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Bulgarian Rose Eye Cream by Holika Holika

Hi Everyone!!~

If I didn’t remember wrongly, I’ve only done a review post since the start of this year!

And I just found out.. I have been neglecting my blog so much that there is only 8 posts (well 9 now) from the start of 2013)):

As you may know from one of the previous posts, CNY is around the corner, and I’m busy preparing for it. So my life literally revolve around shopping for CNY stuff and school. School isn’t exactly relaxing too, because we’re almost “at the end of our year” and it’s almost time for our study breaks, prelims, revisions and eventually exams, all my lecturers are rushing to clear all the remaining lessons and thus the crazy makeup/extra lessons on evenings and weekends.

Before going on and on, which is not the purpose of this post, Let’s get back to track.

I’ve been in search for a good eye cream for quite a while… I’m not really a eye cream person, or maybe I should say, I’m a little scared of using eye cream.

I’ve tried a few different eye creams from various brands, and almost all of it, either do nothing or cause this bumps on under my eyes. So I usually substitute eye creams with my moisturizer(yes I know I shouldn’t). About 5 months ago, I start noticing that whenever I try to apply BB cream or concealer around my under eye area, it always creases and it always looks so dry.. So I thought “ it’s time I should start investing on a good eye cream”.

I was contemplating between some brands, especially those that are very highly raved on YouTube and the blogsphere. But they weren’t exactly that affordable for a student to use regularly, so I get procrastinating.

But about 3 months ago, I came across this eye cream after reading and watch reviews on it.


Bulgarian Rose Eye Cream By Holika Holika

Product Description


I first knew this product from Ahmarablog, on YouTube, and she introduced it to Sunnydahye, on YouTube.

It got me really interested in the product and started researching more about it.

Most of the reviews I’ve seen is it reduces dark circles, puffiness and moisturizes the under eyes, which is what the packaging mentioned, ans it is what I am looking for. So I went ahead and got it. PS. it was within my budget too.


It is a pinkish white jelly-like texture. And like it’s name, it is rose scented.

Yup it’s jelly-like. Not like the eye creams I’ve used, this is not a cream, you can’t scope up the product with your finger tips. If you want to, you can use your nails to scope the product out. But… I wouldn’t try that.

What I do is to swirl my finger in the product, maybe like 5times(?) and it’ll be enough for one eye.


This is the amount you would get when you swirl 5 times in the pot, which is the amount I use.

Some times, I’ll use more, especially on days where the weather/environment is more harsh on our skin, eg scotching sun and long hours in an air-conditioned environment)


I’m pretty sure this is a concern for many..

This is very light weighted and not greasy at all.

My Thoughts,

What I like about this product, for starters, I really like that it comes in a jelly form instead of the traditional cream. I’m always too heavy handed with pot products.
As many of you may know, I am very particular with scents. If you didn’t know, I had a rose hand cream, which I reviewed sometime back here and I mentioned that I really don’t like the scent of it. Actually partially due to that hand cream, I pretty much try to stay away from rose scented products.

I really wanted to try this product, so I actually went down to the Holika Holika counter a few times to smell the eye cream again and again to make sure that I’m alright with the scent.

I would say, the scent is very light, it’s noticeable when you first apply it, but after a while, the scent will disappear, so for people who dislike scents, this might work.. You just need to bare with the initial scent for a while. I also want to mention that the scent is actually very acceptable for me! To be more exact, I actually like the scent of this eye cream! I feel that it relaxes me at night.

Moving on to how well it works…

I did notice that my under eyes are not as dry as before. Fine lines, that are initially there, are more or less gone after using it diligently for day and night for a month.
BUT I still notice that my concealer and BB cream still creasescakes on my under eyes. I’ve tried applying more eye cream, but it doesn’t really work and instead, I noticed my concealer/ bb cream couldn’t stay during application.

I wouldn’t say that it eliminates dark circles, but it does lightens it a little. So if you’re pulling up an all-nighter, which I’ve been doing quite a bit recently, this eye cream actually prevents my dark circles from darkening, which almost all the time when I pull an all-nighter, it will be very obvious.
But I didn’t notice that it reduces my dark circles distinctively on days where I get enough rest. I did notice that it got a little light, just a tad bit (almost unnoticeable).

When I pull an all-nighter, I will also have puffy eyes which I don’t usually do until I smile. This eye cream actually helps to reduce the puffiness going on whenever I pull an all-nighter or when I’m lack of sleep.

So in short, this eye cream helps to make your eyes look more awake and less tired, like what it mentioned on the packaging

This may not be the same for everyone, but I didn’t notice any bumps forming under my eyes, which is a major plus for me, because that’s usually what I notice when I use eye creams!(:

Moving on to what I didn’t like about this product, I think there is only one, which is the packaging of it. It comes in a glass container, which makes it heavy and bulky to bring it around, especially for travelling. I’ve used eye creams in pumped-bottles, squeeze tubes, and even like this, dipping-pots. But they never occurred to me as space consuming. I actually thought that this eye cream was really bulky and space consuming when I was packing for my Macau trip, and part of me didn’t want to bring it along.
But it isn’t really an issue, if you’re really fussy with the bulkiness of it, you can just depot it into travel containers. I just didn’t want to. LOL!~ Out of pure laziness.

To summarize it,


  1. Moisturizing
  2. Removes fine lines
  3. Light and relaxing scented
  4. Reduces dark circles from pulling an all-nighter
  5. Reduces puffiness from pulling an all-nighter
  6. Eyes looks more awake/ less tired
  7. Does not form oil(?) bumps under the eyes
  8. Light weight formula
  9. Non-greasy


  1. Makeup applied under the eyes still looks cakey over time (but not as bad as before)
  2. Doesn’t eliminate existing dark circles (which are probably due to hereditary reasons)
  3. Bulky and heavy packaging

Will I recommend this?

Yes I totally would unless you’re looking for a thick eye cream(which I wasn’t looking for). I think this eye cream is very suitable for teenagers who are just starting to pay more attentions to their faces.
This is very light weighted, so if you’re someone who doesn’t like the feeling of products pilling on your skin, this would be a good product to try.

I would also recommend this to people who are always pulling all-nighters like I do, this prevents your eyes from looking dead and tired the next day(:

This retails for SGD$33 at our local Holika Holika Counter at Wistma Atria ( Isetan)

Has anyone tried this?? Leave your thoughts in the comments section down below!!(:

Also, if you have an eye cream that you’ll want to recommend, leave them in the comment section too!(:
PS. It can be anything other than eye cream!(:

Thanks for reading!!~

xx, meiyi


  1. Hello! You have shared very awesome information. Keep sharing. But I’m using Eyelastin from last 2 months for my eye bags and dark circles around eyes.

  2. hello, I thought of buying this cream so I really wanna know whether it is good or not. I have panda eyes, and I've been using a lot of cream just to make my dark circle gone, but I failed . Sobs.

    1. Hi!~
      It does fairly well if you're looking for a light eye cream during the day~
      I've used this eye cream for quite a while now.. since using it from last year until now.. I noticed that it will lighten your dark circles over time.. But not that much.. I can still see myself having dark circles under my eyes now..So I'm thinking maybe this product only helps to "get rid" of signs that are caused by lack of rest, but I don't think it works if the dark circles are of other causes.

      Hope this may help(:

  3. Hi, may I know if Wisma Atria Isetan still sells this? And does other Isetan outlets sell this too? Thanks

    1. Hi, unfortunately i don't think they have a store at wistma at the moment. I can't recall any holika holika stores at the moment. But I'll update you once I found one!(:


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