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The odbo Sun Block Pact

Hi Everyone!!~

It’s been a busy busy week!~
Been working on a project for the past month, I’m hoping that it will have a good outcome!!~

I was so in the mood to blog yesterday. But I came across this screenshot of a video on 2 dogs fighting and people are crowding around it. Just looking at it, I feel so sad for the dogs and angry at the same time. I also felt very helpless.

Knowing how much worst I’ll feel after watching that video, I decided not to click on it. But I’m not gonna deny, it did affect me for the rest of the day… So I decided not to blog instead.

This post isn’t about me talking about all these.
So let’s get into the post!!~

While I was in Korea last year, we went for this beauty lesson where they taught us how Koreans take care of their skin. I think it’s under the company “ The odbo” or something. Because all the products they have there are all that brand.
I came back and did a little research on it, but apparently it’s not a well known brand in Korea, if I didn’t read wrongly, even Koreans themselves don’t really know what it is.

Recently I was talking to a friend, and she told me she use and really like their products and have been introducing it to her friends. So I guess it’s not that unknown after all.. LOL

I so happen to really enjoying using some products from that brand too!!~

As you all know, I had my exams previously, and didn’t have the time to blog.
Some where in March, I had crazy lessons from like 8.30am-10pm. And sometimes it’s the same for the following day.
So at that period of time, I didn’t really want to wear anything on my face. Not even sun block, because it makes my face feels a little greasy at the end of the day. My face will also look like there so much oil on it. You know that uncomfortable feeling that no one likes???.. LOL!~
Imagining having such pack and crazy timeslots, who won’t want to sleep in more. So I gave up using BB cream for that period of time too.

But then again, I didn’t really want to leave the house with any SPF. That’s when I recalled that last July, we went to Korean and got this product!!~ I remember the sales assistant did mention something about oil control. So I decided to give this a go!~


The odbo Sun Block Pact


This is the back of the packaging.
It’s SPF 50+ PA+++

Products description, A powerful UV sunblock (SPF50+, PA+++) that comes in the form of a compact powder with mirror. Application is easy with a puff provided and it effectively protects the skin from UV rays for several hours. It is portable and easy to bring around, simply drop it into your make up pouch!
This sunblock is a selective absorption powder that is highly purified white powder that protects the skin from harmful environmental factors and keeps the skin smooth and healthy. Formulated by low melting point system, the product melts at body temperature to give silky and soft touch to the skin, leaving an even tone on the face as it blends in perfectly with your skin tone.
Suitable for all skin types.
It comes with a puff, but I don’t really use it, I find it easier, and less waste of product using my fingers.
It has this cover catch(?) to prevent your product from drying out.
I wouldn’t say it comes in a white creamy texture.
It feels a little grainy. like there’s very very fine mirco beads in it that dissolves as you apply it onto your skin.
I would say that the texture of this product is more of a paste than a cream.
AHHH!!~~ The formulation of it is not as “wet” as a cream.
If you’re worried that it’ll leave a white cast, don’t worry. It will blend into your skin as soon as your start rubbing it in.
My Thoughts
I never enjoy apply sun block alone on my face because it always feels so greasy and stuffy.. Not sure anyone feels the same as me or not..
So I always stick too BB cream or layer the sunblock with foundation, sometimes even for my favourite sunblock of all time, the Neutrogena one.
Not sure if any of the Singaporeans remember, in March and April, the Sun is scotching hot!!~ Our temperature in the day went up to 35degrees Celsius! This is CRAZY!!~YEAh. That was the time I recalled about what the sales lady said and dug out this Sun block Pact.
What I like about this product. For Starters, I really like how compact the packaging is. For Sunscreens, we all know they are pretty bulky to carry around. But this just feels like a compact powder. It’s really good to take along when you’re traveling. Gives you extra room for other things & it’s very light too. LOL!~
Speaking of light, this sunscreen is very lightweight. Sometimes when I rush out of the house. I can’t really remember or tell the difference if I have sunscreen on my face or not. There isn’t this layer or product that will make you feel stuffy or greasy.
Since we’re on the greasy line, I’m thinking this product has oil/sebum control properties. You know how sunscreen always make your face seems greasy and oily, this doesn’t. Sometimes at the end of the day, my face feels less greasy than when I don’t have this sun screen on. This is pretty weird. Sometimes even BB creams with sebum control functions don’t really work when it comes to my T-zone.
You all know how much I don’t like the scent of sun screen! This product however has none of those scent to it!!~ If I didn’t recall wrongly, it has a very light/faded baby powder scent to it. But it’s barely even noticeable. I didn’t even notice that there was a scent until i sniff it from the product itself.
What I don’t like about this product. This product works well on me I don’t even have any complains about it. Not sure about my sister though. I’ll ask her to try this out and maybe do a separate review on it (since she has really oily skin).
If there’s one thing I have to pick out about this product. It will definitely be the price of it and the accessibility to get your hands on one of these.
I heard in Korea, it’s not well known, so people don’t really know where to get them as well. There are reviews saying that you can get it at their Duty- Free Store (DFS) there. And in Singapore the only place I know of that you can get it is at Far East Plaza’s Rondavous Lingerie, which is really weird since it is Lingerie store, but they have a website where you can purchase it online, http://www.odboskincare.com/.
Another thing I mentioned before is the price of it! we got it for 35,000won which is about SGD$43.70. It’s is quite pricy for a sunscreen without much fame. But from that website, you have to pay SGD$63.90!! It’s so expensive for a sunscreen!!
To Summarize,
1) Compact and light packaging
2) Light Weight
3) Non- greasy, oil control, sebum control
4) No unbearable sun screen scent in it! – Almost scentless

1) Not easy to get your hands on this product
2) Very expensive

Will I recommend this?
Because of the price, and of cause of the accessibility of getting this product, I wouldn’t really recommend unless you’re as bothered about how greasy sunscreen are on the face and how unbearable sunscreens are on the face.
If that doesn’t normal sunscreen don’t seem to bother you with it’s greasy look, stuffy feeling and scent of sunscreen, then I don’t see a need for you to spend $60+ on a sunscreen so expensive like this.
But if you’re as bothered as I am, then I think this is worth the try!~

As mentioned above, this retails for SGD$63.90 on http://www.odboskincare.com
Anyone tried this??
share your opinions in the comments section below!!!
I have a few more The odbo products with me, if you’re interested to hear/see my thoughts on them, leave them in the comments section too!~~
Thanks for reading!!~

xx, meiyi

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  1. Thank you for making this post! I got Odbo Sun block pact from my grandma as a Christmas present recently and since I never tried any Korean beauty products before, I was afraid it would cause problem for my skin. But after I read through your post, I guess I'm gonna give it a try hahaha. Thanks a lot!


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