Monday, 17 June 2013

Why No POST??!!


Alright.. I’ve been a little busy lately and the weather isn’t really good.

It’s pretty hazy right now in Singapore so I didn’t really want to go out to the sun and take photos for the products. but then again, most of my post are using natural lighting from the sun.. So I was hoping that the weather was better over the weekends so I can do some shooting.. But.. nope.. It got worst..-.-

So I guess I shall shoot my photos tonight in the room with the room lighting.. Hope you’ll don’t mind~

I wanted to post it up, so it wouldn’t seem like I’ve disappeared for no reason again.. LOL!!~

I’m thinking.. Should I get a lamp? But I really like how the natural lighting looks in the photo.. But sooner or later I have to invest on one. So if anyone of you have any recommendations on lamp, leave them down below so I can check them out!!(:

I paused for awhile and came back..and I forgot what I wanted to say.. LOL!!~

Alright.. I think I’ll just end here.

See you in the next post!!(:

xx, meiyi

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