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Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets

YAY! I'm back with another review!~

But before I start, let me say something unrelated to this.

My school has just started this week, and I don't know how often I can be blogging. I hope I will still be able to blog every single day without fail but I can't guarantee that I'll be able to.

And another thing, if you realised, I have been posting up my post in the day most of the time. I think from now on, I can only post my post at night since I have to be in school in the day!~

I'm really thankful that there is people (not much though) reading my blog every single day consistently, because this really gives me the motivation to keep blogging every single day!~

So I would like to thank all of you who are reading my blog!(:

THANKYOU for your support!!

Alright, with that being said,

Let's get into my post!~

Eye makeup has always been something I dread to remove from my face, especially waterproof products!~
As you all know, I love using the Biore Hydra-Clear makeup remover. I know my trusty Biore Hydra-Clear will never fail on me when it comes to removing the toughest makeup on my face but I still like using a facial wipe to remove my eye makeup before using the Biore Hydra-Clear.

This is only because I want to make sure my face is extremely clean after cleansing and minimal makeup is left on the surface of my skin.
I don't know if what I'm doing is right or not, it's more like a pet peeve of mine~

I've tried a few kinds of makeup remover wipes, but by far, my favourite one at the moment is the Biore Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets

This is how the packaging looks like

This reminds me of the Johnson's Baby Wipes that my parents used to use when I was young!~

It comes out as a moist sheet.

It is by far, the most moist wet wipes to remove makeup that I've ever tried.
But you might not want to keep it for too long after opening (without using)  because I noticed when I did that, the moisture of the wet wipe actually reduces and it is not as easy to remove your makeup as before.

I have BB cream and blush on my face,
and full eye makeup (primer,shadow,liner,mascara, eyebrow gel) on my eyes.
And PS. I only wear waterproof mascara and eyeliner. So it its very tough to remove them.

And PPS. I closed my eyes in all the photos because if I open them, you probably won't be able to see my eye makeup!~ HAHHAHA!

A zoom in on the products I have on my eyes

I'll first soak the wipe on my eyes for a few seconds and swipe it off.
Usually after 2 swipe, it will take away most, if not all, of my eye makeup off.
When the wet wipe is drier, I usually takes about 3-5 swipes.

After some swiping(which I forgot how many),

I have successfully removed all my eye makeup!~ PS. I didn't remove my BB cream, that's why it's still on my face. Usually, I'll flip the wipe and wipe my entire face too.

This is how the sheet looks like after removing one side of the eye makeup.
Not something very pleasing to see. HEHHHEH!~
My makeup don't smudge, so it all comes out in like a powdery feeling, if you get what I meant.

In this photo,
I've only removed one side(right) of the eye makeup and can you tell that all the eye makeup including the eyeliner is gone?!~

And YEAH!~ I've removed my eye makeup without rubbing it or applying much force.

Usually, if the wipe is not good, I  will notice my eye area to be red. Like I just rub it too hard.
But if you noticed, It still looks alright, hardly any sign of redness anywhere.

Usually after doing this step, I'll follow up with the Biore Hydra-Clear to make sure that the makeup that is not removed by the wet wipe will be removed thoroughly by the solution!~

My Thoughts,
From my experience

What I like about this product, It is moist enough to remove makeup gently and it removes a remarkable amount of makeup. Even the most Majolica Majorica Mascara stands no chance with this. 
Some wipes do remove makeup as well too, but because it is not as moist as this, It usually takes a few sheets to remove makeup on the entire face. But with this, I only need one sheet to remove the makeup on my face, which is a super plus for me.
I also noticed that the sheet is not as rough as some others that I've tried, So it would feel too harsh on your skin, Not SCRATCHY at all!~
I like citrus scents, so I really LOVE the scent of this product.

What I don't like about this product, Although it seems like it removes all the makeup, sometimes when I use my toner, I'll realize that there are still some makeup left on my face. I realize every makeup remover does the same thing unless you deep cleanse it after that. So I will remove my makeup twice, like what I mention above.

Although it seems like it has a sturdy container that retains moisture well, I do feel that it doesn't work well.
I realize if you leave the wipes untouched for about a month or 2, which your probably shouldn't have, it actually dries the wipes.
Although it is still moist but not as moist as before.
Maybe it is my problem. I shoudn't have removed the sticky tape to seal the product. I should have left it there to retain it's moisture.
Might be my fault.

On the whole, I would really recommend people who are looking for wet wipes to remove their makeup.
This product is indeed one of the best I've used.
Unfortunately, I think this is only available in Asia.
From what I know, Biore in some other countries have different series and packaging. And works differently.So you might be able to get this from SASA. But I'm not too sure.

This retails for around SGD$16 at our local Watsons and Guardian stores!~

Share with me how you remove your makeup and which brand/type of makeup remover you are loving and want to recommend!~
Leave your comment down below!~~

Before I end this post, I'll like to share with you how I store my wipes to ensure that it stays moist when I use it,

I store them upside down!~ So that the moisture on the 1st layer will not sink into the ones at the bottom.
I don't know if it really works or not. But I realize Blair stores hers like this too, So I guess maybe it does really works!~ 

Till next post~ BYES!

xx, meiyi

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