Wednesday, 5 September 2012

First Impression - Maybelline Hyper Cosmos Marbleized Eye Shadow

I went down to the nearest mall to run some errands yesterday and came across these when I went into Guardian

They are the Maybelline Hyper Cosmos Eye Shadow

I'm not sure how new this was, but I'm pretty I didn't see them on the shelves during my last trip to Watsons or Guardian.

So I'm guessing it probably came out either this or last week?
Please correct me if I'm wrong.

I can't find it on any of the Maybelline websites. So~

I was randomly playing with them and I thought they remind me of MAC Mineralized Eye Shadow .

So I got 2 of them to try out.

Half of the pan is a solid shade and the other is a marble shade.

You can either use it mix together or separately.

The cashier, from the Guardian that I went, told me that I can use the pink colour as a blush.

I'm not too sure about that because the colour is so pearly and shimmery I think it might look weird. But I shall try it out to see how though~

I picked this colour out mainly because I thought this reminded me of one of the mineralized eye shadow that I really wanted which was limited edition.

This is in BU-1

And for the Swatches

I thought both the swatches look really pretty in the store so I got iy.

I have to admit that I didn't swatch lightly to get this colour,
It took like 3-4 swatches before getting this pigmented shade.

I haven't try this out on my eyes yet so I can't really tell you how I like it.

The other colour is more of a coral/pink tone,

This was my least expected pick.
I wasn't expecting myself to get this shade because I always think that coal/pink shades will make it seem like I've got swollen eyes. So I always try to avoid this kind of shade.

The shade is in PC-1

And for the swatches,

I thought it'll look quite nice with all the shimmers, So I got this to try out too.

And also this took me 3-4 swatches to achieve this swatch that you're looking at.

My Thoughts,
From my First Impression,

I feel that for an everyday look, you can dust this lightly on your eyelids to make it seem like you've put some effort on my eyes.

But I think this might not work out for a intense colour look, you might want to mix it with a matte shadow to get a more pigmented shade.

I think if you keep picking up more product, it will look very shimmery. Like you've applied glitters on your eyes.

Not to sure though, I haven't really try it out yet. I'm just imagining it right now.HEHHEH! So it might not be accurate at all.

This Series of eye shadow comes in, I think, 8 shades in total. Not too sure how many there are. I remember only seeing 8 shades at the Guardian I went to.

This retails for SGD$17.90 each at our local Guardian & Watsons Stores

Have anyone tried this yet?
Leave a comment telling me what you think about this!(:


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