Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Too long? Read this anyway(:

Hi everyone!


I feel like because of time constraints and all I don't seem to find the time to take photos

Before that I use to always use weekends to do all these..but now that my weekends are practically occupied, I haven't been doing so...really need to start reorganizing my time again lol!


I haven't really talked a lot about myself here since the main reason why I started this blog was to share about my thoughts and experience on makeup/skin care products. But recently my friend shared this with me and I thought of sharing it here for anyone reading this who experienced the same thing I did.. (:


There was this period of time,which I believe was for about 3-5years that I literally felt like I was socially awkward. I couldn't find the courage to talk to people and even if I did, I didn't know how to continue the conversation. It got quite bad to the extent I would just sit in the lecture theatre alone for the entire lesson for almost every single lesson.


It all started when I first got betrayed/backstabbed by my friends. I have to admit I wasn't a very nice person to be begin with so I felt I kinda deserved it then. I was then being threatened and surrounded by gangsters who wanted to bash me up. People started gossiping about me behind my back and gave me weird stares like I was a creep.


And there was this group of friends(?), which I thought they would be the last people who will ever gossip or judge or do anything negative to anyone, that I met and that was kinda the only thing that kept me going thinking that actually things ain't as bad as it seems. But one day....yeap they did it too..


That was probably the breaking point for me. Ever since then.. All this social awkwardness happened. I just wanna stay at home and do nothing, thats when I discovered the beauty community on YouTube. I practically watch all the videos I can find subscribed and subscribed and slowly got the hang of putting on makeup.


After watching videos for months, I really wanted to try making videos too.. But I couldn't find the courage to.. For readers following me from the start, you have already know about my lack of courage for making video that's why I decided to hide behind the screen and started this blog instead..lol!


Because of makeup I had really bad breakouts, which made me felt even more inferior about myself.. But also because of the skill of makeup to make myself look better let me regain that tiny bit of confidence.. And I started to slowly talk to people again.. But I'll always have that feeling that I'll feel very out of place when I don't have my friends around with me..


That was before my last year in uni that I've decided to take a step out of my comfort zone to start this blog. It is actually something that I did hesitate for quite some time too.. I kept feeling that people will find me weird and awkward, tell me off and leave nasty comments on the blog. I'm not too sure I could handle it or not.. I don't know what but one day I just decided to start blogging.. And it actually wasn't that bad! I rmb when I first receive a comment I was so nervous I didn't know how I should reply . Lol! This is so embarrassing~~ and when I received my first email! I was thrilled!


I'm not gonna deny, this blog did made me more sociable and made me more confident to talk to people I don't know, even in real life... But there was this part of me who is very wary of what people thinks and what they say. We can all say I never really let go of that.. Maybe because I don't know how to let them not affect me... I rmb when I first received a nasty comment I was so devastated it actually affected me for quite a while. But them I thought again... That person don't even know me.. And probably will never even meet me in real life. Why should I be affected by him/her? So slowly I let it go.. Day by day throughout this year plus I manage to step out of my comfort zone bit by bit.


I was chatting with this friend of mine about this matter just over the weekend. And I admit, I just can't ignore what others say and think about me. All the negative stuff.. It still makes me wanna go back into that comfort zone of mine every now and then... And she shared this poem with me


Mother Theresa's Anyway Poem



I felt so touched and inspired by this poem. The logic is so simple yet the older we grow the more we complicate ourselves the more we care too much about what others think about us.

So to those people who are experiencing whet i've experienced, take this poem! Understand it. And you'll realise you've wasted your tears and feelings on stuff that doesn't matter at all!


Alright now this is getting awkward... I don't know how to end this... Lol!


Anyway... Thanks for reading!


Xx, meiyi


Thursday, 21 November 2013

I'll be back!

Herrow Everyone!!


It's been a while since I've blogged! Many important decisions have been made and many things have changed! So I'm still trying to adapt it..

I'm blogging from my new iPad now! So if this works, I'll be blogging from my iPad most oft the time from now!!(: feeling really excited about this...lol!


