Sunday, 17 February 2013

Red Lips… (A pointless post??)

Hi Everyone,

Just yesterday, my friend was looking through my bag randomly, and she found 2 lipsticks, both in red, and we started this lipstick conversation which made me realise… “Hey!~ When I have a lip product on, it’ll always be a red lip, be it as sheer as a tint, or as bold and opaque as a lipstick.”

My friend, on the other hand, really like the healthy nude look. Where ever she went and when ever you see her, she always has a nude lip, if not it would be a sheer pink lip.

Just this afternoon, I recalled about the conversation and checked if I owned any nude lipsticks.
And I do, but I almost never really use them. Not that the shades don’t match or isn’t nice, just that whenever I pick out a lip product, it’ll 90%-99% not be a nude colour. Somehow or rather, I feel that I’ve left them in a cold corner of my storage…

And just before I’m writing this post, I was looking at the photos of the Grammy Awards 2013 Red Carpet. Without any doubts, I got attracted to celebrities with red lips.

One question… Is red lips still the trend now??

I’m not really sure though, I don’t really follow trends and all, I just wear whatever I find is nice.

I remember some time back, red lips was something really trendy. Whenever I’m in town, I’ll see many girls with red lips. But now… Not that much anymore.

No matter what, I still think they look very beautiful~ Not forgetting, stunning!~

Ohhh man… This post is going to be another pointless post. I kind of forgot what am I going to type…

When Taylor Swift came out with her album “Red”, I thought her red look was very stunning, felt that she was extremely gorgeous. For a period of time, I felt that she was the prettiest celebrity I’ve ever seen.. LOL~~

PS. I don’t really listen to songs, and I don’t really care about scandals and all, in case you’re wondering.

I remember I was talking to someone and I said “ Taylor Swift’s most recent photo is beautiful, especially that red lips!” and I got a long “history” lesson on Taylor Swift. So just FYI, I only think the photo is pretty. LOL!~

Alright.. I’m going to stop here.. This post is going to be very pointless. LOL!~ Hope you won’t mind~~ =X

Thanks for reading!!~

xx, meiyi

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