Thursday, 20 August 2015

Dairy : Doggies go ECP | Dinner Selfies | Family Photoshoot.

Some time back, when we had our super long weekends, we brought the dogs to our gathering at east coast park.
Ever since the tick infestation earlier in March, Ozzy and Domo rarely leaves the house. Not even for walks.Even though we had more than enough space for them to run around at home, we felt that it wasn’t enough. Now that we’ve done with that, and we know what to do with it if it comes again, we thought we shall bring them on a half day adventure at ECP!~ (which they have never been to)

20150807 092946

Look at that smile on his face. Although it seem normal to everyone. But this have been the happiest smile we’ve seen since march.
PS. It’s really a tormenting 4mths.
Cony crying

Because it was a private gathering, and I’m not sure if the people there would like to be on my blog, i didn’t take any photos.
And also. I wanted them to enjoy themselves. so I partially forgot to do it too. HAHAHA

We headed home and bathe them and.. Both of them knocked out! totally knocked out!

xm came over after that. And they didn’t seem to notice it at all.
I’ve never seen them soo tired ever.
went out for dinner and came home ready to head to bed. and this is what i see.
20150730 225633

See domo is still knocked out. LOL!
Glad they enjoyed their day~

And just over the weekend, xm had enough of prepping for his exams he wanted to have a nice dinner. Having a free complementary 8-course meal at Sufood, we decided to head over.

I took out my phone to check if there’s anything on my face. and this is what happened.
20150814 211733
20150814 211746

there’s actually more but let me not make you all sick with it. HAHAHAH

I don’t know if my skin is improving due to the luxury of time to take care of my face or because of the products I’m using. But nonetheless. I think my skin is of pretty good condition now!

PS. I don’t have any makeup on. Not even lipstick!

Then i realised my phone had this function where you can take both with the front and back camera!! LOL!. so we ( more of just me) were playing with it. LOL!
20150814 212114

Poor thing. he was smiling at the camera. little did he knew, it doesn’t matter. HAHAHAHAH

20150814 212014

Alright i have to admit too, it’s really very cheesy. LOL!
alittle grossed by it too actually HAHAHAHAH
yea that’s pretty much. we had dinner and then headed home and xm continued prepping for his exam.

Then next day my family booked an appointment to get our family portrait taken since my younger sister has graduated from Uni this year.
20150815 093505

Pardon that face. woke up really early and due to the lack of sleep.

At this point of time, i haven’t talked to anyone since the start of the day hence that face. HAHAHAHAHHAHA
Look really… HAHAHAH
20150815 110334

At the studio when everyone is still getting dressed and i’m all ready.
Everyone seem to be having a hard time with their gown and makeup.I’m just standing around so. I thought let’s take a selfie. HAHAHAHA

Wearing the gown again, I didn’t have much feelings.Same as the first time. I never felt that i accomplished something or had any special feelings about it. I’m in the. ok. I’m in my gown. ok.. we’re having a photoshoot next mood. LOL!

after the shoot where they’re still processing our receipt, we decided to take a random family shot in the middle of the studio. Not everyday you have everyone dressed up so smartly ok!
So I present to you… MY FAMILY!!!
20150815 110427

I saw this photo in my phone. I think it was taken over the weekends.
My sister was carrying domo and he did this. LOL!
20150815 124118

domo domo how heavy can your head be. LOL!

recently he have been doing this when we carry him up like this. really cute.

If you’re wondering why domo looks different. We shaved them down due to the infestation. so we can easily check for ticks on their body. We’re now growing them out now. hang in there! few more months before you both are good looking again!

alright. I think i’ll end here for today!!

Thanks for reading!
Sign off

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