Friday, 15 February 2013

Why/How did I start this blog

Hi Everyone!~

It’s been a while!~

There is suppose to be a product review coming up in this post, but…. Let’s just blame it all on procrastination.

I haven’t forsake this little space, in fact I have been thinking about it quite a bit!~ Well, much more than I actually thought I would..

I’m thinking how nice would it be if I had a lighter laptop to carry around.. Then I can blog anywhere I want!~. But I really want a decent desktop too.

Back to reality!~ I’m not well off to get these right now.. I have to first do my exams, which is coming soon, then find a job, then I’ll be able to get them!~ So for now.. I’ll just continue dreaming of it!!~ LOL!~

Did I ever mentioned why I created this small little space?

Not sure if I did, but I created this space because I really wanted to talk about beauty products, and things that I’ve been loving.. Maybe just things that I’ve used.

A blog never really came into my mind, since to me, a blog is like a online diary, telling people what happened in your everyday life, well at least that’s what I had been thinking.
I’ve never been someone who enjoys showing people my everyday life. I blame it on my high secrecy level. LOL!~ Is that even a legit phrase?

I thought of making YouTube videos too, but… I can’t talk in front of the camera. It just feels so weird!!~ It’s probably my introvert instincts! LOL!~ Yeah.. When I tell people around me that I’m more of an introvert than an extrovert, no on believes it. But that’s true~~~ It’s just that people don’t really understand the meaning of introvert. Well, I shan’t bore you with that either!!~ LOL!!~

So some last year, in 2012, I came across some local beauty blogs, and I have been following them since!~ Back to the point, It struck me that blogging isn’t just about telling people about your personal life!~ I can actually share what I think about beauty products too, and not include my personal life in it!~~ I then told a very close friend of mine about it. I thought she would think that it’s really stupid and lame.. But instead, she thought it was a fantastic idea!~ she was probably the only person I told about when I wanted to start this blog. PS. I didn’t tell anyone else, because I knew I wouldn’t take the first step if anyone gave me a negative comment.

I was thinking, this is probably going to be like a moment thing, after that moment, I will not update this space. From what I noticed, moment to me is like after 2 months. Seems like I’ve passed the “moment” LOL!~

Procrastination is definitely my biggest “fan”, thus the lack of post recently.
Other than that, I’m also a disorganised person. I can’t really organise my time well, somehow or rather, when I plan things, I just won’t follow the flow of it.. I have to keep to it real soon!~ But one thing for sure, my sleep definitely didn’t get affected by it. LOL!~

Like what I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I have some products I want to talk about coming up. The photos are piling!!~ I just need that teeny bit of motivation to overpower my procrastination!~ And I’m fighting hard!~ LOL!!~~ Let’s pray hard that it’ll come up soon!!~

Anyway, it’s getting pretty late.. I don’t really know why did I blog (about this) too.. Not sure if you enjoy it, but I hope you did..(:  (and I didn’t bore you too much)HAHA

Thanks for reading!!~

xx, meiyi

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