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Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash and Sealing Jell

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I’ve received some products from Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Skincare a while ago to try out and share my thoughts on them.


Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash & Sealing Jell

Mentholatum Acnes has a proven 3-step daily skincare regime. With its natural, effective and gentle anti-bacterial ingredients, it helps to prevent pimples with regular use. It’s the most trusted anti-acne brand among Japanese youths, and is gentle enough for sensitive skin.

These products haven’t been a stranger to my family.
My sisters have been facing acne problems in their teen years and I had problems with acne breakout when I was about 17. These products are one of those that we’ve tried to deal with acne problems.

I stopped using this product when my face got better, and some how forgot about it ( what it did to your skin and how my skin felt after using).

I remember this product had received much love from my sisters and I, so when I was given them to try, I was a little excited to (re)use them and share it with you!


This is how the back of the packaging looks like. (For those who are curious.)

First off, let’s start with the cleanser.


Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Creamy Wash




Because this is a cream cleanser( from it’s name). It has a thick tacky consistency.

As you may be able to tell from the photo above, the colour of the cleanser is not white. It leans more towards a lime cleanser.

It has a citrus scent to it which makes it really refreshing to use in the morning.


As you start working the product in, it will start foaming.

Usually when I achieve foams like this, I like to use my silicon facial scrub pad to work the product into my skin.

I feel that it cleanse my face so much better with a cleansing pad.

My Thoughts ( On the Creamy Cleanser)

This product was introduced to me, by my sisters, when I had very bad breakout all over my face. They told me it helped them with their acne problems. So I started using this too.

I felt that this cleanser didn’t really help with my existing acne when I first used it, more pimples actually popped out. I then realize, I think it’s trying to detox my skin and remove all the dirt that’s in my skin.
I’m not too sure if it does that, but after using it for a while more, I notice that I didn’t have all those breakouts anymore.

Just like what it said on it’s packaging, it sooth redness on your skin. I’ve noticed this both in the past and recently when I used it since my skin around my nose gets red pretty easily. However, it doesn't not completely remove all the redness on your skin. You will notice that the redness is reduced but not totally.

I don’t have small bumps on my face like my sister does. She said those bumps actually goes away under regular use, leaving her skin looking smooth and less “bumpy”.

I didn’t notice anything bad from this product when I used it a while back. BUT when I used it (again) recently, I realized some downsides.

I notice that this cleanser actually makes your skin feel tight right after using it, especially around my cheek area where it is naturally dry. It was a little uncomfortable, but nothing I can’t deal with. I'll just apply my moisturizer to relief that tightness.

I also noticed that if you don’t apply enough moisturizer to your face, you face will be dehydrated and fine lines will start forming. Other than that I didn’t really noticed anything else.

Summarizing it,


  1. It cleanse your pores well and prevents clogged pores
  2. Sooth redness on my skin
  3. Leaves skin smooth and soft
  4. Under regular use, small bumps on the face will disappear
  5. Has a pleasant scent (citrus)
  6. Prevents acnes and pimple breakouts


  1. Leaves skin a tight after feeling
  2. If skin is not moisturized well, it will be dehydrated and fine lines will start showing up

Will I recommend it??

I would recommend( but not strongly) this product if you’re thinking of trying out something to deal with your acne problem, but I feel that it might not be suitable for people with dry skin.
Even though I have combination skin, I still feel that it is a little drying on my T-zone.

Moving on to the other product,


Mentholatum Acnes Sealing Jell


This product is like a pimple cream, it helps to sooth and heal acne.


Similar to the cleanser, it comes in a squeeze tube.


You have to puncture a hole to be able to dispense the product.


It comes out a little like the cleanser, lime coloured and has a thick tacky consistency too. However, this product is doesn't have a sticky texture.

But as you apply(blend) it on the affected area,


It becomes clear and after it dries, it doesn't leave any oily residue. It feel smooth just like your normal skin.

My Thoughts (on the Sealing Jell)

This product has been one of my favourite when it comes to soothing and “getting rid” of acne and pimples.

I’ve tried a couple of different acne creams, just by comparing the effective-ness of product, this Sealing Jell really did a great job.

 It reduces the size of blemishes and small little bumps around your face.
You know when you have those acne that are really painful, but you can’t squeeze it or do anything to it. This product helps with soothing the pain and makes it smaller the next day.

 I noticed that the product will make the affected area sting for a while.
I tried applying this on a normal skin where there’s no pimple/acne, it doesn’t have the stingy feeling.
It can get a little uncomfortable depending on your tolerance for pain/discomfort. It bothers me a little, but I just need to divert my attention to something else and it’s all fine.

Just like all other pimple cream I’ve tried, this product dries up the area where the acne or pimple is. So there will be a dry patch on your skin for quite a few days.
The dry patch is somewhat like dried scabs, from recovering wounds, but in a white form instead of black.
It can be a little problem when it comes to applying makeup or concealing it for that few days.

The only kind of acne I found that this product can’t work on is those with “white top" and is really painful upon touching.

The product has a scent to it, it has the regular pimple cream scent to it, but over the scent, there’s this fruity scent covering/hiding the pimple cream smell. It doesn’t smell extremely nice. But it’s no where near unbearable too.

Summarizing it,


  1. Reduce and heals most acnes and pimples
  2. Speeds up healing process
  3. Doesn’t leave a oily residue on the skin
  4. Non-sticky texture
  5. Smells alright (but better than many other pimple creams)
  6. Doesn’t dry skin out (other than the affected area)


  1. Stings when apply on affected area
  2. Dry patches from the affected area will look more obvious when you have makeup on.

Would I recommend this?

I would strongly recommend this Sealing Jell! It effectively heals your acne within days! For mine it usually wouldn’t take more than 4 days to heal the acne with this product.
Other that the stingy sensation I’ve experienced,nothing really bothers or upsets me.

Whenever I have an acne, the dry patch will always appear when the acne is healing or has healed, so it doesn’t bother me. It’s more of like a sooner or later matter.

So if you’re looking for a good pimple treatment or cream, DEFINITELY try this out

This set retails for SGD$10.40 at our local Watsons, Guardian and major super/hyper markets

To purchase it separately,

The Creamy Wash retails for SGD$6.90 at our local Watsons, Guardian and major super/hyper markets


The Sealing Jell retails for SGD$8.90 at our local Watsons, Guardian and major super/hyper markets

For more information, visit

Thanks for reading!~

xx, meiyi

Products were provided to me for review consideration.
I am not affiliated to them and all opinions expressed are my own.


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