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Etude House Collagen Moistfull Enriched Cream

Hi Everyone!~

I never really like using moisturizer, especially when the moisturizer is an opaque colour.
Because usually when I apply an opaque moisturizer, I always find it too thick and uncomfortable.
So even if I get them, I don’t use them in the day or I’ll use it.. and slowly not touch it anymore because I didn’t like the feeling of the cream.

During my exam period, I thought to myself, I really need to get into the routine of applying moisturizer since I don’t really have the time to pamper my skin as often as usual. I started noticing fine lines, due to dry skin, and dry patches appearing on my skin. So I decided to get a rich moisturizer to apply at night before I go to bed since the one that I was using then, Hada Labo whitening lotion, feels like it doesn’t give enough moisture.

I was initially intending to get the Laneige water bank cream. But don’t know why.. I got this in the end.. LOL!~


Etude House Collagen Moistfull Enriched Cream.

If I didn’t remembe wrongly, there’s a gel cream and a enriched cream. This enriched one this of a thicker formula than the regular one.


It comes in a box packaging, and in it,


there is the moisturizer and a small bottle of essence.

I’m not going to talk about the essence because I have not use it yet. So I can’t even tell you anything about it. LOL!!~

Product description

I think the reason I got this instead of the Laneige one is because the sales lady there old me, applying it at night is more than enough to keep your skin hydrated. LOL!~~ Totally sold and got it. LOL!!~


The cream is , yes, white and opaque!~ I’m not gonna lie, it really took me alot of determination to apply this every night for the first 2 weeks. LOL!!~

PS. don’t be fooled by this photo. You don’t get that much of product in it. Mine was placed upside down in my review basket the night before. LOL!!~


If you’re wondering if this product is thick and sticky, some what like the consistency of those white glue.. I think it might be!~ but just a tad bit runny. LOL!~~


You can’t really see from the photo above since my hands seems really matte. LOL!!~

But after applying on, your face is a little shiny. And the shine will stay on for quite a while. So I guess it might not to suitable to apply it in the day if you’re intending to head out after that.

My Thoughts

Other that the consistency and the feeling of this moisturizer, I actually do really like how well my skin is while using this product.
I’ve tried the samples I got from Etude House previously, but they didn’t really showed much difference, but after using it for about 1month, I can see that my skin is brighter, more hydrated and lesser visible fine lines (much be due to the collagen properties)

What I like about this product, As mentioned above, It does makes  my skin look brighter, more hydrated and lesser visible lines. I also really like the scent of it. It has this Citrus scent, If I don’t describe it wrongly. I feel it smells like orange!~ A scent that I’ll never get sick of. LOL!~~

I bought this moisturizer just to make my skin more hydrated, but I just, with more hydrated skin, your skin naturally looks brighter and more radient.

Although it has collagen in it, I didn’t really noticed my skin being firmer or anything, but mentioned earlier, I did notice that the fine lines under my eyes are less visible. It’s either it is really hydrating, if not… It must be the collagen then.

I would say it is a  light weight moisturizer, in fact I do think it’s rather thick for my liking. But I’m fine with having it on at night before I go to bed because it doesn’t give you this stuffy feeling like you’ve a film on your face.

Although it looks like it’s a really small jar. But it really surprised me. I’ve been using for 2-3months now and I’m only half way through.

Another thing I didn’t mentioned earlier, I noticed that unlike other products, it doesn’t clog my pores, and it absorbs into the skin really really well and fast too!!~ I notice I didn’t have to use too much product to keep my skin hydrated.

What I don’t like about this product, the only complain has to be it’s consistency, because you can definitely feel that there’s something on your face and it’s something' I’ll take note and be VERY self-conscious throughout the day.

Ohhhh.. This is not exactly a dislike, but I noticed that when I had mask on before, and I apply this moisturizer after, I’ll notice a couple tiny zits appearing around my nose area. So on nights where I have mask on, I’ll not use this and go for the hada labo instead.

But the funny thing is.. When I apply this with the Laneige sleeping pack mask, it doesn’t have this problem.. I guess it’s just the combination of products~~

To summarize,


1) Brighter Skin

2) More Hydrated Skin

3) Lesser Visible Fine Lines

4) Nice Orange Scent

5) Absorbs quickly


1) Consistency a little thick ( for my liking)

Would I recommend this?

I actually would recommend everyone to try this out. I’m not really sure if this is suitable for people with sensitive skin, since I don’t have sensitive skin, but I feel that' it is a pretty good product when you need extra hydration to your skin. Unlike many popular (Cheaper) brands I’ve tried, this product actually is one that I would repurchase even though it has a really thick consistency that I didn’t really like. It did it’s job well to the point where I’m willing to apply it every night.

This retails for ~SGD$38.90 at our local Etude House Stores.

Anyone tried this?? what are your thoughts??
If there’s any moisturizers you would like to recommend, Leave then in the comments section down below and I’d love to try them!!~

Thank you for reading!!~~

xx, meiyi

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