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Favourites of 2012

Hi Everyone!~

I saw many people on Youtube doing videos on beauty products they have been loving in 2012 and I have been wanting to do one too..

I was suppose to do it on new years day, I had all the photos ready but…. It just didn’t happen…LOL!~

For quite some time, I haven’t been blogging in the day, due to my schedule in school, but it’s possible today!!(: Just me and my lazy Saturday afternoon (:~~~~

Alright!!~ I feel that I’m going a little off topic now.. So before I go totally off, let’s get started!!~

Favourites of 2012!!

Starting off with face,


Or maybe I should say foundation…LOL

I can’t really decide between both of these.

I’ve tried the Etude House BB cream I think somewhere in October or November, and I am honestly totally in love with it.
Ever since then, I have been wearing this BB cream on my face every single day!
I’ll do a separate review on this BB cream some time in this year, I hope soon.

For functions more formal, I thought I liked this other foundation that was in my collection, but it seems like for most of the time, I have been reaching for my very trustworthy Mac Studio Fluid, which I have a post on it (HERE)

Both foundation gives me the coverage that I need, the MAC foundation of course has much higher coverage than the BB cream. On a daily basis, the coverage from that BB cream is just what I needed.

Not only that, these foundation leaves my face looking flawless and healthy at the same time. After the foundation sets, other than not having much healthy flush on the cheeks, it doesn’t eliminates the glow on the high points of my face, which I really appreciate(:

Moving on to face powders..


Pretty much for the whole of this year, this is the only setting powder that I’ve been using.
Click here if you’ve missed the review

I have read and seen reviews, minimal, saying that this powder will leave a white/grey cast on your face. I have been using it for so long but I haven’t noticed it yet.

Maybe I haven’t been using as much to set my foundation/ BB cream.

I also really like using this product to set my liquid liner when I’m in a rush, so that it doesn’t smudge or stain my eyelids.

In 2013, I want to try out the translucent powder from Makeup Forever. Everyone keeps saying that this is a dupe for it. So I want to see what’s the difference,,(:


I couldn’t leave my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle out.
Click here if you’ve missed the review

I have been trying a few highlights throughout the year, Some were either causing a white strip feeling on my cheeks or just showing nothing.

I initially didn’t really like this product, I just find that this product is way too shimmery for my liking.

Then I realise it’s that I’ve been applying too much of it…

Remember guys, if you’re using this, a little goes a long way! It’s better to use lesser and build it up than to apply too much at one go!


I thought that my all time favourite blush has to be the my MAC Peachtwist, but it seems that this Etude House blush has taken it’s place.

Click here if you’ve missed the review

I like that it just gives a very nice and subtle flush on my cheeks.
People around me can hardly notice that I have blush on my face.
I have a pretty pale face, so if I were to choose only 2 products to use, it would be lipstick and a blush.

Although throughout the year I have been using the MAC blush more often than this, but once I got m hands on this blush, it has totally taken over all the blushes in my collection.

But if it was for a formal event, I think I’ll pick something with more pigmentation!(:


That’s pretty much for my face powder products.

I have this particular brush that I want to mention.

I can pretty much make do without brushes. But I just can’t do my blush without a brush.
I tried using my fingers, using a sponge and even used cream products.

I just feel that effect is not as good as using a brush for application.

My Sigma Blush Brush has been a great help with my application.


It is nicely angled and fits on my cheeks perfectly!~

It leaves a very even application without trying to buff too much..Saves me some time in the morning!(:


Alright! Moving on to eye products,


I think I don’t have to say much about this eyeshadow primer! It’s been highly raved and loved everywhere!~

I’ve tried it’s dupes, but honestly. I don’t think they work as well!


Another product that have been receiving much love and raved everywhere~

I have gone through 2-3 tubes of this. This mascara is amazing!~ It gives my eyelashes volume and length!

I have on 2 coats of this mascara and they looked beautiful!

I remember when I was in Korea, the tour guide asked me if my eyelashes was that long. I replied her “ No it’s the Mascara” She said it looks so natural it looks like they’re that long without lengthening Mascara.

I have a friend used this but didn’t like it… Not too sure why too..


Ozzy break!~ LOL!~ He just randomly came over and I had to take a shot!~


Korean and Japanese eyeliner has been a great discovery this year to me. I always thought that with a good eye shadow primer, everything doesn’t matter at all.

But without a eyeshadow primer, almost all the eyeliner I have didn’t stay at all.
That’s when my eyeliner collection started to move towards Korean and Japanese brands.

I have a couple of eyeliners I’ve discovered and love. But the one that has the most value for money and I’ve been enjoying so much has to be this eyeliner from Etude House!~

Click here if you’ve missed the review

For the price that you pay, you’ll never expect this results!~ It’s just AMAZING!!~

Next moving on to Lips,

This lip tints have been my best friend!~

Click here and here if you’ve missed the review

On a regular day when I just need a little colour on my “oh so pale” lips, these have done the job umpteen times.

Every single day before I leave for school, I’ve have this lip tint on. It just instantly makes my appearance, brighter and more awake. In other words less sickly.

I will also use this lip tints as a base before I apply any lipstick on, because it just helps let the colour stay long.

It doesn’t dry my lips too!~ Some lip tints does that. especially those that are very much like water.
But I have to stay, the staying power for this lip tint is not as long as many expect. You have to bring this along with you and reapply when you need.

For the most part, these have served me well!(:

I have really dry lips, sometimes even with a very moisturizing lip balm, it still is very dry. There’s alot of dead skin on my lips.


I have been using this everyday and it has solved my problems. I’m in my 2nd jar now… I’m thinking of trying something else once this finishes. Leave your recommendation in the comments section below!!(:

Click here if you’ve missed the review

Last but not least, Hair products.

I have been looking at hair products that I’ve been liking, but there was only one that made into my favourites.


This has made my hair so smooth and healthy!~

Click here if you’ve missed the review

Although it kind of loses it’s some of it’s effect when the product was almost gone, but this has been one of the best products I’ve used in this year!~

I have a non-beauty product I want to mention.


This Starbucks cup.

I, too, found it very lame to get one of this.
It was an impulse buy. Everyone around me told me the same, and I thought the same too.

But I noticed, with this cup, I have been drinking much more water.

I never like drinking water, especially when they’re not chilled. I’ll always go for either flavoured hot drinks or cold water.

Sometimes I’ll just pour away my glass of water because it’s not chilled anymore. Which is why I drank so little water.

Although it wasn’t mentioned anywhere I’ve read, I found out that this cup actually keeps your drinks chilled for a longer period of time! Which is the main reason why I drink so much more water.

Because I usually drink so little water, I’m usually falling ill, but it seems like in this year, I’ve been ill more than once!(:

PS. I decided to take the concealer out, not because I don’t like it, but it just didn’t make it into my favourites for the year):
That’s all I’ve been loving for 2012! Hope all of you have a memorable 2012, and have a great 2013!(:

OHH OHHH!~ I have another favourite, but I don’t think it’s just 2012.
It’s 2007,2008,2009,2010…….until the last day of my life


Just couldn’t leave them out!~ LOL!~

So this is my actual favourites!~



Hope everyone have a great and eventful year ahead!!!~(:

Thanks for reading!!~

xx, meiyi

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  1. Wow! What a product! My friend would like to use this product I will suggest your site. But I don’t like foundation for my face. I’m using Eyelastin from last 2 months for my eye bags and dark circles around eyes. And it really works on me. I just love this product.


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