Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Evian Facial Spray

Hey everyone,

remember yesterday I was mentioning about the Skinfood Lettuce cucumber water mist?

So today, I'm sharing my cheaper alternative to that.

I promised that I'll bring you this soon.. So here it is!(:

Product Description,
Its unique mineral balance and neutral pH makes it the perfect freshen-upper for all skin types, including baby’s delicate skin. The millions of tiny micro-droplets are instantly absorbed, moisturizing hot thirsty skin, any time anywhere. Safe, natural nitrogen is used to propel the droplets (80% of the air we breathe is nitrogen) so the ozone stays healthy and happy too!evian® offers its fabulous facial spray in 4 different sizes. The 50ml canister slips discretely into any handbag. The 150ml canister is ideal for travel. At home or at the beach, the whole family will love the 300ml and 400 ml maxi sizes.Information by

This product moisturizes, refreshes and tones your skin!

Just like the Skinfood one, This comes in a aerosol can too!~
Thus the aerosol nozzle

This is the reason why I didn't post a photo of me spraying the product.
Because there's nothing to see!~

My Thoughts,
From my experience

Like what I mentioned in the previous post, I feel that, by far, the Skinfood Facial Spray works the best.
I'm not changing my stand.

If I haven't tried the Skinfood Facial Spray, This Evian one will definitely be my favorite~

What I like about this product, like what they state, this product leave your faces feeling very refreshed after spraying it on.
I wouldn't say it moisturized my face well.
Although I moisturize my skin every day and night, whenever I stay in an air-conditioned environment for a long period of time, I notice the area around my cheekbones gets a little dry and tight.
But after using this, I don't feel as tight as before
I wouldn't say this sets my makeup, but I like having this around when my makeup looks cakey.
whenever I experience cakey skin or lines forming on above my makeup, I'll spray this on and use a tissue to light pat to remove the excess powder.

What I don't like about this product, I realize I can't spray too much at one go, because it will make my face wet.
Although they mention that it instantly absorbed into the skin, but I realize if I spray too much, small water droplets will actually be formed and it looks like you're perspiring and you have to pat the product into the skin.
I also realize that if you keep this product for too long, it will have this weird scent in it, but I can't put my hands on what scent it actually is.
PS. This spray is scentless.

Would I recommend it? Yes totally. Although it doesn't give a cooling sensation and scent that will calm you down like the Skinfood one did, but it worked pretty well in the refreshing department & to relieve tightness around dry area of your face.

This retails for SGD$5.90 (50ml) at our local Guardian, Watsons, and SASA stores.

Have you tried this facial spray?
How do you like it?
As always, if you have any recommendation you would like me to try, Leave them in the comments section below!~~

Thanks for reading!!(:

xx, meiyi

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