Alright I'll stop here for now,

Thankyou so much for supporting my blog all these while during my absence!!(: I really appreciate it!(:


Xx, Meiyi

Monday, 28 October 2013

Secret Project Revealed ; HERMAZE

Hi Everyone!!~

I have been complaining/ranting for the past few months that I’ve been really busy with work and many other stuff.. I can’t really remember what I’ve been ranting too. LOL!!~ It’s just too much.. Too overwhelming..

Most of you following here long enough would have know that I’ve FINALLY graduated from school!~ Which I thought was the most exciting part of the year, since I’ve been yearning for that for a really really long time..

And when I wondered, what more good can I get out of this year?? And this came..


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Hair Transformation

Hi Everyone!~

It’s been a while!!
Yes a long while!!

I’ve been a little busy the past 2 months.. Managed to squeeze a little time out today to post this!
Because I have something I really wanna share!!~

If you follow me on instagram, you would have known what happen..

YES! I cut my hair!!~

If you follow me on instagram, you would have also guessed that I went to Korea!~ LOL!!~ But that’s not the point of this post. I’ll see how to goes and maybe post it in an another post.~~

&no i didn’t cut my hair in korea. I really wanted to! But I just didn’t have the courage to let someone whom I couldnt really communicate with give me a new look. LOL!! So i waited till I came home to do it!~


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Etude House Shini Star Clear BB Lotion

Hi Everyone!~

I was wondering…hmmm.. did I just blog about Etude House yesterday??
Went to check..and yeap.. I did… LOL!!~

Click here is you missed it!~

And yes!!~~ I’m back with another review!!~
From Etude House (again) LOL!!~ You are gonna expect more Etude House products coming up!~ Have been trying out Etude House more these days..mainly because it’s cheap!~ LOL!~ And also I heard their quality is improving.. So I thought of giving it a go~LOL!~

Remember many many months ago I did wrote a post about my a little crazy shopping moment with BB creams? Yea… (click here to view)

Today~ I’m finally gonna start reviewing them!!~ PS. I’ve tried all of the BB cream.. Just that I didn’t have the time to write a review then.. So gear up for more BB cream reviews!~ before I move on to CC creams.. LOL!!~


Monday, 19 August 2013

Etude House Proof 10 Liquid Liner

Hi Everyone!!~

I’m finally back with a review~

For those who saw my review basket on instagram, you would have knew that I have a ton of products lining up to review, but I honestly don’t have the time to do so..

This week seems to be a more less taxing week, I shall try my best to blog more often. 화이팅!!

Let’s move on with today’s post before I start rambling and rambling non-stop!~

As seen on the title, This post is on..


Wednesday, 31 July 2013

L’oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Deep Repairing Mask

Hi Everyone!!~

It’s been a while.. I know I know.. Didn’t thought that I wouldn’t have time to blog at all!~ It’s been a really busy disappearance.. LOL!~~

Some times I feel like I’m making up excuses since I haven’t really been blogging quite regularly, yea… it isn’t really any excuses.LOL!

Alright. I have been wanting to blog about this since the week before. But I didn’t have 1-2hours to do so. Since I’m a little more free today, I thought.. Hmm… Gonna take my products with me to work and snap some photos. LOL!!~

So… Please forgive the background…(no more pretty grass..LOL!~)


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Crayon Shin Chan, weird selfie…etc.

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to post a review today, but looking at the time now, I don’t think I’ll be able to..LOL!~~

I was just watching some videos just now and I came across this.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Etude House Collagen Moistfull Enriched Cream

Hi Everyone!~

I never really like using moisturizer, especially when the moisturizer is an opaque colour.
Because usually when I apply an opaque moisturizer, I always find it too thick and uncomfortable.
So even if I get them, I don’t use them in the day or I’ll use it.. and slowly not touch it anymore because I didn’t like the feeling of the cream.

During my exam period, I thought to myself, I really need to get into the routine of applying moisturizer since I don’t really have the time to pamper my skin as often as usual. I started noticing fine lines, due to dry skin, and dry patches appearing on my skin. So I decided to get a rich moisturizer to apply at night before I go to bed since the one that I was using then, Hada Labo whitening lotion, feels like it doesn’t give enough moisture.

