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Review : Benefit [Big Easy Multi Balancing Complexion Perfector]

Hi Everyone!

I’m finally back with a review(after such a long time)! As the title above let’s talk about that!
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Benefit’s Big Easy Multi-Balancing Complexion Perfector

When it was launched last year if i didn’t got it wrongly, there was a hype all over the internet talking about how great this product is. and how much it’s doing to their skin.

Me being me, i really wanted to try it. But i just started working, and every penny counted. so i resisted the temptation to join the bandwagon, and never tried it.

A few weeks later my older sister got it to try. PS. My sisters and i share the same shades, and she told me it’s making her breakout, and she’s barely made a dent in the product, and asked if i wanted it instead. Since i was head over heels over makeup. So i gladly accepted it and of course started using it. So to be exact, i didn’t spend a single cent on this product, since it was a pass over from my sister.

Before moving on to my thoughts on this product, here are some swatches.

IMG 5360

IMG 5361

The shade I’m using is 03 Light/ Medium. when i first apply it on it’s a little too fair for my skin tone. However throughout the day, the product will darken and it will match the skin tone perfectly

IMG 5363

My attempt on taking an artsy photo. LOL!
It comes in a squeeze bottle. the nozzle of the bottle isn't too big, so don’t need to worry about too much product coming out and wastage. also the bottle is really soft and flexible, so it’s actually really easy to control the amount of product you want to dispense.

IMG 5364

Because a little product really goes a long way, this is actually more than enough for the entire back of my hands. Actually if i didn’t estimate wrongly, this amount is more than enough for both cheeks.

IMG 5365

As you can see, it will form a little white cast initially, because i got a shade lighter, but as the day passes, it oxides and matches the skin tone perfectly.
[left- with product; right-without]

My Thoughts,

I was thrilled to try this product. when i first applied it, it makes my skin looks so soft and smooth. It doesn’t have a high coverage so if i have some areas where i needed more makeup to conceal, i’ll just go ahead to use a concealer instead. But then again, they didn’t state that this product is for concealing all blemishes. It is to balance the complexion. So for that, it really did a great job.

Another thing i really like about this is that, because it sets powdery, I don’t have to set my makeup at all. Actually after using this product, i realise the laziness of not wanting to set any foundation anymore. LOL!
Yea just like what it claims, it goes on liquid, set powdery. super plus for people like me who doesn’t like putting on powder after that.
However!! If you have a dry scab or dry patch on your face, it will actually make it more obvious. The product will cling around that area and it’s a little of a hassle to try removing it. When i was using it, i’ll apply more moisturiser around that area, then apply this product on. how would i know. you’ll find out later.

Because a little goes a long way, i didn’t notice much caking of makeup on my skin. through the entire day i only notice it being more and more natural. more and more like my skin tone.

It’s also quite rub resistant, i’m not the most gentle person when it comes to wiping my mouth after eating. usually the makeup around my mouth area will get wiped off first, but this actually stays on quite well. thumbs up!

As much as i love this product so much. I, too, have a little problem with it. My skin breaks out when i’m using this. I didn’t get the immediate breakout and full blast breakout like how my sister did. but when i use it over the entire week, i notice pimples are slowly popping out of my skin. If i don’t stop using it to let all the pimples heal, it’ll actually become worse and worse. If i wear this once in a while. Let’s say once a week or something it’s still ok. But if i have to wear it everyday. I’ll keep getting massive breakout. I’m guessing it’s a skin problem kind of thing. Because i was looking at all the review online. None mention anything about breakout or being really sensitive to this product. But because of the breakout. I noticed a little more about this product. I was experiencing redness around my breakout prone area. And i notice this product actually covers it well. I can see the pimple still being there, but the redness us totally gone. The redness around my nose as well. it’s well covered too. Because it’s not a high coverage foundation, it doesn’t conceal the pimples. But when i burst the pimple and it’s still healing, with dry patches around it, the product tends to cling on it really well. and no matter how i try ad rub it off it stays put. major sadness. But i manage to figure a way out my applying more moisturiser before applying this product. Since it doesn’t leave much greasy feeling after that.

But it’s such a wet blanket for me not being able to enjoy this product totally. I truly love the finish and look it gives.If only i wasn’t sensitive to this product. );

To summarise everything up,


1) Leaves skin feeling and looking soft and smooth
2) Evens out uneven skin tone
3) Rub resistent
4) Sweat resistent
5) Sets to a powdery finish
6) A little product goes a long way


1) Product gathers around dry patches
2) If you’re sensitive to this product, you’ll experience breakout
3) May be a little too costly for some people

Will I recommend this?

If you’re not sensitive to the product, you will totally love it. It’s good for an everyday wear where you don’t wanna put much effort into putting on makeup. It makes your skin looks flawless and feels flawless. doesn’t leave you feeling heavy and cakey. really a plus for people who don’t like thick foundation but want the similar results to it.

This product retails at SGD$60.00 at Benefit counters & Sephora.

Thanks for reading!

xx, meiyi!

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