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Etude House Proof 10 Liquid Liner

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I’m finally back with a review~

For those who saw my review basket on instagram, you would have knew that I have a ton of products lining up to review, but I honestly don’t have the time to do so..

This week seems to be a more less taxing week, I shall try my best to blog more often. 화이팅!!

Let’s move on with today’s post before I start rambling and rambling non-stop!~

As seen on the title, This post is on..


Proof 10 Liquid Liner

When I was getting them, I thought, instead of getting the traditional black liner which I have so many of them in a different brand, I thought, why not get other wearable colours instead.

So I got it in 2 shades~ PS. The third one belongs to my sister. LOL!~~


I’m gonna translate the shades into english, let’s hope it is right.. LOL!
From Left to Right;
RD301 Rich Burgundy, BR401 Brownie , BR402 Coffee Brown

Product Description
Hyper Coating polymers, this liquid eyeliner offers a strong hold that guarantees water, tear, and smudge proof colour


And this is how it looks like.


It has a relatively skinny applicator for you to apply it on.
For those who are wondering, it is not a brush.. I would say it is a sponge applicator instead.

When you first apply it onto your eyes, it may feel a little scratchy since it doesn’t have that smooth glide that a brush have, but it does a fantastic job.

From Left to Right (again);
RD301 Rich Burgundy, BR401 Brownie , BR402 Coffee Brown

PS. In real life, the Coffee Brown shade is dark brown, it is not were near black like seen in the photo.
The other 2 colours are pretty much same in real life.

I did a little rubbing to the swatch to show you that this eyeliner is rub resistance and smudge proof.. LOL!


Yeap it doesn’t budge.. pretty impressive. LOL!~

My Thoughts,

My sister came home one day with this eyeliner and told me that the sales assistant told her that this eyeliner is really good and is much better than the Oh M'Eye Line eyeliner that I really like. So I took to try~
And wow!!~ I’m really impressed with the staying and holding power of this eyeliner.. It doesn’t flake which sometimes the oh M’Eye line does, and even when you rub your eyes, the eyeliner will not be wiped away!~

I noticed that the only way to get remove this eyeliner, without the help of the makeup remover, is when the area with the eyeliner on is moist, be it with your oily lids or with a little water, and you scratch it. Then the eye liner comes off easily. Even when you rub it with your fingers or knuckles, it doesn’t budge…
In case you’re thinking, it is very easy to remove with makeup remover, you don’t even need any strength to get rid of it.. Which till today keeps me really puzzled how they manage to do it~~

What I like about this product, first of is of course it’s holding power.. like what I’ve mentioned above..

Next have to be it’s packaging… It’s so slim, almost like a pen.. It’s easy to carry around and doesn’t take up any space..
The applicator is not my favourite.. But it does a fantastic job when I’m in a hurry.. Because the applicator is made of sponge, it is not as flimsy as a brush,it has a firmer tip to it.. And when you’re in a rush… you don’t have to be too careful with the strength that you apply..

I believe this will be everyone’s favourite!~ It is waterproof and doesn’t not smudge!!~ don’t need to worry about having panda eyes it will not happen!!~ LOL!! this eyeliner comes out as a flake..soo.. the most…you’ll only notice a tinny bit of flaking..which can be easily remove by wiping gently with a tissue or maybe your hands~

What I don’t like about this product. I think I only have a complain about it, which is you have to shake it really well if you don’t use it that often..

I notice…for the ones that has glitter, it clumps up very quickly.. So if you don’t use it that often, you have to shake it very well.. If not the ink will settle at the bottom of the tube and there’s almost nothing coming out from it..
I also noticed that when you don’t shake it well(for the glitter liners) it will start clumping and you’ll get a blotchy line, which takes awhile to dry.., by awhile.. it’ll almost up to 2 minutes…

So to summarize things up!~

1) Holding power, lasting power
2) Small and handy packaging
3) Applicator aids with fast application
4) Waterproof
5) Smudgeproof


1) Have to shake really well to get great pigmentation (for the glitter liners)

Would I recommend this?

I actually would. Although it is alot more expensive than the oh M’eye line, but it work MUCH better than that… I’ve heard some bad reviews on this.. and I believe alot of them are pointing towards the glitter liners.. So if you’re looking for a good black or blue (matte) liners… this are fantastic ones to get your hands on.. I would say it is bad for a glitter liner… But you have to give it a real good shake before using it~~

This retails for ~SGD$24.90 at our local Etude House stores.

Have anyone tried them??What are your thoughts??

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Thanks for reading!!~

xx, meiyi

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  1. Thanks for the review! This eyeliner sounds interesting.


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