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Etude House Surprise Stick Concealer

Hi Everyone!~

FINALLY!!~~ The Haze situation here is getting better and I manage to snap some photos over the weekend!!~ OH YEAH!!~

For the past week I thought the haze in Singapore was so bad since the PSI hit 400 until yesterday, parts of Malaysia hit PSI 700!~
To people who are living in those affected area, Take good care of yourselves, drink more water and wear a mask!!~

Alright.. Back to today’s post..

Months back, I hear quite a handful of Korean YouTubers raving about this concealer, comparing this with the Bobbibrown Conealer( Which is highly raved around).
I don’t really have much to conceal, or rather I can’t really be bothered to conceal them, I don’t really see a need to invest in a expensive concealer. Most of the time, I’ll just use which ever concealer I have in hand, or make do with the foundation and BB Cream I have.

I wasn’t really planning to purchase it, but I thought it would come in handy when I want a little more coverage when I apply BB cream. So when I walked pass  a Etude House store I went in to grab one of it to try it out~


Etude Huuse Surprise Stick Concealer



And for those who don’t read Korean, I’m in No.2 Natural Beige
They have 2 shades available, and the other shade is No.1 Light Beige


You twist the packaging to get the product out.
It works like a lipstick.. LOL!~


Let’s move on to the coverage test.
Above is my wrist without any products.
You can see the veins popping out.
The blue-ish shade of the veins are very much similar to the dark circles around our eyes. LOL!~
Well… At least to me it looks similar


I want to say dab on some concealer. But as you can see, you can’t really use dab for this product, it’s a little too dry to get any product on dabbing.
So that’s usually how I apply the concealer on, with applying motion(?)


After abit of blending, you can see that almost all of the blue tones from the veins are gone.

I don’t have any spots or redness at the moment, but I can say it works as well too.

My Thoughts,

I wore this concealer beneath my foundation when I went for an interview and OMG!~ It made me look so awake!~

I’m guessing probably because my skin tone is a tad bit dark for the concealer it provides this brightening effect. LOL!~ When I was reading the reviews on it, I never come across anyone saying that this concealer brightens their undereyes and make them look more awake.LOL!~ So it must be my skintone. LOL!~

I’ve heard people mentioning that it will cakey under your eyes, Yes it will, especially if your undereyes are very dry/dehydrated. So you might want to use a eye cream before applying this, and you might want to use a little loss powder to set it, so that it will not crease just in case you applied too much eye cream. LOL!~ I did it once though.. LOL!!~

What I like about this product. Honestly speaking, I wasn’t really expecting much from it, when I swatched it in store, I’m like. ohh it’s too dry for my liking it won’t blend very well… Ohh well.. I’ll just get it for the sake of reviewing it to those who wants to know..

But I was bought over when I applied it on day when I had pretty bad redness around my nose, and it covers it completely!~ After applying the concealer, I used a BB cream to even out my skintone, and it completely covers it. And I tried it under my eyes and on my pimples, and yeap!~ It did a pretty good job.

Unlike other concealers I own, which are liquid form, we have to be quite careful not to over apply it, if not we’ll have a very hard time blending it out. But for this concealer, you can just draw it on like a pencil and start blending it. I usually just go over the areas I need to cover and tap it to blend it. It’s really very easy to use and it very forgiving when you’re rushing for time.

There isn’t a scent to it, so that’s a plus for me, I know my MAC and Maybeline ones that I like all had this chemical scent in it, although it’s not really bothering me, but well, it’s good to have something that doesn’t have a scent to it.

I would say this concealer is pretty long wearing on me. It doesn’t slide off or smudge or anything. It pretty much just stayed on the entire day.
But I’m not to sure about other skin tone. So you might want to bring it along with you and touch up on the go.

Speaking of which, the packaging!!~ How can I miss it. the concealer is just like a size of a pen, it doesn’t take up much space, so you can just pop it into your purse and you’re ready to go~

Moving on to what I don’t like about this product. The colour selection of it. That can’t run away.. The concealer only has 2SHADES!!~ So not everyone can use this product.

But then again.. Korean brands are usually lacking in that department IMO. So…..

Other than that.. I don’t really think I have anything to complain about it.

To summarize it,


1) Affordable
2) Good Coverage
3) Decently long wearing
4) Easy application
5) Scentless


1) Only 2 Shades available

Would I recommend it?

I will say yes, if your skin type don’t lie on the 2 extreme ends. It is affordable and works really well. So for girls who are starting to put on makeup, I think this would be a good product to get for it’s price.

This retails for SGD$12.90 at our local Etude House stores.

What do you think about this product??
Any recommendation leave them down below!!(:

Thanks for reading!!!~~

xx, meiyi

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