Monday, 3 September 2012

Etude House Oh M'Eye Line

Now that I'll all refreshed after my bath, I shall start on this post!

Today's review is on a eyeliner that I recently purchased!
YES very recent!~

It is the Etude House Oh M'Eye Line.
I bought this eye liner last Monday! which is a week ago.
This is my first time review something that I've not tried for at least 2 weeks, just because I felt that I needed more time to 'judge' the product...Hmmm.. Let's see what I have to say~~

I'm not really sure where else to see what colour you've bought other than the colour on the bottle.

I was in search for a brown eye liner pencil because I wanted something very natural and I don't have to wait for it to dry when I'm in a rush.

To be honest, I don't really like using pencil eye liner, because I find them not opaque enough for my liking. I just want to try out a brown pencil to see it's effect. I prefer liquid eyeliner much more than any others.

I walked into Etude House on Monday and saw this eyeliner on display and tested it. I wasn't really expecting much from it , due to it's price, but I was amazed when I tried to rub the eye liner off my hands. WOW!~ impressed. So I got one for myself in brown to use.

For those who are wondering what shades are there, I saw online they had black, grey and brown. But at the Etude House that I was at, there was only grey and brown.

The cap of the eyeliner has the product description, how to use and ingredients.

Product description,
This highly pigmented, smudge-proof liquid liner goes on smoothly for precise application and creates strong beautiful lines that last.

This is how the brush applicator looks like,

A zoom in version that didn't do justice to how slim it is.

This part of the liner contains the product. I think they actually fill it to the brim, or at least quite full.
The first time using it, when I put the applicator back into the bottle too quickly, some product actually leak out from the mouth of the bottle.

This eyeliner is pretty good with drawing thin lines!~

My Thoughts,
From my experience.

When I first use this, I had this very weird feeling on my eyes, very restricted, a little heavy. I'm pretty sure it was the eye liner, because all I had all day was this eyeliner on my eyes. So I text foreverangela21 on YouTube to see if she had the same problem, because she loves this eyeliner. And she told me no, she haven't experienced any of it.

So I tried it again, true enough, that feeling was gone.
And the reason being.. I applied too much product on my eye the first time.
Because It was just opened, there is alot of product on the brush, and when I put it on, I think some of the product got clumped with my lashes, giving me that restricted and heavy feeling. The subsequent days when I had this eyeliner on, I didn't feel that anymore!

What I like about this product, This eye liner is amazing!~ It stayed on my eyes the entire day! At least 12 hours! When I was at the beach during my getaway, I had this eyeliner on. I went into the water and even rinse myself. but the eyeliner didn't come off or smudge at all!~ I don't really have very oily eye lids so I don't know how it will work on people with oily eyelids! 
I also like that the brown doesn't give a harsh line like how black liners do. I know this shouldn't be a reason why I like this eye liner because all brown eyeliners work like this.
Another thing about this eyeliner is that although the brush is very thin and looks flimsy, it actually draws a pretty clean line on my eye lids very easily, and I'm not someone that have steady hands. I usually go very slowly and carefully with my eyeliner. But this I can draw really quickly.

What I don't like about this product, It is very waterproof, it might be a hassle to remove off for some people. I notice I have to keep massaging my eye area gently for a little long than usual to completely get all the eyeliner off my eyelids. 
And you might also want to pay a little more attention on the first few uses because product may leak/spill from the mouth of the bottle making it look a little messy.

On the whole, I really like this eyeliner, It is another eyeliner that can be used without a primer on! AMAZING! I like this eyeliner as much as my Dolly Wink! It might even take over my Dolly Wink liner if I find the black version in Singapore. And why is this so? It is much much cheaper than the Dolly Wink eyeliner!

This retails for SGD$8.90 at our local Etude House Stores
Cheapest and most durable eyeliner I've seen in Singapore so far!

Have anyone of you tried this eyeliner?!!
What are your thoughts?

xx, meiyi


  1. Wow! I might have to try this! I have the DOlly Wink too, but I've noticed that it's been smearing a bit by the outer corner of my eye if my eye waters a bit.

    1. This eyeliner doesn't smudge!~ I noticed it kind of peels out. You might want to give the Proof 10 liquid eyeliner a go!~ I'm trying that now, and it's really good!!~


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