I was initially intending to get the Laneige water bank cream. But don’t know why.. I got this in the end.. LOL!~


Monday, 8 July 2013

Doggy Dairy #2 - Bath & Birthday

Hi Everyone!!~

My sister just told me few days ago that she took my camera and took some photos of ozzy and domo after shower. And I thought I would share them here!~~


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The odbo Sun Block Pact

Hi Everyone!!~

It’s been a busy busy week!~
Been working on a project for the past month, I’m hoping that it will have a good outcome!!~

I was so in the mood to blog yesterday. But I came across this screenshot of a video on 2 dogs fighting and people are crowding around it. Just looking at it, I feel so sad for the dogs and angry at the same time. I also felt very helpless.

Knowing how much worst I’ll feel after watching that video, I decided not to click on it. But I’m not gonna deny, it did affect me for the rest of the day… So I decided not to blog instead.

This post isn’t about me talking about all these.
So let’s get into the post!!~

While I was in Korea last year, we went for this beauty lesson where they taught us how Koreans take care of their skin. I think it’s under the company “ The odbo” or something. Because all the products they have there are all that brand.
I came back and did a little research on it, but apparently it’s not a well known brand in Korea, if I didn’t read wrongly, even Koreans themselves don’t really know what it is.

Recently I was talking to a friend, and she told me she use and really like their products and have been introducing it to her friends. So I guess it’s not that unknown after all.. LOL

I so happen to really enjoying using some products from that brand too!!~

As you all know, I had my exams previously, and didn’t have the time to blog.
Some where in March, I had crazy lessons from like 8.30am-10pm. And sometimes it’s the same for the following day.
So at that period of time, I didn’t really want to wear anything on my face. Not even sun block, because it makes my face feels a little greasy at the end of the day. My face will also look like there so much oil on it. You know that uncomfortable feeling that no one likes???.. LOL!~
Imagining having such pack and crazy timeslots, who won’t want to sleep in more. So I gave up using BB cream for that period of time too.

But then again, I didn’t really want to leave the house with any SPF. That’s when I recalled that last July, we went to Korean and got this product!!~ I remember the sales assistant did mention something about oil control. So I decided to give this a go!~


Monday, 24 June 2013

Etude House Surprise Stick Concealer

Hi Everyone!~

FINALLY!!~~ The Haze situation here is getting better and I manage to snap some photos over the weekend!!~ OH YEAH!!~

For the past week I thought the haze in Singapore was so bad since the PSI hit 400 until yesterday, parts of Malaysia hit PSI 700!~
To people who are living in those affected area, Take good care of yourselves, drink more water and wear a mask!!~

Alright.. Back to today’s post..

Months back, I hear quite a handful of Korean YouTubers raving about this concealer, comparing this with the Bobbibrown Conealer( Which is highly raved around).
I don’t really have much to conceal, or rather I can’t really be bothered to conceal them, I don’t really see a need to invest in a expensive concealer. Most of the time, I’ll just use which ever concealer I have in hand, or make do with the foundation and BB Cream I have.

I wasn’t really planning to purchase it, but I thought it would come in handy when I want a little more coverage when I apply BB cream. So when I walked pass  a Etude House store I went in to grab one of it to try it out~


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Holika Holika Heartful Moisture Lipstick

Hi Everyone!~

After the last post, mentioning that I will go home and take some photos for today’s post.. I’m was thinking of taking the left over photos I wanted for this Holika Holika review. But ohh well… I didn’t in the end..

I’ll insert them into this post when I’ve taken them..



Holika Holika Heartful Moisture Lipstick

Monday, 17 June 2013

Why No POST??!!


Alright.. I’ve been a little busy lately and the weather isn’t really good.

It’s pretty hazy right now in Singapore so I didn’t really want to go out to the sun and take photos for the products. but then again, most of my post are using natural lighting from the sun.. So I was hoping that the weather was better over the weekends so I can do some shooting.. But.. nope.. It got worst..-.-

So I guess I shall shoot my photos tonight in the room with the room lighting.. Hope you’ll don’t mind~

I wanted to post it up, so it wouldn’t seem like I’ve disappeared for no reason again.. LOL!!~

I’m thinking.. Should I get a lamp? But I really like how the natural lighting looks in the photo.. But sooner or later I have to invest on one. So if anyone of you have any recommendations on lamp, leave them down below so I can check them out!!(:

I paused for awhile and came back..and I forgot what I wanted to say.. LOL!!~

Alright.. I think I’ll just end here.

