Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Hair Transformation

Hi Everyone!~

It’s been a while!!
Yes a long while!!

I’ve been a little busy the past 2 months.. Managed to squeeze a little time out today to post this!
Because I have something I really wanna share!!~

If you follow me on instagram, you would have known what happen..

YES! I cut my hair!!~

If you follow me on instagram, you would have also guessed that I went to Korea!~ LOL!!~ But that’s not the point of this post. I’ll see how to goes and maybe post it in an another post.~~

&no i didn’t cut my hair in korea. I really wanted to! But I just didn’t have the courage to let someone whom I couldnt really communicate with give me a new look. LOL!! So i waited till I came home to do it!~



Ok.. The photos didn’t justify how long my hair was.. LOL!!~ My hair is about a little away from my waist..

After my exams, I really wanted to have a different hair style, preferably something shorter.. But I procrastinated..
I’ve tried 2 salons since and decided on the one that’s recommended by my friend.
When I told the stylist I wanted to cut my hair short, I wasn’t really thinking about it, or thinking right.. It didn’t really come to me as something very “big” until a friend said she haven’t had the mental preparation to cut her hair this length.. LOL!!

I find it a little ridiculous since I went with the thought that my hair will grow back.. I guess I’m just someone who isn’t as attached to my hair as others are.. LOL!!~



This was taken the first time I went to the salon..


And this a few nights before I snip off my hair.. LOL!

I was getting a little fed up with it mainly because of the weather.. LOL!~~


And it happened.. I guess the hair stylist was more worried about me regretting than myself.. LOL!!~

He cut of almost half of my hair length to prep it for colouring..

and after all that snip and colouring



spot domo photobombing at the back!!~LOL~~


There it is.. my new hair..
I shall take more photos on my hair and post it.. LOL!!~ It’s not often that I’ll wanna cut my hair short.. LOL!~ must jot it down!! Probably the next time I go down to get my hair cut again.. I wanna let it grow out..

Ohhh… I feel so fickle.. LOL!!~

Alright.. That’s all for today…
I’ll try to post more often from now.. Since things are gonna be quite stable this few weeks..(:

Thanks for reading!!~

xx, meiyi

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