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My Experience on Clinque 3-Step Skincare System

Today we're reviewing on Clinque 3-Step Skincare System !~
Maybe not review, more of a personal experience.

And I only have 2-step in the photo.HAHA!
PS. I finished using the lotions.HAHA!

For those who are wondering this is how it looks like.

Before I give my thoughts about the products, let's see how it looks like

This is the Facial Cleanser, which is Step 1 

It comes out like a thick transparent gel.
You spread it across you face, massage the product and it'll start foaming like all other cleansers

For the Toner, or what call the Clarifying Lotion, which is step 2,

It comes out just like water.
There is alcohol in it, so it might be too harsh for some people.

Just soak the cotton ball with the toner and swipe it across the face.

For Step 3, which I don't have any photos on, it is the moisturizer.
A yellow gel-like consistency to apply just like any other moisturizer over the face.

My Thoughts,
From my experience,

For those who are expecting for a good review on this, I'm sorry to disappoint you, because this is not going to be a good one!):

I would say this product is the reason why I'm so into makeup & skincare now.

About 2-3 years ago, I discovered this 3-step system on YouTube and many people were raving about it.
At that point of time, I wasn't into makeup or skincare yet, I'll just use a cleanser to wash my face and that's it.
So I thought maybe I should change my cleanser to this and maybe it will be do good to my skin. Since people were raving how smooth their skin was and how well it did for theirs.

I went over to the counter nearest to me and enquire about this. And the sales lady introduced me to the liquid soap. I asked if it was suitable for sensitive skin and she said YES. Believing what she said, I got the cleanser.
She told me that I may breakout for the first 2 weeks because it is detoxing my skin.
And yes, on the first 2 week I did have pretty serious breakouts.
PS. I don't usually have that many breakout at all, usually only 2-3.
It was so bad until people around me advised me to go to the dermatologist to check it out.

I went back to the counter to ask why this happened, I was told that it was normal, and she advice me to use the toner and the lotion. So I got it too, since using that will clear my skin up.

But no.. other than acne breakout, I started having red patches on my skin.

I didn't think that it was due to the product because I couldn't find anyone complaining about them then. So I thought it might be because of my skin, maybe it is breaking out just like an acne prone skin would.

Then one day, I was looking at shampoo at a shop, and the sales assistant asked me if I had allergy reaction. I was shocked when I heard that. And she asked if I use the Clinque 3-step system. So I ask her why she said that. And she told me because that's what happened to her previously and told me to stop using that.

Not knowing if it was true or not, I stopped using it. And true enough, my skin started clearing up and the red patches were all gone.

I don't have the lotion now because it was too expensive, so I thought I'd finish it up since it didn't really cause any reaction.

I did felt that it was such a waste if I just throw them away so I use the cleanser and toner on my legs, just because they were so dry and flaky.

And guess what... I broke out on my knees -.-

So I'm sure this product is definitely not suitable for me.

 I don't know if it was only me or not, but this is what I've experienced.
If someone were to ask me if I would recommend this to them, I would say I wouldn't. Only because I had bad experience with it. It might not be the same for everyone.

PS. This is just my thoughts and experiences on this product it might not work the same for you.

I didn't want to post this up initially because I didn't have anything good to say about these products and I don't want to sound like I'm complaining or anything.

But I don't want people to go through what I've been through; spending so much money to make your skin worse. And Clinque products in Singapore are not cheap either!~

I can't really remember how much are they, but you can go down to the counters to ask about it.

If you're interested in their products, click here to go to their website
And here for reviews from others

To compensate for this rambling negative post,



PS. They were grooming few days back! so they're not fluffy anymore!~

And a random photo of..


PS. I'm in a really happy and chirpy mood now!~ So pardon that!~ HAHAHA!

See you on the next post!~

xx, meiyi

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