Wednesday, 2 January 2013



Hope the coming year will be a good one for everyone of you!(:

I’ve made my new year resolution, which I’m not sharing here since it’s kind of too personal, I hope at the end of this year, which is kind of early to think about it, I’ll achieve what I’ve wanted

I hope that in this coming year, doesn’t matter if you made any resolution or not, I hope it will be a fruitful year for all of you!(:

Although I have been only blogging for a a few months, I’m really grateful towards every single one of you that came and visit, find that my posts have been of some help and also gave me words of encouragement along the way. Thankyou all of you! Thankyou!(:

If everything goes smoothly as I’m thinking, I really want to give back to show my gratitude, but for now…. I shall work hard towards this goal!!(:

Once again, Thankyou so much for showing your support in 2012(: and

Thanks for reading!!(:
Have a great year ahead!!(:

xx, meiyi

PS. Please follow my Blog and Twitter??(:

PPS. I'm trying to be more active on twitter, so follow me and chat ((:

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