See you in the next post!!(:

xx, meiyi

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Doggy Diary

Hi Everyone!~

I just came out with this title la few seconds ago. I think maybe from now on, I shall have a title for all my non-review posts. LOL!~ Don’t know why I had this idea too.. Maybe too much blog reading??… LOL!~~

Alright.. Before this morning, I thought I had lots of ozzy and domo’s photos. But it doesn’t really seem like that. And some of them I don’t even know if I posted them in any of the post.

But ohh well.. Who can resist looking at pictures of animals…~~

I know I can’t.. LOL!~~

So let’s get the photos rolling~~


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Silkygirl Perfect Stay 20Hr Eyeliner

Hi Everyone!~

After writing yesterday’s post, I thought of posting some overdue photos of Ozzy and Domo I have in my camera, but…. I forgot to bring my camera out with me today-.-

So I’ll leave that to tomorrow~~

I’ve seen this product on TV commercials and those advertisement banners around, but I’ve never really looked up to read up on any reviews on this product. Probably because the advertisements I’ve seen didn’t really interest me.

Randomly one day, My sister and I walked into a Guardian near my house, she wanted to get a eyeliner but didn’t want anything expensive, and we saw this product at the counter.. I’m not gonna lie to you guys, but this is what attracted us..LOL!~


Monday, 10 June 2013

L’Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion Hair Dye

Hi Everyone!~

If you are living in Singapore, you probably would have heard of this line of red hair dye by L’Oreal. It was realised some time at the start of this year. So this year, instead of spending the money to dye our hair at the salon, my sister and I decided to try out this line of hair dye to see if it works.

PS. This was taken way back in February, before CNY.


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Garnier Skin Perfecting BB Cream

Hi Everyone!!~
It’s been awhile!~
Now that exams are over, I can now concentrate on blogging!~ Been wanting to post a post so badly for the past few months, but I know if I on my laptop, I’ll go on and on and not study.
PS. I didn’t on my laptop for the entire of May! It’s unbelievable!~
Today’s post is a little different, it’s not by me, It’s by my sister!~ She wanted to help me out a little, by sharing her thoughts on some products she has tried, so that I have something to post during my exam period, but I didn’t have time to upload it. That’s the reason why it is only going to go up today~ LOL!~~
Better late than never I always say… So Let’s get into the post!~
PS. Just FYI,
My sister has Oily, Acne prone skin

HI GURLS!! Since my sister would be busy with her finals for these few months, and now that my summer break has started, I would like to take this opportunity to share some of the products that I have used or still using, and share my opinions on these products! So a little about myself, I have VERY VERY VERY troubled skin. My face gets oily instantly after washing. Due to my skin being so ridiculously oily, I have humongous pores, especially around my nose area. I rarely get perfect, flawless skin (without pimples) and it kind of bothers me. So, whenever a product is marketed for oily and troubled skin, I would definitely buy it to try it out! Ok, so done about narrating my skin condition… I would now get back to the main topic for today’s post.

Garnier BB Cream
This was a highly discussed product and its level of marketing was really high! The first time I got to know about this product was from Click Network, where they got Xiaxue to go around a University in Singapore to ask female students to try out the new Garnier BB cream. So, being really curious and also having to try out the tester in Guardian, I convinced myself to get one to try it out.
Click Here to watch the video

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Finally Back~~

Hi Everyone!!~

Long Long Long time no blog!!~~

Have been MIA for like...2 months??

I think I've posted that I was studying for exams.. Exams Exams Exams~~~

But it's all over now!!~ I'm as free as a bird!!~~

Alright I'm going to attempt to start blogging again daily, no promises though.. But I'll try my best.

I really enjoy it when I post a post up everyday.. So now since I have school and studies out of the way.. I have alot more free time to write something!~

Before I end the post.

Just want to say thankyou!~

Thankyou for sticking aroundto  check for new post even when I haven't been updating!!~


Alright I think I shall get some rest now!~
See you in the next post!!~

xx, meiyi

Monday, 1 April 2013

I'm gone??

Hi Everyone!~

Long time no blog!~

I thought I could update my blog more often the last 2 weeks since I don't have many lessons on.. But who knows studying can take up so much of your time...

