Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Peach Sakae Silky Finish Powder by Skinfood

I did a post previously on what I use to set my makeup and I briefly mentioned the Peach Sakae Silky Finish Powder by Skinfood and totally didn't did a review about it.

But nonetheless, here's today's review!~

Product Description,
Contain ultra-fine micro-silica powder, which immediately tightens the pores and controls excess sebum. This unique loose powder sets your make-up with a matte finish, and leaving skin with smooth and clean finish.

For starters, I find the packaging really appealing!~
It looks nothing near professional.
The lid if I'm not wrong is made of cardboard!~ how innovative!~

I really like how the packaging looks and how it can glam up your dressing table like an accessory/ornament.

This is how the product look inside.

Come to think of it. I think most of the loose powder comes in the same packaging, with that plastic net above the product.

As mentioned in the previous post, this loose powder has a light peach scent in it that give a refreshing feeling while applying it.

This powder will not turn out cakey since it goes translucent onto the skin.
But one thing for sure, this product is more powdery than the ELF HD powder.
So you might want to use it sparingly or else you face will look very very matte. which makes it very unnatural.

Without comparing the price, I would say this product works much better for people with oily skin.

This product control the sebum on the face quite well, keeping shine at bay for a longer period of time without touching up.

What I like about this product, reading from above, you may have probably known I like the scent of it. It is not something that I'll get sick off or anything too overpowering. I do feel that this powder works much better than the ELF HD powder. You only need a little of it to set your entire face to keep it shine-free for quite a while.

My sister, who has oily skin, uses this product on a daily basis(with/without makeup) to prevent her face from being shiny. And it works for her too.

What I don't like about this product, THE PRICE! It is $42 to get one of this! Although it works well. But I feel that it is really over priced for a setting powder. I feel you can just set your makeup more often with the ELF HD powder and it'll still work fine.

This product, as mentioned above, retails for SGD $42 at our local Skinfood Stores.

Anyone of you tried this? what do you think about it?

And I really want to try the Buckwheat Loose Powder from Skinfood,

Anyone of you tried it? what do you think about this??

xx, meiyi

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