Thursday, 10 January 2013

Macau Getaway Part 2– Exploring around The Venetian

Hi Everyone!~

After a while, I’m back to blog about my getaway to Macau again. If you missed part 1, Click Here.

Before we head out to explore what’s outside our hotel,

We had to have egg tarts!~

Everyone is telling me to try the Portuguese Egg Tarts when I’m there. To be exact, they said it was a must to try. LOL!~

Not really sure which is the famous one, since I didn’t really did any research, I’m going with this…


It was highly recommended by my sister’s friend. So when we saw that store, we got some!

Then we headed outdoors to explore the area a little.

PS. It was all hotels and casinos there. So there wasn’t really much to see.


I don’t really know why there’s so many people around when it’s not a holiday. Maybe it’s a school holiday that’s why.


My clearest shot of the entrance to the main lobby of Venetian.


Nope it wasn’t snowing there. They were having some event until the end of the year. I’m guessing for the feeling of white Christmas.

This was actually made up with cotton and Styrofoam beads. Found out later when I saw chunks of it in the water.


I then saw some interesting things.


A lady was actually wearing shoes like this!!~ It was my first day there, so I thought it was quite fascinating, but when we went shopping in China the next day, I saw so many stores selling them.

I’m guessing, maybe it’s a trend there??


I don’t know if I’m allowed to take this or not, but I thought something was quite interesting too!~


The way they spell police..

I found out that night that it might be the Portuguese way of spelling police.
Quite interesting though.. I was kind of expecting it to be “Police”?


we then went into this hotel/shopping mall/casino (all in one) and saw this dragon. It changes colour every few minutes.


If I’m not wrong I think there’s still other colours. But I didn’t have the patient to wait for them.. LOL!~


I thought Casino was called 赌场, not sure if it’s only this place, but they call it entertainment centre.

I think I was thinking of playground when I took this shot. LOL!~ Cos I immediately thought of adult playground LOL!~


Those flowers are beautiful!!~ Mainly because I don’t see fresh roses in Singapore like this..

I had to go over to double check it see if it’s real or not.. LOL!~

After taking photos with this bed of roses for my family, I decided to take a selca myself. LOL!


If you’re wondering, it is winter there. But on that day itself, it wasn’t really that cold to carry a jacket around, so I decided to leave it in the hotel.

Plus it was very warm when we were on our way to the airport. Thus those clothes. LOL!~

But from the 2nd day onwards, it was freezing cold!!~


Although I don’t know all the gods, but I’m pretty sure this is god of wealth? Is that what we call him in English?? It has to be him. Since we’re in a hotel that has a Casino.


Yup this house is 100% edible, if you dare to try. LOL!~

I smell a little cookie scent and ask the people guarding it. They told me it’s 100% edible.


Isn’t this just beautiful??!!!

When I saw it I was in awe.. Looked closer and realized that she isn’t actually stand in a vase, but a cloth that wrapped around her to look like one… But WOW!~ It’s still very beautiful!!~

The lady was very nice, she saw me trying to take a nice shot of her, and turn around to smile at the camera!!(:


After exploring for a while, we totally couldn’t make it anymore. Had to go back to the room for nap before dinner and also to wait for my dad who went to HK to get his business done!~

Wen went down to the residential area for dinner at night!~
I didn’t know until we were there, from the map, it seems like the residential districts and the hotels and casinos are separated. The only thing that seem to be connecting them together is a bridge. So we had to take a shuttle bus from the hotel to the ferry terminal and take a taxi to the residential area.


After dinner we thought of getting into a taxi and head back to the ferry terminal to take the shuttle bus back again.

We waited for more than a hour, no taxi seem to be passing by. We heard from the people around that it’s almost impossible to take a taxi at that district. Even if there’s a empty taxi, they won’t stop for pick up passengers too.

I don’t really know why, because that area is not exactly dangerous or risky.. So we took their public bus in the end!


My dad was saying maybe on one of the days during our stay we can stroll around their residential area.. But that day never happened. LOL!!~


This is the ferry terminal I’m talking about.. I can’t really remember the name though. Mainly because the Chinese words I read is different from the translation in English…Soo…


And we’re on the bridge where the residential district and the hotels are linked together.

I didn’t shoot this shot because of the bridge, as you may be able to tell.. LOL!~ I wanted to shot the build with the LED lights, but it kinda failed….

That’s pretty much summarize my first day at Macau.((:

On the 2nd day we went to Zhu Hai for shopping the entire day. Since it was a Saturday, the place was pretty packed and chaotic. To make sure everything goes well, I thought I should keep my camera away so I don’t randomly take photos and lose my family in the crowd… Which is mainly because I’m scared.-.-

That’s all for today!!(:

Thanks for reading!!~

xx, meiyi

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