So much till I don't really have any time to do any other thing..

I'm thinking... I probably won't have any time from now till the end of May to do a proper blog post):

I have to work very very hard for this exam... because it's my LAST year in Uni!~ Have to graduate!!~~~

There so many things I want to do after my exam...

I'm in a dilemma now... I want the exams to end fast!! But I'm hoping it doesn't come so soon.. Need more time to prepare.. LOL!!~

Alright... This post is going no where now..

Before I end..

Thankyou everyone for visiting my blog even though I haven't been updating much..

Thankyou so much!!~

And thanks for reading!!(:

xx, meiyi

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Redken Extreme Anti-Snap

Hi Everyone!~

Few months back, after finishing up my Kerastase Nectar Thermique Leave-in Nourishing Heat Protectant I got the Redken Extreme Anti-Snap under my friend’s recommendation. I did some research online, most I found were positive, but I didn’t manage to find a whole lot of reviews to read on, maybe I wasn’t searching right. LOL!


Friday, 15 March 2013

Grassy Domo!~

Hi Everyone!~

I’m trying to sort out the photos in my camera. I asked my sister for some help with the photos so I can post it up to share with you.. But we went a little over board with the amount… LOL!!~ So need sometime to sort which I want and which not.

While I was looking through the photos, I found some photos of Domo, not too sure when I took this, but I shall share them with you!(:


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Mentholatum Deep Moist Lip Balm

Hi Everyone!~~

It’s been a long long while since I’ve done a review post.

Since my prelims have ended and my time in these 2 weeks can be a little more flexible, I’ll try to blog as much as I can!(: No promise though.

I have been wanting to blog about this product since January, but due to the hectic school timetable and revision time, it haven’t really been done until now..

When I took photos of this lip balm, I’m halfway through the product, but now… It’s almost gone.. LOL!~


Sunday, 10 March 2013

Will Be Back

Hi Everyone!~

Sorry for not posting a proper review post in such a long time!~

Prelims are almost over and I'll have a little more time to take photos of the products and share them with all of you!(:

These 2 months have been really hectic for me, thus very little update, but I can't promise I can have post coming up more frequent.. Actually looking at my timetable for April now, I think I might not be able to even post 3 proper post!

Nonetheless I'll try my best!(: I'll be blogging on Tuesday night! After I've taken my last prelim paper, so stay tune!!(:

xx, meiyi

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Update: Prelims, Facial & ....

Hi Everyone!~

Alright.. I haven't been blogging the entire week. Mainly because I'm using most of my time to get down to study... and for lessons.

Last week was supposedly a free week for me.. But it didn't seem like I have any time at all. Come to think of it, I don't really know where all the time went to.. LOL!~

This week is the start of my Prelims. Sounds weird, but yes. I have to take prelims in my uni. It's suppose to get us prep for the exam itself, because what ever we score for our exam is our results. We don't have assignments, groupwork, projects or class tests to back us up. 100% exam based. So yeap, the exam determines whether we pass or fail. Feels a little like O Levels huh.. Yes it definitely is.. LOL!~

So far I've only taken 1 paper and I have another 6 to go, which 2 will be in the next 2 days.

Before I start rambling about how stressed out I am about exams,.. Let's move on to something else.. LOL!!~

Not sure if anyone of you know, but I will be graduating this year, YAY!~ My final exam!!~ So I've been hunting for jobs. Late last week I actually feel a little pressured, by job interviews and what job I wanna do and exams and all. To add in to that, I realised that I didn't receive my receipt to confirm that I've registered for exams. Woah, it was a little of a breaking point for me. Imagining me studying until 3am in the morning, suddenly realise that I didn't get a confirmation, no one to verify and with all the thoughts that I may not be registered for it and registration is closed, which meant that I have to retake another year because of that made me really anxious. I remembered I was so worried I couldn't even sleep until almost 6am in the morning. But the good thing is I didn't have to wake up early that morning for any lessons. But I did in the end. woke up at 8.30am in the morning to give the examination centre a call to verify everything. False alarm!~ OMG!~ I was so happy to hear that!!~

Alright.. I'm going for an interview next week, and I realise my face wasn't really in a good condition, so taking that as an excuse, and also to give myself some time to relax, I went for a facial session.

