Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Update: Prelims, Facial & ....

Hi Everyone!~

Alright.. I haven't been blogging the entire week. Mainly because I'm using most of my time to get down to study... and for lessons.

Last week was supposedly a free week for me.. But it didn't seem like I have any time at all. Come to think of it, I don't really know where all the time went to.. LOL!~

This week is the start of my Prelims. Sounds weird, but yes. I have to take prelims in my uni. It's suppose to get us prep for the exam itself, because what ever we score for our exam is our results. We don't have assignments, groupwork, projects or class tests to back us up. 100% exam based. So yeap, the exam determines whether we pass or fail. Feels a little like O Levels huh.. Yes it definitely is.. LOL!~

So far I've only taken 1 paper and I have another 6 to go, which 2 will be in the next 2 days.

Before I start rambling about how stressed out I am about exams,.. Let's move on to something else.. LOL!!~

Not sure if anyone of you know, but I will be graduating this year, YAY!~ My final exam!!~ So I've been hunting for jobs. Late last week I actually feel a little pressured, by job interviews and what job I wanna do and exams and all. To add in to that, I realised that I didn't receive my receipt to confirm that I've registered for exams. Woah, it was a little of a breaking point for me. Imagining me studying until 3am in the morning, suddenly realise that I didn't get a confirmation, no one to verify and with all the thoughts that I may not be registered for it and registration is closed, which meant that I have to retake another year because of that made me really anxious. I remembered I was so worried I couldn't even sleep until almost 6am in the morning. But the good thing is I didn't have to wake up early that morning for any lessons. But I did in the end. woke up at 8.30am in the morning to give the examination centre a call to verify everything. False alarm!~ OMG!~ I was so happy to hear that!!~

Alright.. I'm going for an interview next week, and I realise my face wasn't really in a good condition, so taking that as an excuse, and also to give myself some time to relax, I went for a facial session.

LOL!!~ Relax.... That's what I thought before the facial. LOL!~ the beautician said I had a lot of whiteheads and clogged pores, which I find it a little hard to believe since I've been taking care of my skin really well, and she had to remove them. Well she didn't in the end, because some were not meant to be removed yet. I can only say... It's painful!!~ But actually the only painful part of the facial is the removal of the whiteheads and all.. Other than that, it's pretty alright.. But after the facial I felt a little stingy pain, must be from all the extractions and all making my skin feel a little sensitive, but it's all gone today... Ohh.. I didn't mention.. I went for the facial yesterday!~

This morning when I was applying my makeup, I really see my face looking better!~ All the small little bumps that I could never removed are all gone!!~((: Which means all the pain I went though during the facial has not gone to waste. LOL!~~

If you're someone who can't take pain during extraction of whitehead and all, my secret is to chant "BEAUTY IS PAIN" in your mind when you want to give up. LOL!~ I literally did that the entire time.. LOL!!~

Alright.. I shall stop here. Have to get back to study..

I know many of you out there are preparing for exams just like I am.. So, GOOD LUCK to all of you!!(:


xx, meiyi

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