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Etude House Shini Star Clear BB Lotion

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I was wondering…hmmm.. did I just blog about Etude House yesterday??
Went to check..and yeap.. I did… LOL!!~

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And yes!!~~ I’m back with another review!!~
From Etude House (again) LOL!!~ You are gonna expect more Etude House products coming up!~ Have been trying out Etude House more these days..mainly because it’s cheap!~ LOL!~ And also I heard their quality is improving.. So I thought of giving it a go~LOL!~

Remember many many months ago I did wrote a post about my a little crazy shopping moment with BB creams? Yea… (click here to view)

Today~ I’m finally gonna start reviewing them!!~ PS. I’ve tried all of the BB cream.. Just that I didn’t have the time to write a review then.. So gear up for more BB cream reviews!~ before I move on to CC creams.. LOL!!~


Etude House Shini Star Clear BB Lotion


This BB cream has only one shade. So for people maybe who are too tanned(?) I think this might be a little too fair for you.. But you still can pull it of because of it’s coverage.. hence the name lotion.. LOL!!~


It comes with a pump.. What I notice among all BB creams in Etude House that is.. This is probably the only BB cream that has a non-rounded edge on it’s pump.. Not a big deal.. But it can be a little scratchy at times.


Since there is only one shade to this product, you would think that the shade will be a little darker when you pump it out, so that it will suit more types of skin tone.. But when you pump it out, you will be a little shocked by it.. Well at least I did..

I thought.. Ohh man!!~ There’s no way I can pull off with this shade without looking like a ghost!


You’ll get more worried as you start blending..LOL!~

So my advice is to start a little at a time, instead of going full force on it.

As you keep blending and let it oxidize for a few minutes, the colour oxidizes and fits nicely to your skin tone..

Just for the sake of showing the difference it makes to your skin tone, I thought maybe I’ll just do a before and after photo of it.


My Thoughts

This is probably one of the lightest BB cream I’ve tried so far.. It’s so light.. Most of the time I don’t remember having it on my face.

I remember there was this one day when I was wearing this in school.. And I asked myself if I remembered to apply any sun block or BB cream that day… And I realise I did when I went to the toilet to check it out…LOL!`

As you can see from the photo above, the BB cream brightens and evens out my skin tone. It looks less dull and my skin tone is more even after application…

This is a very light coverage BB cream.. As you can see above, my blemishes are still very visible.. which doesn’t bother me, since it isn’t that many.. But if you’re looking for a BB cream that has coverage, this is definitely not something that you’re looking for..

What I like about this product..Like mentioned above.. it is very light.. It is from all the BB cream that I’ve tried the lightest weight BB cream.. You can’t feel anything on our skin after application unlike how alot of BB creams feel.

It evens out your skin tone, brightens your skin like alot of BB cream do..

When I saw the word lotion, I thought… Ohh no… it must be really thick. Sounds thick and hydrating just like a moisturising lotion for people with drier skin…
But I guess the lotion is referring to it’s coverage.. Because I noticed that this BB cream doesn’t make my face as oily as some.. And I don’t usually set BB cream because I don’t like the cakey and matte finish it does after setting it with powder.
But even so, I noticed that my face stay pretty matte throughout the day, except for maybe the T-zone area, which has a little shine.. But it’s nothing a tissue can’t handle.. Just use a tissue and wipe it off and you’re good to go.. You don’t even need a blotting paper to remove the shine.

If you’re a johnson and johnson baby product lover like I do, you will love the scent of this BB cream.. This BB cream smells just like baby product! And I love it!!~ And the good thing is.. You’ll only smell the scent when you apply it. As soon as it is blended out, the scent is gone!!~ So for people who are very particular about scents or will get sick smelling the same scent over and over again.. This is fine!~~LOL~~

What I don’t  like about this product… I would say don’t like.. But if the coverage of this BB cream is light.. I would have questioned why did I even bother to spend my money on it.. The coverage of this BB cream is by far the lightest out of all the BB cream I’ve tried. It doesn’t really cover all your redness on your skin, and it doesn’t help to conceal your blemishes totally. As you can see from the photos above, it is still very visible..It doesn’t really bug me, since I pretty much use this in replacement for a sunblock. But for people looking for a BB cream with coverage, you will be disappointed with this.

One very big flaw I noticed with this BB cream is that, it makes dry spots on your face even more obvious..
You can have oily skin and apply it, and still look great in it, but when you have dry patches, or pimples that are healing, it will be very obvious as the product gathers at the dry spot and cake the area up.
So whenever I have dry spots on my face, I tend to not use this product.

Other than that, this product does a pretty good job

To summarize things up,~~


1)Light weight
2) Evens out uneven skin tone
3) Brightens up dull skin
4) Suitable for people with combination to oily skin
5) Smells like baby products

1) Light coverage
2) Makes dry spots on face more obvious

Will I recommend this?
I would recommend this product to teenagers who are starting up on makeup or want to apply some sunblock or BB cream on their faces. I stayed away from BB cream for 2-3 years because the formulas that I first used was so thick and it made me feel so stuffy and like a oil ball, which this BB cream did none.. So I feel that this would be a great BB cream Starter product. LOL!

Another group of people I would recommend to is those with very nice skin yet lack of brightness to it.. I have friends that have beautiful skin, they have no scarring no pimples no blemishes nothing on their faces. The thing that they’re always complaining about is always how dull their appearance is.. So if you’re one of them, then I would also recommend you to try this out..
You can use this as a base before your foundation or mix it up with your foundation/BB cream for a brighter finish.

This retails for SGD$15-25(?) at our local Etude House stores.

I’m so sorry I don’t really know the price for this since I got this at cosmetic-love.com

Anyone tried this BB cream? what are your thoughts on this??

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