LOL!!~ Relax.... That's what I thought before the facial. LOL!~ the beautician said I had a lot of whiteheads and clogged pores, which I find it a little hard to believe since I've been taking care of my skin really well, and she had to remove them. Well she didn't in the end, because some were not meant to be removed yet. I can only say... It's painful!!~ But actually the only painful part of the facial is the removal of the whiteheads and all.. Other than that, it's pretty alright.. But after the facial I felt a little stingy pain, must be from all the extractions and all making my skin feel a little sensitive, but it's all gone today... Ohh.. I didn't mention.. I went for the facial yesterday!~

This morning when I was applying my makeup, I really see my face looking better!~ All the small little bumps that I could never removed are all gone!!~((: Which means all the pain I went though during the facial has not gone to waste. LOL!~~

If you're someone who can't take pain during extraction of whitehead and all, my secret is to chant "BEAUTY IS PAIN" in your mind when you want to give up. LOL!~ I literally did that the entire time.. LOL!!~

Alright.. I shall stop here. Have to get back to study..

I know many of you out there are preparing for exams just like I am.. So, GOOD LUCK to all of you!!(:


xx, meiyi

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Bifesta Part 2–Bright Up Cleansing Lotion

Hi Everyone!~

Yay~ Manage to get some motivation and some time to write this post!!~

After so long~~ I’m finally writing about the other ( Brightening) Cleansing Lotion by Bifesta, that I’ve tried together with the Sebum version. If you haven’t read my post on the Sebum cleansing lotion, click HERE.


Sunday, 17 February 2013

Red Lips… (A pointless post??)

Hi Everyone,

Just yesterday, my friend was looking through my bag randomly, and she found 2 lipsticks, both in red, and we started this lipstick conversation which made me realise… “Hey!~ When I have a lip product on, it’ll always be a red lip, be it as sheer as a tint, or as bold and opaque as a lipstick.”

My friend, on the other hand, really like the healthy nude look. Where ever she went and when ever you see her, she always has a nude lip, if not it would be a sheer pink lip.

Just this afternoon, I recalled about the conversation and checked if I owned any nude lipsticks.
And I do, but I almost never really use them. Not that the shades don’t match or isn’t nice, just that whenever I pick out a lip product, it’ll 90%-99% not be a nude colour. Somehow or rather, I feel that I’ve left them in a cold corner of my storage…

And just before I’m writing this post, I was looking at the photos of the Grammy Awards 2013 Red Carpet. Without any doubts, I got attracted to celebrities with red lips.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Why/How did I start this blog

Hi Everyone!~

It’s been a while!~

There is suppose to be a product review coming up in this post, but…. Let’s just blame it all on procrastination.

I haven’t forsake this little space, in fact I have been thinking about it quite a bit!~ Well, much more than I actually thought I would..

I’m thinking how nice would it be if I had a lighter laptop to carry around.. Then I can blog anywhere I want!~. But I really want a decent desktop too.

Back to reality!~ I’m not well off to get these right now.. I have to first do my exams, which is coming soon, then find a job, then I’ll be able to get them!~ So for now.. I’ll just continue dreaming of it!!~ LOL!~

Did I ever mentioned why I created this small little space?

Not sure if I did, but I created this space because I really wanted to talk about beauty products, and things that I’ve been loving.. Maybe just things that I’ve used.

A blog never really came into my mind, since to me, a blog is like a online diary, telling people what happened in your everyday life, well at least that’s what I had been thinking.
I’ve never been someone who enjoys showing people my everyday life. I blame it on my high secrecy level. LOL!~ Is that even a legit phrase?

I thought of making YouTube videos too, but… I can’t talk in front of the camera. It just feels so weird!!~ It’s probably my introvert instincts! LOL!~ Yeah.. When I tell people around me that I’m more of an introvert than an extrovert, no on believes it. But that’s true~~~ It’s just that people don’t really understand the meaning of introvert. Well, I shan’t bore you with that either!!~ LOL!!~

So some last year, in 2012, I came across some local beauty blogs, and I have been following them since!~ Back to the point, It struck me that blogging isn’t just about telling people about your personal life!~ I can actually share what I think about beauty products too, and not include my personal life in it!~~ I then told a very close friend of mine about it. I thought she would think that it’s really stupid and lame.. But instead, she thought it was a fantastic idea!~ she was probably the only person I told about when I wanted to start this blog. PS. I didn’t tell anyone else, because I knew I wouldn’t take the first step if anyone gave me a negative comment.

