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Rowenta Hair Straightener LISS & CURL ELITE

If you follow me on twitter, you probably would have seen me tweeting about making videos.

And if you didn't know, I really want to make videos, Since 2009. But with me being such a pessimist, it did have the courage to.

Recently, I got encouraged by a YouTuber to make videos, and I really got motivated by it.

So today, I sat down and decided to film something, but all the bad thoughts come flowing in again, and in the end, I didn't manage to film at all!):
I shall pluck more courage and try again next time, maybe tomorrow..

So, Yeap, into today's post...

This post is going to be different from the other posts that I've been writing. After posting about the Dry Shampoo that I use, Click HERE to read it if you haven't, I thought of sharing this with you~

I have relatively straight hair. I mentioned in my previous post, the dry shampoo post, that I don't wash my hair everyday.
Whenever I'm at home, there's no way I can stand my hair to be all over my face. I must always wear a hair band to get my fringe out of my face and tie my hair into a bun because the weather is just so warm.

But doing that, I will have weirdly structured waves on my hair, which makes it look really messy and no matter how I try to comb it down, it will still looks very messy.

So the solution to it is to flat iron my hair!

The reason why I got this was because it can be used as a straightener as well as a curling iron.
I know many hair straighteners can, but in Singapore, there isn't really much brands you can choose from.

Let's just mention about buying from stores and not buying off online.
In stores, the only brands of hair styling products I've seen around are Braun, Phillips, Panasonic, and Rowenta.

And Rowenta isn't exactly a brand that everyone else would have heard off, unlike the other 3.

So for those who didn't know, Rowenta is actually a brand under Tefal.
I only knew about it when I wanted to purchase this flat iron.

This flat iron is very slim, and portable.
I always bring this with me when I'm going for a vacation.
Because it doesn't take up much space.

And if you noticed, it is actually clamped together, which is something I like a lot about it.

There is this catch at the back of the product for you to fasten the flat iron together.
I find this design very safe. Sometimes when I'm in a rush, if I didn't have this lock catch to fasten the hot plates together, I would accidentally put my hands in between the plates and burn myself!
Imagine what will happen, if they didn't have this, to someone else who didn't know that it is VERY hot.

So when you unfasten the lock catch, it opens up like how a straightening iron would.
And notice the hot plates of the hot iron,
it is longer than many other hot irons I've seen around.

With such long plates, it can speed up my hair straightening process!~
Especially on days that I'm late for school!~

It has this buttons on the side of the hot iron.
The longer one, with + &-, is for you to adjust the temperature of the hot iron
The other one is the on/off button

When you turn it on, the LCD screen on the hot iron will light up with the default temperature of 180ºC
Then you just adjust the temperature accordingly.

When I'm straightening my hair, I usually set it at 150ºC
If my hair is not so wavey, sometimes I only set it at 110-120ºC
This actually help prevent my hair from being fried by the hot iron.

For those who are wondering,

This straightener is connected with a 2-pin plug.

My Thoughts,
From my experience

I use to straighten my hair very often, almost everyday, in the past,  but I try to not flat iron my hair as often now.

If I can just bun my hair up and go to school, I will do so.

But on some days where I want my let my hair down and it looks wavey, I'll flat iron them.

But I will try my best to keep my hair staying healthy and not fried by the heat from the iron, especially the ends.

I usually stop flat ironing my hair 2-3inches from the ends.
From the above photo, The red dotted line is more or less where I stop flat ironing, and anything below that line, I won't use heat on it at all.

This is how it looks like after flat ironing my bun-ed up wavey hair.

As you can tell, at the bottom, nearing to the ends, the hair are still a little wavey, but for the rest of the hair, it looks relatively straight and neat.
This is how it normally looks when I flat iron my hair.

A more zoom-ed in version.
You can see that waves on the ends are more obvious in this photo.
But this also leaves my hair looking more natural, not sleek straight.

I do own a curling iron too, but I feel that this iron can curl my hair well and it takes much lesser time than the curling iron!(:

What I like about this product, it is very compact, very slim, which makes it very easy to keep/store it and bring around.
It has an adjustable temperature so that you can lower down or bring up the temperature to suit your hair type.
I also like how the structure of the hot iron can form very beautiful curls depending on how you do it, it can be tight or just waves
Like mentioned above, the Lock Catch that makes me feel that it is much safer to handle.
It take very fast for it to get heated up~
Usually only a little more than 15seconds.
I've experience using flat irons that takes almost 2 minutes to heat up! This flat iron totally saves my time!

What I don't like about this product, THE PLUGS!
I hate this kind of plugs! Because in Singapore, our power point is a 3-pin plug, I have to always find a adapter to fit it into it!~ Which I find it a real hassle!~
But I don't think hot irons, be it for straightening or curling, comes in 3-pins.
Correct me if I'm wrong.

Would I recommend this product? Yes I totally would! As compared to many other expensive brands like GHD, this hot iron is way cheaper and does a good job in straightening and curling your hair. What's more important is that it is easily get our hands on one of them in stores!And you can even adjust the temperature for it.

When I look hair irons, or even hair dryer, I'll look for the function when I can adjust the temperature/heat of the product.
So it wouldn't damage my hair too badly.

This product retails for SGD$89.90 at our local Courts, Tangs and selected Watsons store

Although it is a little pricey for a hair iron, if you compare it's function with some other brands, this is actually counted relatively cheap and most importantly it will last you a long time. I'm using mine for more than 3 years already and I haven't met any problems with it!

If you have tried this Straightener, leave me a comment, in the comment section below, sharing how you like/dislike it!~
And if you have any recommendation on flat irons/curling irons, Leave a comment too!!(:

Until next post,


xx, meiyi


  1. Hey i want to ask u about rowenta respect hair straightner, have u or any of ur friend used it? Is it good?

    1. Hi!(:

      I've heard pretty positive reviews on the Respect hair straightener. But unfortunately, none of the people I know owns it and I haven't seen it around in Singapore too.

      Sorry I can't be of much help):

  2. Thank u so much for rapid response. Actually the store i visited yesterday had only rowenta respect, babyliss, philips and braun straightners. I dnt much about philips and have read negative reviews about babyliss. I have used braun satin but i am not satisfied with it, it burned my hair :(.

    1. Oh no!!): This is bad!):

      I've tried Phillips straightener. I find that they're alright. Although it worked fine on me, I feel that if my hair was more stubborn, it wouldn't have achieved what I wanted. But that's a while ago..They might have improved in their plates(:

      Which store were you at when you saw the Rowenta Respect?? I shall check it out some time soon!!(:

  3. No no, am not in singapore. I am in saudi arabia and have visited a store here in SA. Now i shall decide that wether to buy a rowenta respect or to order a brilliance newyork flat iron. Have read good reviews about brilliance newyork straightners and there is also a big sale on them :)

    1. OHH! I would recommend you to go for the Brilliance New York straighteners if you can get them at a cheaper price. I have a friend that has it and I'm always using it when I stay over. LOVE IT!!(:

  4. I have ordered brilliance newyork's straightner after reading ur comment. Thank u so much for the guidence :)

  5. N yes u and ur hair both are beautiful

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment(:

      I'm glad I manage to help you(: Hope you love your new straightener((:

  6. Hello, I would like to ask if your model is SF 4412? Thanks ^^

  7. Can i know where can i get it cheaper?

    1. Hi,

      I'm sorry, I don't know where you can get it cheaper or even online.

      In SG, the price is almost the same, be it in courts, tangs, watsons or harvey norman.

    2. There is a sale in courts now, its going for $48 so if you want it you should go get it now:)


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