Look at that smile on his face. Although it seem normal to everyone. But this have been the happiest smile we’ve seen since march.
PS. It’s really a tormenting 4mths.
Cony crying

Because it was a private gathering, and I’m not sure if the people there would like to be on my blog, i didn’t take any photos.
And also. I wanted them to enjoy themselves. so I partially forgot to do it too. HAHAHA

We headed home and bathe them and.. Both of them knocked out! totally knocked out!

xm came over after that. And they didn’t seem to notice it at all.
I’ve never seen them soo tired ever.
went out for dinner and came home ready to head to bed. and this is what i see.
20150730 225633

See domo is still knocked out. LOL!
Glad they enjoyed their day~

And just over the weekend, xm had enough of prepping for his exams he wanted to have a nice dinner. Having a free complementary 8-course meal at Sufood, we decided to head over.

I took out my phone to check if there’s anything on my face. and this is what happened.
20150814 211733
20150814 211746

there’s actually more but let me not make you all sick with it. HAHAHAH

I don’t know if my skin is improving due to the luxury of time to take care of my face or because of the products I’m using. But nonetheless. I think my skin is of pretty good condition now!

PS. I don’t have any makeup on. Not even lipstick!

Then i realised my phone had this function where you can take both with the front and back camera!! LOL!. so we ( more of just me) were playing with it. LOL!
20150814 212114

Poor thing. he was smiling at the camera. little did he knew, it doesn’t matter. HAHAHAHAH

20150814 212014

Alright i have to admit too, it’s really very cheesy. LOL!
alittle grossed by it too actually HAHAHAHAH
yea that’s pretty much. we had dinner and then headed home and xm continued prepping for his exam.

Then next day my family booked an appointment to get our family portrait taken since my younger sister has graduated from Uni this year.
20150815 093505

Pardon that face. woke up really early and due to the lack of sleep.

At this point of time, i haven’t talked to anyone since the start of the day hence that face. HAHAHAHAHHAHA
Look really… HAHAHAH
20150815 110334

At the studio when everyone is still getting dressed and i’m all ready.
Everyone seem to be having a hard time with their gown and makeup.I’m just standing around so. I thought let’s take a selfie. HAHAHAHA

Wearing the gown again, I didn’t have much feelings.Same as the first time. I never felt that i accomplished something or had any special feelings about it. I’m in the. ok. I’m in my gown. ok.. we’re having a photoshoot next mood. LOL!

after the shoot where they’re still processing our receipt, we decided to take a random family shot in the middle of the studio. Not everyday you have everyone dressed up so smartly ok!
So I present to you… MY FAMILY!!!
20150815 110427

I saw this photo in my phone. I think it was taken over the weekends.
My sister was carrying domo and he did this. LOL!
20150815 124118

domo domo how heavy can your head be. LOL!

recently he have been doing this when we carry him up like this. really cute.

If you’re wondering why domo looks different. We shaved them down due to the infestation. so we can easily check for ticks on their body. We’re now growing them out now. hang in there! few more months before you both are good looking again!

alright. I think i’ll end here for today!!

Thanks for reading!
Sign off
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