I was thinking, this is probably going to be like a moment thing, after that moment, I will not update this space. From what I noticed, moment to me is like after 2 months. Seems like I’ve passed the “moment” LOL!~

Procrastination is definitely my biggest “fan”, thus the lack of post recently.
Other than that, I’m also a disorganised person. I can’t really organise my time well, somehow or rather, when I plan things, I just won’t follow the flow of it.. I have to keep to it real soon!~ But one thing for sure, my sleep definitely didn’t get affected by it. LOL!~

Like what I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I have some products I want to talk about coming up. The photos are piling!!~ I just need that teeny bit of motivation to overpower my procrastination!~ And I’m fighting hard!~ LOL!!~~ Let’s pray hard that it’ll come up soon!!~

Anyway, it’s getting pretty late.. I don’t really know why did I blog (about this) too.. Not sure if you enjoy it, but I hope you did..(:  (and I didn’t bore you too much)HAHA

Thanks for reading!!~

xx, meiyi

Monday, 4 February 2013

Bifesta Sebum Cleansing Liquid

Hi Everyone!~

My photos have been long overdue..

I remember when I just started, I’m so on the ball, I never felt that my posts are overdue. But now.. I have a list of products I want to talk about and don’t have time to..Alright, cutting long story short, let me get started.

I was at a Watson's Member Sale some time back, I can’t really remember when, but it’s really months ago. I believe it was about 3 months ago.. You’ll know why in the next post..

I heard many great reviews on blogs and videos I couldn’t give it a miss when they were on promotion. When I was there, they are only left with the Sebum version, for oily skin, I thought I would just get it to try out..


Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Oh so Random~

Hi Everyone!~

If you’re following me on Twitter, I tweeted that I will blog a post tomorrow. But I didn’t want to leave it all not updated for so long, so I shall share what I did today..( the without pictures edition) LOL!~

I went to Orchard with my friend today, was initially thinking of a movie marathon, but there isn’t really many nice movies to watch today.

Friday, 25 January 2013

The Beauty Bloggers Tag

Hi Everyone!~

I was looking for new blogs to follow and read and I came across http://chloeleonardmakeupartist.blogspot.com and saw this tag post. I've never seen a tag post going around, maybe I'm not searching hard enough, so when I saw this, I wanted to do it..

PS. which means I have to think of the answers on the spot. (:

From Chloe's post, this tag is made up by Tattooed Tealady , aka Sophia. Thankyou Sophia for making this tag, now I can do it!!~

Let me not ramble any more and get into it!(:

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Bulgarian Rose Eye Cream by Holika Holika

Hi Everyone!!~

If I didn’t remember wrongly, I’ve only done a review post since the start of this year!

And I just found out.. I have been neglecting my blog so much that there is only 8 posts (well 9 now) from the start of 2013)):

As you may know from one of the previous posts, CNY is around the corner, and I’m busy preparing for it. So my life literally revolve around shopping for CNY stuff and school. School isn’t exactly relaxing too, because we’re almost “at the end of our year” and it’s almost time for our study breaks, prelims, revisions and eventually exams, all my lecturers are rushing to clear all the remaining lessons and thus the crazy makeup/extra lessons on evenings and weekends.

Before going on and on, which is not the purpose of this post, Let’s get back to track.

I’ve been in search for a good eye cream for quite a while… I’m not really a eye cream person, or maybe I should say, I’m a little scared of using eye cream.

I’ve tried a few different eye creams from various brands, and almost all of it, either do nothing or cause this bumps on under my eyes. So I usually substitute eye creams with my moisturizer(yes I know I shouldn’t). About 5 months ago, I start noticing that whenever I try to apply BB cream or concealer around my under eye area, it always creases and it always looks so dry.. So I thought “ it’s time I should start investing on a good eye cream”.

