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Silkygirl Perfect Stay 20Hr Eyeliner

Hi Everyone!~

After writing yesterday’s post, I thought of posting some overdue photos of Ozzy and Domo I have in my camera, but…. I forgot to bring my camera out with me today-.-

So I’ll leave that to tomorrow~~

I’ve seen this product on TV commercials and those advertisement banners around, but I’ve never really looked up to read up on any reviews on this product. Probably because the advertisements I’ve seen didn’t really interest me.

Randomly one day, My sister and I walked into a Guardian near my house, she wanted to get a eyeliner but didn’t want anything expensive, and we saw this product at the counter.. I’m not gonna lie to you guys, but this is what attracted us..LOL!~


Silkygirl 20hr Perfect Stay Eyeliner

We were thinking.. Oh this probably will cost us like SGD$ 15 or even more.. But it was only $8.90!~


It comes with a eyeliner and a small little travel size eye and lip makeup remover!~

Isn’t it such a great deal??
LOL!~ Yeah we didn’t get drawn into the product by the functions but actually the price of it and how worth it is to get it. LOL!~

So we got 2 of it, the black (for my sister) and Dark Brown (for me)

For today’s post, I will only be reviewing on the eyeliner and not the makeup remover since I haven’t tried the makeup remover yet~ so I can’t give my thoughts on it!~

Like mentioned above, I have 2 with me, on the left is black and on the right is brown.


The product claims to be super long-wearing, waterproof and smudge-proof.


The one I own is the dark brown on (on the right) and you can see that the packaging gets a little dirty along the sides, but you can just take a piece of tissue and clean it, don’t have to fuss over it..

If you noticed, one eyeliner pencil has a sharper tip than the other, and the reason being is..


It has this small little sharper at the bottom of the pencil to let you sharpen your eyeliner.

This is still clean, which explains why the black eyeliner is so blunt, since my sister hasn’t sharpened hers.


And this is how it looks like when you’ve use it.
PS. I tried to clean it, but I don’t really know how to get right into the sharpener. It’s a little too small and narrow to clean without a tool. I think I’ll try using a toothpick to see if it works.

Initially I thought the sharpener is quite unnecessary, since I won’t even be using it at all.. But NO…..
It has it’s purpose to it.. I tried drawing a thin line one night, and my eyeliner was really round and blunt, but I thought I can make do with it, just use the corner. Who knows, it broke off -.- A bit of it fell off. And that’s because I guess I put too much pressure onto a small area of the eyeliner.. So it’s better to sharpen it a little instead of having a piece falling off..


In case you missed it earlier, this is where the sharper is, at the other end of the pencil, which to me is the bottom.. LOL!~

And now.. for the Swatches


Not sure if you can tell, on the left is the black and on the right is the brown.

PS. The brown appeared darker in the photo. It’s actually about a shade or 2 lighter in real life.

I wanted to test see if it was rub-proof, I tried rubbing the swatch and this is what I get


Don’t know if anyone of you noticed, there is a baby smudge on the brown swatch. But it’s not really obvious.
And in case you’re wondering, yes I rub it pretty hard, my hands are turning a little red from it.. LOL!~

My Thoughts

Ohhh… Dont judge this eyeliner for it’s packaging, brand and price!!~ It is really quite amazing!!~

What I like about this product, First off This product is indeed very long wearing. But up to 20hrs(?) I’m not too sure. But it did stay on quite well for a pretty good 16hrs
It is rub proof. I try my best not to rub my eyes, or even touch my face the entire day, but sometimes, I just accidentally rub my eyes without realising. AND!!~ The eyeliner stay really nicely in place~~

I wouldn’t say it’s totally smudge proof. But comparing it with many other brands I’ve tried, this did pretty well in the smudge proof department. It will smudge a little throughout the day, just like the swatch above, but it’s barely noticeable.

I would say it’s pretty waterproof to me.. U know.. usually when it’s raining, it’s almost impossible to keep your face dry. I’m not usually worried about my mascara smudging or anything, since usually it’s always the eyeliner that worries me.. But.. this eyeliner works fine in that category too!!~ Well I’m not really sure about swimming with the eyeliner on, since I haven’t really tried it on.. LOL!~ So if you’ve tried it.. Share your thoughts in the comments section down below!!~

Moving on that what they didn’t claim and what I’ve noticed. The application is very very easy!~ The product is not a dry pencil formula. It’s pretty creamy, and it glides onto the eyelid very well without exerting any strength! And because of that, u don’t really need a very steady hand, since all you need to focus is to draw a line, just like drawing a line with a pencil. And since it is a pencil, it is very forgiving unlike liquid eyeliner where you have to be more precise. Since the formula is really creamy, you don’t have to tug or pull your eyelids to draw the eyeliner on. It literally glides on!!

And if you make any visible mistakes, just take a wet Q-tip and quickly wipe it away before it sets on your skin.


What I don’t like about this product, I have tapered eyelids where the inner corner of it folds inwards. And I’ve noticed that if you didn’t give it enough time to set or set it with a little powder, you will notice a teeny weeny bit of smudging. But like what I mentioned, it’s not noticeable at all unless you focus all your attention on that area of the eyes.LOL!~

Other than that, I don’t really have anything to complain about this product, for the price you paid for… This product is more than wonderful!!~

I just read some reviews and some of them compare this with the MAC’s Technakol Liner. Since I have that too, I can do a little comparision..

I feel that they’re nothing alike. The MAC one is of a drier formula. I feel that it’s tugging on my skin a little and I need to apply more pressure trying to draw the line on.

I feel that the MAC one doesn’t really stay on as well as this, So if I were to recommend, I would recommend getting the silky girl one instead. Remember the inner corner problem I mentioned earlier.. Yea… I had that smudging problem with the MAC eyeliner.. So I felt that it did really do as well.

Now.. To summarize things..

1) Waterproof
2) Rub proof
3) VERY Long wearing
4) Smudgeproof (well kind of)
5) Creamy formula
6) Easy to apply
7) No need to tug or pull the eyelids
8) Very Affordable


1) May smudge a teeny bit if you have tapered eyelids. But it’s not as noticeable.

Will I recommend this?

YES!! This is very cheap and it works very well!!~ for students that want to start wearing makeup and don’t have that much money to spend, this is definitely the thing for you. You get a eyeliner and a makeup remover all just for SGD$8.90. And the quality of the product?? To me.. There’s almost nothing to complain about.

This retails for SGD$8.90 (for the kit) at our local Guardian, Watsons, and hyper and super markets.

Anyone tried this??? Are you loving it as much as I do??

Thanks for reading!!~

xx, meiyi

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  1. Thank you for the exhaustive review. I just ordered one and I was kinda worried about the quality. You land answered everything I wanted to know.


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