Monday, 8 July 2013

Doggy Dairy #2 - Bath & Birthday

Hi Everyone!!~

My sister just told me few days ago that she took my camera and took some photos of ozzy and domo after shower. And I thought I would share them here!~~



I just love that photo where they both tilt their heads together…

LOL!!~ It’s just soooo cute!!~~

I’m thinking my sister probably just said “biscuit” or “cheese” LLOL!!~~

In the past, when we let ozzy and domo just eat whenever they want to, they’re not really responsive when they’re getting treats. But now, that we’ve changed up their diet a little, feeding them only at specific timing, they’re more responsive to all these treats and commands.. HAHAHAHAH!!~~

Just last Monday, 1st July, It was a very special day for Ozzy. LOOL!!~~


It’s Ozzy’s BIRTHDAY!!~ Ozzy is 6 this year~~

Thinking back, we got him very quickly without thinking much. To me, it was really a very rash decision, since I never wanted any pets anymore (Can’t bear the sight of them passing on), but I guess it’s the best rash decision we ever made. LOL!~~.

See he’s now all so grown up.. LOL!~~

Let me find the photo that we took of him on his first day with us. LOL!~~


Here he is. LOL!~ On his very first day here. LOL!~~

We only got Ozzy when he was 7 or 8 months old. So we never really experience him being so fragile and toilet training him, because he more or less knew what' to do. HAHAA!!~ But we never really paper trained him. LOL~~! Mainly because, we got him without thinking or preparing much, we didn’t really know what to do as well, I remember for the first few days, Ozzy didn’t have anywhere to sleep and he didn’t know how to climb the stairs as well, so all he did was to whine and bark so he can come up with us.

Then after that, we got him some old towel to sleep on, and then a small tub (those that you bathe babies in) to sleep in, which he absolutely hates it. LOL!~~

I think it’s only when he was a year old, the we got him his very first doggy bed!~ Which is the one that he’s sleeping in now.
Actually for Domo, I think he got his around 1year old as well. Because we got a rather large bed for ozzy to sleep in. We only got Domo his bed because he is so big, the 2 of them couldn’t fit into on bed anymore. It’s more like Domo occupying the bed and Ozzy didn’t have space.LOL!!~

We didn’t really know what size to get for Ozzy. And the people at the pet shop told us that some dogs like to curl up and some dogs like sleeping striaght, flat. We didn’t really observe the way he slept. So just to be safe, we got the bigger one. So at least, if he curls up, we can use some cushion and towel to make it more comfy for himm…

AHHHH~~~ good old times!!~~

If I don’t stop here now… I’m gonna continue rambling on and on about them LOL!~~

I shall do up a post dedicated to them each when I have the time to dig out the photos. LOL!~~ It’s gonna be very very wordy since I will have so many thing to say about. LOL!~~


Hmmmm.. anyone else thinks that Ozzy is not feeling happy here. LOL!!~ He looks like we’re forcing him to do something..

Well… It isn’t exactly false. LOL!~~ We are making him sit with his small little cake for us to shoot him LOL!!~


Here’s his cake from Pets Safari. LOL!!~ I don’t know if we can customize their cakes. But I do know you can get candle from them. LOOL!! which I didn’t, because I was afraid that the candle wax will drip onto the cake and he’ll eat the wax up. LOL!..
I wanted something that says happy birthday. But I remember both Ozzy and Domo gets really excited when they smell blueberry scent treats. So I thought of getting it in that flavour. And this was the only one they have there which is blueberry, the rest is vanilla and choc(?).
That explains the “LOVE” instead of “Happy Birthday” LOL!!~ But it’s ok~~ Ozzy can’t read. LOL!!~

Alright I’ll stop here for now~ Will continue these doggy adventures next time!!~


Thanks for reading!!~

xx, meiyi

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