I was contemplating between some brands, especially those that are very highly raved on YouTube and the blogsphere. But they weren’t exactly that affordable for a student to use regularly, so I get procrastinating.

But about 3 months ago, I came across this eye cream after reading and watch reviews on it.


Sunday, 20 January 2013

Will be back soon

Hi Everyone!!~

I haven't been blogging almost for the entire week!~

I'm so sorry!!~

School have been really busy this and next week. Hope I can get some shooting done tmr after lesson..

*weather please be nice!!*

Speaking of which.... Who has lessons on Sundays??!!! Isn't it suppose to be a weekend/rest day??!!

Oh well.. There's nothing I can do!!~~

Anyway... Thankyou for coming by ! I will be blogging real soon!!~

There's so many products I've tried recently and really want to share it with you!!!

Dear weather... Please be nice tmr!!

xx, meiyi

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Snacks/ Junk Food Favourites!

Hi Everyone!~

If you followed me on twitter, you’ll probably know what happened earlier today.

I was all motivated to shoot some photos for my blog, and it started raining just as I started.

I really want to blog tonight, but I don’t know what I should blog about, mainly beauty related topic.

I’m not a professional, my knowledge comes from YouTube and beauty books, I don’t want to start rambling on the professional tips and tricks on makeup and skincare I picked up along the way, since I don’t know, for sure, if it’s 100% accurate.

Before I think of what I want to post, let me show you want I’m doing now. LOL!~


Sunday, 13 January 2013

UPDATE!~ What I’ve Been Up To!

Hi Everyone!

As you may or may not know, Chinese New Year is about a month from now!

I have been shopping for new clothes to wear for CNY since the start of the year. But sad to say.. I’ve only gotten one dress, and it’s black. I’m still thinking how I shall wear it so that it doesn’t look that unlucky.

It’s really good that my family aren’t superstitious and forbids everything black. At least we can buy something black, but match it with some brighter colours so it doesn’t look all black and dull.

With that being said, because of all these searching of clothes, shopping in short LOL, and school, I’m hardly at home. AND I didn’t have time to take photos of the products I want to review on in the day.

I know many people (who are writing blogs) take their pictures with lights at night. I tried that too, but I didn’t like the outcome of it.. Most of the time, I just delete it and retake it in the day. That’s why, if you’ve followed my blog for some time, you would have noticed that most of the photos are under sunlight.

There’s another “obsession” I’m having this week too!~

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Macau Getaway Part 2– Exploring around The Venetian

Hi Everyone!~

After a while, I’m back to blog about my getaway to Macau again. If you missed part 1, Click Here.

Before we head out to explore what’s outside our hotel,

We had to have egg tarts!~

Everyone is telling me to try the Portuguese Egg Tarts when I’m there. To be exact, they said it was a must to try. LOL!~

Not really sure which is the famous one, since I didn’t really did any research, I’m going with this…


Sunday, 6 January 2013

Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash and Sealing Jell

Hi Everyone!~

I’ve received some products from Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Skincare a while ago to try out and share my thoughts on them.


Saturday, 5 January 2013

Favourites of 2012

Hi Everyone!~

I saw many people on Youtube doing videos on beauty products they have been loving in 2012 and I have been wanting to do one too..

I was suppose to do it on new years day, I had all the photos ready but…. It just didn’t happen…LOL!~

For quite some time, I haven’t been blogging in the day, due to my schedule in school, but it’s possible today!!(: Just me and my lazy Saturday afternoon (:~~~~

Alright!!~ I feel that I’m going a little off topic now.. So before I go totally off, let’s get started!!~

Favourites of 2012!!

Starting off with face,


Thursday, 3 January 2013


I have to do this post before the day comes to an end.

Today, 3rd January 2013, is Domo’s birthday!(:

Domo is 4 years old this year!!~

Time really flies… It seems like only a year since we got Ozzy, Domo didn’t even exist then…

And now he’s 4!!~

As much as I want to spend my entire day at home with him, I have to be in school the entire day):
But it’s alright.. He got many cuddles and birthday songs from our family. Not forgetting the unlimited amount of touch-touch LOL!~

Usually for Ozzy and Domo’s birthday, I’ll get them some new treats to try out. But this year, I thought since they sell cakes for dogs, I shall get one for them to share!(:


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