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Etude House Sun Prise Cooling Body Spray

Some of you may have read, but maybe not for all,
I did a Etude House Haul previously, Click Here to read it.

And I'm here today to share my thoughts about on of the purchases!~

Etude House Sun Prise Cooling Body Spray

If you didn't notice, I did an aerosol spray product in my previous post too!~ Click Here if you have not read it!

Although it didn't imprint that it is a sun screen/sun block, it has SPF 50+ PA+++
more than enough to be qualified as a sunscreen.

This is the only English section on the can. But my camera didn't seem to want to take the product description well,

So here's what it says,

Product description
Portable UV defense mist spray for use anytime, anywhere. Ideal for outdoor activities. Formulated with Mangosteen, lotus Flower and Aloe extracts for skin soothing relief.

Spray mist to sun exposed areas of the face/body and pat dry.

Nothing too surprising, Its a normal aerosol spray can
and to zoom in,

With my bad coordinating body, it did waste a bit of product trying to take this shot alone~

But this sprays quite far, since it is an aerosol spray, so you can actually hold it further. I'll show you why.

I tried holding this so close to my hands to get this.

You will have like liquid blotches on your hands.
Although you can spread it out by patting it, but sometimes when you didn't notice this white liquid forming, it will actually dry up and becomes a white patch. No matter how hard you try to blend it, it will still it there until you run in under the tap to wash it away. Which is such a waste of product.

So I would advice you to hold it a little further, maybe 10-15cm away.
To prevent those white blotches and obtain a more even spray

My Thoughts,
From my experience.

I brought this sun spray along with me when I went to Redang Island with my friends, if you haven't read, click HERE and HERE, to see how well it works.

Actually I wanted to see if it had the cooling effect that it states.HEHEH~

To be honest, I like it better using it when I'm somewhere near the beach AHAHHA!
Actually I feel the same for all sunscreen~HEHHEH!~

What I like about this product, For starters, I really like the packaging of this product, it looks so casual, with all the pictures and all~ I'm always very drawn to this kind of things~
It is very easy to apply, just spray it on your body and pat dry if there is any moist area after spraying.
I've tried spraying this on my face and it did not cause any breakouts, but it might not work the same for everyone.
It is pretty light weight unlike some sunscreen I've tried and it leaves no stuffy feeling.
I really like the scent of this spray. It has a little sunscreen scent to it. But it is mostly being covered up by baby powder scent, White Musk?
The BEST part I like about this spray is when I reapply, It has this cooling feeling. like when you feel that you're going to get sun burnt at that particular area, you spray it, and it instantly leaves a cooling sensation.
Although it didn't state that it is a sunscreen, but it does protect my skin pretty well, I didn't experience and sun burnt or peeling.
PS. I stayed under the sun, on the beach, the entire day under the sun. If I didn't have enough sunscreen, I'll definitely be sun burnt.

What I dislike about this product, Is actually the after feeling it leaves. Remember above I mentioned "I like it better using it when I'm somewhere near the beach" ?  Here's why.
I've tried using this on a normal day. It feels alright. Really. But when my body rub against each other. Eg while walking,my legs rub together, I can feel this powdery feeling on my skin. Which feel like it is dirty. But if I just sit there without moving, I can't actually feel anything.

So I thought this might not exactly be a dislike. But if I were to really pick some out that I don't like. It has to be this.

It might be a little pricey for some of you to purchase, but I would still recommend this if you're interested in trying this out.

I wouldn't say this product works wonders, but it leaves a cooling sensation that other sunscreen don't do so.
And instead of having that stuffy feeling on your skin, why not let your skin feel more cooling under such hot weather in Singapore?

This retails for SGD$24.90 at our local Etude House stores and counters.

Please leave me a comment, in the comment section below, if you have any sun screen recommendation!~
I'll love to try them out(just like always!)~

Until next post,

xx, meiyi


  1. hi,can tis take to flight with hand carry?

    1. You can check in with your luggage but not hand carry onto the plane with you.):

      It's an aerosol spray, so it's restricted to carry on.): Hope this helps(:


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