Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Snacks/ Junk Food Favourites!

Hi Everyone!~

If you followed me on twitter, you’ll probably know what happened earlier today.

I was all motivated to shoot some photos for my blog, and it started raining just as I started.

I really want to blog tonight, but I don’t know what I should blog about, mainly beauty related topic.

I’m not a professional, my knowledge comes from YouTube and beauty books, I don’t want to start rambling on the professional tips and tricks on makeup and skincare I picked up along the way, since I don’t know, for sure, if it’s 100% accurate.

Before I think of what I want to post, let me show you want I’m doing now. LOL!~


Something just came up in my mind!~ Let me post a food related post, since I’ve not done any ( I think)

I shall share with you some of my favourite snacks!~

PS. I use to snack alot, but nowadays, I try to control what I eat. I’ll give in every once in a while a pick some snacks that I’ve been dying to have.

On the top of my list,

OMG! This is by far, the most difficult for me to resist.

Every single time I see them on the rack when I’m at the supermarket, I have to get at least one of it!
There are different flavours to it, but I like the milk cream the best!

My school don’t sell hello panda biscuits, so when I’m craving for some very badly during lesson, I’ll pick on of these up.

It satisfy my cravings for hello panda!~

I don’t know about you all, but I love CHOCOLATES!

My Favourite have to be Cadbury mint chocolates.

Unless there’s offer/discount for the large family size ones, I usually don’t get these.
Because I can finish the entire bar on my own.

I’ll get this small little ones instead.

I try my best not to eat too much chocolates, since I’ll get very addicted and start munching on them nonstop.

I know the next product is not good for your health, but I really like it..

Coke Light.

If I didn’t remember wrongly, my lecturer mentioned that drinking coke is much better than coke light, because coke light contains aspartame, which is not good if we take in too much/regularly.

But I prefer coke light over to coke because coke just taste too sweet to me..

Since it’s not exactly good to drink too much fizzy drinks, let alone coke light, I try to refrain from drinking them, unless I have been wanting to drink them so badly and I haven’t had fizzy drinks for a good amount of time.

Speaking of drinks, I’ve been loving Starbuck’s Chai Tea Latte!~ ( I’m pretty sure you don’t need a photo of it since all you’ll see is a Starbucks cup)

My friends have been saying that I’m weird to like spice tea, because I’m the only person they know that love this drink.
But I’ve found some YouTubers who really likes these too(: I don’t feel as weird now!!~ LOL!~

I would say, if you like cinnamon, you will like Chai Tea Latte.

Because all those I know that said it taste bad, all hated cinnamon.. (my deductions!LOL)

I really like bread too! Not those sliced bread, but those cream buns..

I love these buns!!~ I don’t really know what it’s called, but it’s the bun that is made from natural yeast. LOL.
That’s what I always call it. To be more accurate, it’s SGD$1.20 at Sheng Shiong supermarket.

I love these buns for snacks, I can have 2 at one go. Now that I don’t eat so much, I feel so full having one of it.

My personal favourite and recommendations are the Maple, Cheese and Hokkaido Cream. OMG!! *drool*

There is chocolate too, but…. I’d rather give it a miss. LOL!~

The photo above has the wrong packaging, the one we have here is this below

Like this..

Tao Kae Noi Seaweed.

Ahhh~~ Can’t leave this out!~ This is so addictive!~ I can have the biggest pack they have a munchy it for an entire day if I don’t control myself.

The small pack can last me through a 3 hour lesson, without sharing. LOL!~ But usually it won’t last for more than 30mins. LOL!~ I usually feel bad eating alone and end up sharing with my friends. LOL!~

My only way to resist this temptation is to look at the price and tell myself it’s too expensive. LOL!~

If I didn’t remember wrongly, for the big packet, it’s SGD$5-6

One last snack before I get too hungry,

I LOVE pancakes!!~ Especially if they have blueberries in it!~

It’s a good thing we don’t have blueberries at home.. or else….

When I go to somewhere that has blueberry pancakes, I won’t give it a miss!~

Alright I have to stop here. I’m getting a little hungry now..

Share with me your favourite snack too!!~ I’d love to try them!!(:

Thanks for reading!!

xx, meiyi

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