Sunday, 9 September 2012

SpringSheen Blush by MAC

Today's review is on a blush that I've heard many good reviews about

Have any of you heard any reviews about this product?

I've heard some good ones and was recommended by the sales lady at MAC!~

This blush is a brighter pink/coral blush.

Back of the product.

To be honest, I'm someone who doesn't dare to wear bright blush on my cheeks. I'm really scared I'll turn out to look weird. So more often than not, I'd rather wear something closer to my skin tone but with a hint of coral/pink in it.

Here's a swatch of it,

When I first swatch it at the MAC counter, I thought it looked too bright on my skin. But when the sales lady apply it onto my cheeks, it looks beautiful~

It doesn't look as intense as when I had it swatched on my hands~ It gives a pretty nice healthy 'flush' on the skin, a little like what you'll expect when you're blushing~(:

So I got it~

It adds a nice glow to my appearance too. I'm not too sure why I've been reaching for the Peachtwist blush more often instead of this, I guess it's just a habit and I should start using this more often now!~

As you can see, Peachtwist is so much darker than Springsheen.
And Peachtwist is actually much safer to wear for a NC30.
To me, Peachtwist is something I won't go wrong with.

I think I should start wearing Springsheen more often before we get into the rainy season (in Nov-Dec)!

Now that I'm looking at the swatches of them, I think Springsheen is more suitable for summer and Peachtwist is more suitable for colder weathers!~

This post seems like a rediscovery for me!~(:

I would recommend everyone to try out this blush!
No matter what skin tone you are!~

I think this is one blush that will look great on people of any skin colour.

Any blush recommendations??!!
Leave me a comment I'll love to try them out!~

xx, meiyi

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