Monday, 12 August 2013

VM Randomness #1


Hi Everyone!!~
LOL!!~ Feels weird since it’s a little different from how I usually post. LOL!~~ And staring at my face while posting…weirder… LOL!!~..

PS. I only had a little BB cream on together with my ungroomed brows. LOL!~

Ohhh. Yea..and my freshly dyed hair~~ It’s much lighter in person, and I really really like it!!~ I guess I’ve found a regular salon I’m gonna visit!~~

PPS. I still don’t really know how to work around with photoshop~~ LOL!!~ So that explains my not so perfect face.. LOL!!~

I think if I repeat myself over and over again… I’ll sound like an old record…A spoilt one.. LOL!~~ So I’m not gonna repeat it.. LOL!!~

We had a long weekend last week, due to hari raya and national day.. So my family and I went on a road trip to Malaysia.. I didn’t bring my camera along..because there really isn’t anything to take.. All we did was lazing around and shopping.. LOL!!~ Not that exciting..

That’s pretty random.. Since I don’t really know how I’m gonna continue that topic. LOL!!~

I think it’s around a day last week or the week before.. when I freshly dyed my hair, LOL, I had nothing to do at home.. And no one was at home.. I got really bored… And I decided to test out my newly purchased camera gears.. LOL! A tripod and a camera remote…
PS. I guess you’ll see more of my face now since it’s be so much easier.. LOL!!..

Soooo…. here are some photos.. LOL!!


My hair is in a mess.. LOL!!~ But that’s not the aim of this photo.. LOL!~~ I just realised I didn’t take any photo of my tripod and my remote,.. LOL!~~ So there’s a sneak peak for you~~LOL!!~

I took alot of self shots with it.. LOL!~~ Which I won’t post to spoil your day.. LOL!!~ But nothing is complete if there isn’t shots of ozzy and domo!!~


Domo was a little harder to take.. Since all I could see from the view finder is just a black puff.. LOL!!~ And maybe a little nose.. LOL!!~

and he isn’t really be cooperative since it was quite a uncomfortable position for his size.. poor boy… Soo…


Isn’t he the cutest??!!~ I really like this photo~~ He looks so cheerful!!~ LOL!~ Like how he always is.. LOL!..

PS.. Ozzy only shows that face when he knows he’s confirm going for a walk.. LOL!~~ This dog…. TOO MUCH!!~ LOL~~

But my FAVOURITE of all that I took has to be this~


This photo is just perfect!!~LOL!!~

No one is looking perfect in this photo.. LOL! But it’s just perfect..(:

Domo, unlike ozzy, is very stingy with his kisses.. for me to get this random shot, it’s not impossible, but we have to keep asking for it.. and like try our luck??

I was thinking of just shooting the both of us, but I didn’t expect him to do this.. OHHH~~ I really like this photo~~


They got really lazy and didn’t want let me take any nice photos of them.. LOL!~~ So there’s a group shot for you!!~ LOL~~

Alright.. Before I end.. Here’s how ozzy on a regular day… when no one is around to play with him.. LOL~


See… Suspecting if it’s walk time. LOL!~~ No happy face until everything is confirmed.. LOL!!~

Before I end… I’m thinking, maybe I’ll do some random posts like this, every once in a while since I really like taking very random photos like these… LOL!~~.

Maybe I’ll make it a point to post a VM randomness and a doggy diary every week… We’ll see how…
I really enjoy blogging about these as well as my regular makeup and skincare and all.. But I really need to organise and find time to do them.. If not….)):

Thanks for reading!!~

xx, meiyi

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