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Peach Sakae BB cream by Skinfood

Since we're on the Peach Sakae track, I'm here with another Peach Sakae review!(before I completely forgot about the existence of this)

This was really a random find. I wasn't introduced to this neither did I saw this anywhere on the internet before I got it. To be honest, I still don't exactly know what others thinks about this BB cream because until today I've never done any research on it.

I was just curious how this BB cream would work on me so I got it.

Product Description,
Especially suitable for oily skin, its peach and sakae extract effectively regulates sebum secretion for matte and translucent complexion with UV protection. Minimizes enlarged pore and uneven skin tone with its light texture. It is long lasting without excessive oiliness. Comes in convenient and hygienic air tube pump.

As mention, this BB cream is more suitable for people with oilier skin. At that moment I thought maybe if I got this BB cream maybe it will help with the shine on my T-zone.

To really test out how this BB cream would work on oily skin, when I got it, I've asked my sister, who has oily skin, to try this out with me. So I can provide you with a better review.

Because I'm not on the fair side, NC30, I got it in a darker shade, 02.

As mentioned in the product description above, it comes with a air tube pump which makes it really hygienic. I like!~

But there's something to take note. I don't know if it's only mine or what, but I realize when I just started using it, no matter how I many times I pump, no product will come out. I have to squeeze the tube and pump at the same time to get the product out the first few times. 

Anyone experience the same thing??

PS. The tube of the product is soft and flexible, so you can squeeze and bend it.

As you can see, the nozzle of the pump is quite clean. Not that I clean it on purpose before taking the photos, but I realize you wouldn't make much mess with this type of pump and because the BB cream is not runny, it isn't tricky to handle.

The BB cream comes off like this.

I find the BB cream a little tacky. Unlike other moisturizing BB cream I've tried, I find the consistency of this BB cream thicker than the rest of what I own. But then again, it is not something difficult to work with.

The step that I took to apply this BB cream,
1) spread it all over the face
2) don't rub but pat the product into the skin.

And there you go.

My Thoughts,
From my experience

I noticed, this BB cream effectively evens out my skin tone.
I don't know if you noticed or not, there are actually a little (very faded) redness on the back of my hands.

You would have noticed that I have quite hairy arms, and in real life, I can actually see the pores where the hairs are coming out from. (sorry if I sounded a little gross)

But having this BB cream on, the pores are not as visible as before.

Most importantly, I feel that it does what it says, evens out my skin tone.

Moving on to the Sebum Control,

It does work in that department.

I have combination skin, so I will only get oily on my T-zone area.
But instead I applied all over my face to see if it is suitable for me.

If you have dry cheeks, I would say it is definitely not suitable for you.
I have dry cheeks and I felt that it strips off the natural oil on my face and leaving a dry and tight feeling, a little uncomfortable, but as for the T-zone area, I find it alright. There isn't any discomfort or anything. What I did notice is my T-zone didn't get oily at least for 5hours. Usually, for the other BB cream I use, it gets a little shiny within 2-4hours.

People would have thought that any foundation/ product with sebum control would be very thick and uncomfortable, heavy weight,well at least that's what I thought, but this BB cream is actually quite light weight, sometimes you might even forget that you have BB cream on your face.

My Sister's Thoughts,
PS. She has oily skin

She finds that it is a good makeup base to have on before applying her makeup because it makes her makeup stays on for a longer period of time.

She also notice that it takes longer for her face to look oily when she has this BB cream on.
And also, she has some faint acne scaring on her face and this BB cream also helps to even out her skin and make the scaring less visible.

On the whole, She really likes, this BB cream.

What I like about this product, It does prevent my face from looking oily throughout the day without even setting it with any powder. It also effectively evens out my skin tone and any redness I have. It does even out very very faded dark circles well too. And most importantly, It is very light weight. Sometimes I would forget that I had BB cream on my face because it feels like I haven't applied anything.

What I don't like about this product, because I have dry cheeks, I find that it dries out my cheeks quite a bit leaving it a tight feeling. It is not a disadvantage of this BB cream, it is actually my own problem, since this is suitable for people with oily skin.

I wouldn't recommend this to people with dry/normal skin, since you don't have excess oil to remove, this product may strip of the natural oil on your face, leaving it even drier.

I would say this product is really much for suitable for people with oilier skin since the aim objective of this BB cream is for sebum control.

If you are looking only for it's ability for even out your skin tone, and you don't have oily skin, you might want to try something else.

This retails for SGD$29.90 at our local Skinfood Stores.

For more reviews on this Peach Sakae BB cream, Click here

Just like any of my other post,
If you have any recommendation for BB cream, or any product, Leave me a comment, tweet me or email me!(:

I'd love to try them out!(:

Until next post, Bye!~

xx, meiyi

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